How to make the best use of the benefits and features of Telegram

 How to make the best use of the benefits and features of Telegram

What are the uses and features of Telegram?

14 unique features of Telegram and 5 uses that distinguish it from communication applications

Telegram features and benefits, this application was not just a means or a tool for social communication only, but it is an organized set of folders that distinguish it from WhatsApp and you can classify and organize them as you like
Through it, you can separate communication messages and categorize them into folders, channels, whether educational or professional, libraries for publishing houses, e-books, and magazines.

 We care about the planet of knowledge to provide you with everything that is useful through our website, so in this article we will present to you the benefits and advantages of Telegram that lie in its multiple uses, so let us follow together.

Benefits and features of Telegram

Telegram is a strong competitor to the WhatsApp application, and it has become more popular and famous in recent times, thanks to its features and permanent updates made by the company that developed it.

There are many benefits and features of Telegram, of which we will mention the most important through the following points:

Content protection

One of the most important features of Telegram is protecting content and saving screenshots and images. Owners of various channels and groups can save their exclusive content.

that they share and prevent their followers from saving files, photos and videos, taking screenshots, forwarding and sending important messages.

This is done by clicking on the profile picture of the group or channel, then clicking on the pencil box, then group type, and choosing Restrict Save Content.

Classify chats

One of the best features of using the app is that your chats and conversations are categorized and organized into folders, which makes them easy to access.

The application allows you to create an unlimited number of folders and add channels and conversations, whether personal or professional, to the files you have selected.

Bots presence

Telegram is characterized by the presence of bots, which are mini-programs that work directly within the application, as the company that developed Telegram allows a software interface that provides developers with the ability to create bots to carry out various tasks.

This includes downloading videos directly by sending the link to a bot on Telegram, and it also includes following news on some websites or downloading Quranic chapters directly to your device.

 In the event that the bot store is not available on Telegram, you can access it by searching in the application, and you can discover bots also through the sites and their nominated and developed parties.

Send large files

The application allows you to send and receive unlimited numbers of pdf files, doc text files, photos, videos, pictures and ZIP files up to 2 GB for each single file.
It can also be sent to unlimited numbers of users, so it has become dependent on many people and has been replaced by other large file sharing applications.

video calls

It is allowed to make group calls of up to 1000 people who view the video through the application, so it is used in conducting lectures, seminars and concerts, and you can also send a video message through Telegram.

One of the advantages of Telegram is also the support for broadcasting live videos in channels and groups through the use of external programs such as XSplit, so it is one of the best and most professional options for creators and creators of live broadcast content.

Saved messages and secret chat

You can save messages, links, photos, and videos in the Saved Messages folder and view them at another time. This feature can also be used to record your notes and send files, photos, and videos.

It has a large and huge size and opens it from any other device by registering an account on Telegram.

Having a secret conversation is a very important feature that distinguishes Telegram from other communication applications, as you can have a secret conversation with someone without anyone seeing it, even the developer company, Telegram.

The messages are protected and encrypted, and when any conversation is deleted, it is automatically deleted from the other party, unlike traditional chats. The user can also do the option to delete the message a minute after sending it.

blurring or shadowing

Obfuscating messages is one of the unique features of Telegram, where you can select specific text and highlight it, and you can also click on it at another time to reveal its content.

All you have to do is select the text that you want to highlight in the message and long press on it, then choose the word confusion from the options that appear to you, and the text that you selected will appear to you as misleading.

This feature allows you to read books and novels or study pdf lectures and highlight the important parts for you and refer to them without having to move or cut them.


Translating messages is one of the most important and latest features of Telegram, which is unique to other communication applications such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Where you can translate your messages into any language without using external translation apps.

To take advantage of this feature and activate it, open the settings, then choose the language, activate the message translation button, then choose the languages ​​that suit you. You can delete any language from the options if you do not need it.

Scheduling, sending without alerts, modifying and replacing messages

The application allows you to schedule messages and send them at another time, and you can also send messages without sound, and this is a distinctive feature where you can send a message to anyone at any time without causing inconvenience to him or others.

You can activate this feature by typing and long pressing the message instead of sending it, then choosing the schedule or silent message options.

One of the most important features of Telegram is the modification of messages, where you can make an amendment to the message after sending it, or delete it and replace it with another message, to do this, long press on the message and then choose Edit from the top of the screen

Connect with people in your same geographical location

The application provides the ability to create small groups based on your geographical location, and when created, all users in the same geographical area as you can join.

You can also communicate with your neighbors and people in the same area as you, in the event that the user whose profile is visible will appear to you in the search box.

You can communicate with people near you by clicking on contacts, then choosing to search for people nearby and activating access to your geographical location, and then a list of people and groups near you will appear, and they are arranged according to distance.

Edit and replace images

Telegram allows you to edit and replace images after they are sent. If you send a specific image and want to modify it, discover an error with the text written on it, or replace it with another image, you can do that easily.

To do this, long press on the image and then choose Edit that appears at the top, and then the image editor options will appear for you, whether to cut, replace, or add filters.

Upload more than one picture for your profile

The application provides you with the advantage of adding more than one picture to your profile, by clicking on your main picture, choosing to set a main picture, and then adding additional pictures.

Your contacts can see your main photo and then swipe to see your other photos, you can choose the photo from your phone, search for Google or take it.

Use more than one account on Telegram

One of the best and most important features of Telegram, where you can use multiple accounts and more than one number in the same application at the same time without resorting to using more than one application.

You can separate your personal, professional or academic life by clicking on the Telegram sign at the top of the screen, then clicking on the username and choosing to add an account.

In addition, you can easily change your phone number associated with your Telegram account without losing your existing contacts or chats.

By clicking on Settings, then choosing the account and changing the number, all your contacts, chats and data will be transferred to the new number.

Using Proxy Server

In the event that you use the application in a country where it is not available, you do not have to change your IP address using VPN applications as Telegram provides you with the Proxy Server feature within it.

To activate this feature, click on Settings, then choose Storage and Data, and then choose Proxy Settings. After it is activated, you are asked to fill in some data.

How to make the best use of Telegram features

Telegram is a secure and private communication program, and it is also super fast. It is a free application that you can easily download and use on all your smart devices at the same time.

It is one of the most downloaded applications in the world, with more than 600 million monthly users, through which videos, photos, messages and files are sent.

In addition to the ability to create various groups and channels with a large number of followers of up to 200,000 subscribers, the application also supports voice calls, encrypted video calls and sending text messages associated with e-mail, whether personal or business messages.

There are many ways to use Telegram and its benefits, where its advantages and how to exploit it lie in its multiple uses. It is used for study, work, or social communication, and you can also profit from it.

The use of Telegram in education
One of the most important ways to exploit the application well, as Telegram is widely used in distance learning, thanks to the capabilities it possesses, the most important of which is the classification of folders and linking different groups to channels, in addition to the possibility of live broadcasting.
Therefore, the application is used in communication between faculty members and various universities, and between students from all over the world, as it is a storage cloud that is difficult to delete messages from or lose a user.
All these capabilities give the application priority in use as an educational platform compared to WhatsApp, in addition to that there are also other points that distinguish it, which are:
  • There is a wide variety of educational programs, academies, institutes, and serious initiatives that offer various fields on Telegram.
  • In addition, there are many channels for collecting advertisements for the free programs and courses offered by these institutions and publishing them on the application.
  • There are several public open channels for specific colleges and departments in various universities, which can be used and listen to free lectures through them.
Use Telegram as a search engine
One of the most important features of Telegram is its use as a search engine, where you can search for channels, groups, people’s names, or your contacts by typing one or more words in the search box.
It will show you hundreds of results for the search word for different groups and channels, whether you are a member of it or not, so it provides you with a huge stock of the different sources that you are looking for without the need to open and enter each site.
You can also search for something related to a specific field or content that you follow, and you will see results related to channels or groups that you are subscribed to.
Use Telegram Library
Telegram allows you to create your own library channel, in which you add books and novels that you prefer to read, either by downloading and uploading them from Google, or transferring them from the channels for books on the application.
You can refer to the book or novel and read it at any time and from any device registered with your Telegram account, as the novel or book is not linked to a specific device, nor does it need to purchase additional storage space from Google.
In addition, you can keep an article you like or any link and add it to your own library to view it at another time.
There are many libraries that include hundreds of free books in various scientific and literary fields, in addition to novels and short stories, both in English, including the Knowledge Library
Considering that Telegram is a comprehensive application that its users can rely on as a platform for publishing and blogging, as it provides the service, which provides a simple page for publishing articles and blogs.
In addition to the ability to add photos or tweets from Twitter or videos from YouTube by adding the link.
If you want to activate a blogging platform, open Telegraph and register with it, so that you can control posts and view and share articles in the application or online.
Use Telegram as a means of communication

Telegram is a social media like WhatsApp, but it is more reliable and secure, and it is characterized by its high speed in sending text and video messages.
Telegram features as a means of communication
  • All messages exchanged are encrypted, which makes them more secure and protected
  • The ability to delete the message at any time, whether you or the other party
  • The ability to communicate using a special link or User Name without anyone seeing your phone number by choosing the feature not to share the number with others, and they can start a conversation with you by clicking on the link.
Here we have come to the end of our article after getting to know the benefits and features of Telegram that distinguish it from other communication applications and make it unique.
In addition, we also learned about the various uses of the application. If you want to know more information about the application, share your opinion with us by leaving your comment.