Speak English fluently with the free English conversation skills course

 Speak English fluently with the free English conversation skills course

Conversational skills in English for beginners online with Edraak platform

The most important details about the course, conditions and subscription.

If you are looking for a suitable solution to master the English language and speak it fluently, the Edraak platform provides you with a free and online course for learning English conversation skills for beginners from scratch.

If you suffer from the problem of communication and continuing your work or studies, or find it difficult to follow your children’s lessons and speak English fluently because of your poor level of language, this course is an ideal solution for you.

Through this article, we will provide you with the most important details related to the course, the required conditions, the method of participation, and the available courses, so let’s follow my friends.

Details of the course Learn English Conversational Skills

No one denies the importance of the English language in our scientific and practical life in our Arab world, especially as the English language has become the official language of most schools and universities.

And the labor market and in social media, and it became necessary to learn English language skills to communicate and understand the world around us

The details of the course are in the following points:

Level: Beginner

Objective: Learn English conversation skills online

Time: not specified

Amount: The course is completely free

Course content:

  • Learn English conversation skills to understand, respond and engage in discussions in English
  • Useful words, sentences and terms in English
  • Learn the correct pronunciation in English
  • Learn listening skills by presenting realistic lessons
  • New methods of studying English
Courses available to learn English conversation skills from Edraak

Edraak platform, in cooperation with the British Council, offers a course to learn English conversation skills, which consists of three consecutive training courses.

Online and completely free for beginners from scratch to learn English conversation skills and speak fluently as follows:-

English conversation skills course for beginners: first level
In it you will learn: –
  •  The importance of learning English conversation with audio and video
  •  The best ways to learn English conversation enable you to use it in many situations in your daily life
  •  How to introduce yourself in English and talk about your daily work and plans for the future
  • Learn basic terms in English
  •  Learn the language of numbers and know the time
  •  Tips and exercises for the best way to study English

English conversation skills course for beginners: the second level
  • Develop English speaking skills and use them in common situations
  •  Learn how to talk about your educational and professional experiences in English with ease
  • Learn to describe places in English
  •  Basic vocabulary for talking about food, drinks and prices in English
  • Learn the skills of speaking English fluently in front of a group of people
  •  Pronunciation exercises for difficult sounds in the English language, such as stress and connection of sounds
  •  Exercises for creating sentences in the simple past tense
  •  Examples of the difference between English and Arabic
English conversation skills course for beginners: the third level
  •  Learn English for free and get acquainted with the basic features of the English language
  •  Gain smooth and fluent speaking skills
  • Know the most important vocabulary and terms used in conversations
  •  How to create an English conversation over the phone
  • Exercises for creating sentences about ambition
  •  Examples of how to create sentences in the future tense
Study plan for the course
A course to learn conversational skills in English from the Edraak platform
  •  A series of educational videos for realistic English lessons taught by a British English language teacher at the British Council in Amman, Jordan. They are commented on and discussed in Arabic by an English language teacher at the British Council in Amman.
  •  You may need to record some of your notes during the lesson, and if you are unable to do so, the lessons are already recorded in the form of important points.
  •  At the end of each course there are tests to assess your level of learning and understanding of the lessons.
Advantages of a course learning English conversation skills from Edraak
  1. Different and varied topics every week
  2.  Offer realistic lessons to learn English to develop listening skills
  3.  Making discussions available among participants by asking questions and comments in English to develop conversational skills
  4.  Holding competitions to test your skills and your knowledge of English conversation skills
How to participate in the English conversation skills course on the Edraak platform?

To participate in the course, you will first be required to register an account on the Edraak platform
  • You can log in with your Gmail account, or with your Facebook account
  •  You will be asked to enter a password
In just two steps, you can sign up for the Learn English Conversational Skills course and watch the full content of the course.