The most important French universities to study law

 The most important French universities to study law

Studying law in France for international students, admission requirements, all costs, and the most important universities

The State of France is considered one of the leading countries in laying the foundations of the political system in Europe and even in the whole world, as France established its legal system on the basis of civil law, and its legal system included public international law and foreign law as well.

France is also the most famous cultural center in Europe, in addition to its leadership in laying the foundations of law, so it is a destination for many students who wish to study law, and French universities are among the most famous and best universities to study law in the world.

How is law studied in France?

The study of law in France has been decided on three courses, which are as follows

  • A bachelor’s degree must be obtained first in Law (LLB), and it is called License de Droit in France, and this degree requires a period of three years of study in order to be completed.
  • After that, a Master’s degree in Law (LLM) must also be completed, and a master’s degree requires a period of two years to be obtained.
  • After that, you must complete the study in order to obtain a doctorate degree in law, which is the highest degree that can be obtained in law in France in order to complete your study of law, and the period for obtaining a doctorate degree in law may take two years or more.
In addition to studying law in France, you will spend a time of fun and entertainment, because France is one of the most famous and prominent tourist countries around the world, as the study of law begins in September with the beginning of autumn and continues in the spring, which makes your study of law in France one of the most important. The best experiences you will ever have in your life.
Studying law in France also provides you with joining the Bar Association with the opportunity to enter professionally in several countries, and therefore because studying law in France does not depend on studying civil law only, but France offers the study of common law in addition to French law, which made it a destination for many students who wish to study law.
Admission requirements for studying law in France
In order for your request to enroll in a French university to study law to be approved, some conditions must be met in order for you to be accepted to study law, and these conditions include the following:
First, you must register through the campus france site, because this site is where all requests from foreign students to French universities to study law are registered, and the site offers many procedures as well as all the facilities that must be done before enrolling in French universities to study law in France.
However, the site is not responsible for giving approval or refusal to enroll in French universities. All that the site does is mediation and conveys your desire to join the specialists. For your acceptance to study law in France, some conditions are required, including the following:
  • It is necessary to obtain a high school diploma before applying to study law and obtain a bachelor’s degree.
  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in law if you want to enroll in a French university for a master’s degree, and you must have a master’s degree if you want to study law for a PhD as well.
  • You must be fluent in the French language as well as speaking and writing, as a test has been taken to find out your level of French language proficiency in the French centers, provided that you must pass this test on the specified date for that which the center determines and you can find out by entering the center’s website French for exam dates.
The best law schools in France
There are many universities in France that study law and we will present through the following points the best 5 universities in France to study law as follows:
Paris I Pantheon-Sorbonne University
This faculty of law at this university is one of the best colleges in France to study law, and also one of the best universities that study humanities and social sciences as well, as the university teaches humanities, arts, law, economics, political and administrative sciences as well.
The university includes approximately 43,700 students, and also includes approximately 1,430 professors of faculty members, and includes 400 partner institutions in about 84 countries.
The university also provides many courses, master’s degrees and diplomas up to a doctoral degree as well, as about 900 students join the university each year to obtain a master’s degree and a doctorate in law, and the university also provides many courses.
The university awards a master’s degree 1 on four courses, namely:
  • European law.
  • French law.
  • international law.
  • Comparative law.
As for the level 2 master’s degree, the student can choose 16 specialized courses, and these courses constitute some studies in English, including the following:
  • International business law course.
  • Business Law course in English and North America.
Paris II Pantheon – Assas University
Law is studied in this university in English only, and the university offers the study of law for a master’s degree, and the university includes nearly 2,500 students from all over the world.
The university also offers a range of specialized courses and lectures for nearly 200 trainees and affiliates of the university from all the leading international institutions such as DES, Avocats, DFB Adecco GrouP, and the university offers a master’s degree in a 210-hour program.
Also, only 30 students are accepted to take these courses, and the cost of each course is equivalent to 20,075 US dollars, and the study for a master’s degree includes studying 10 courses of the curriculum, as this curriculum includes each of the following:
  • International Trade Law and Countries.
  • international finance.
  • Environment and sustainable development law.
  • International tax law.
  • Mergers and acquisitions.
Paris Sciences et Lettes University
  The university offers master’s and doctoral degrees in law, and the study is in French, where law is taught for master’s and doctoral degrees in public and private law, as well as both real estate law, tax law, and public administration as well.
The university has approximately 11 teachers and 17,000 students, and master’s and doctorate degrees in law are obtained in many specializations, including the following:
  • International and Comparative Law.
  • Business Law.
  • tax code.
  • Real estate law.
  • Public administration law.
The law student also obtains a master’s degree in 12 courses that are allocated in the second year, and are studied in one of the public research institutions in Paris called Dauphine-PSL to obtain a diploma, but a master’s degree is granted by the university.
Jean Moulin Lyon III University
Besides teaching law for a master’s degree in English, the university is the second largest university city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Only 60 students are accepted to obtain a master’s degree in international and European commercial law. The university also offers 21 specialized courses that each student can choose from, and the cost is equivalent to 11,835 US dollars for one academic year.
Paris-Saclay University
The university offers bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate degrees in law. Studying at the university takes place in French and English as well. To obtain a bachelor’s degree, a three-year study is required, while a master’s degree is obtained in two years. As for a doctoral degree, a three-year study is required.