15 things you should know before you start college

 15 things you should know before you start college

What should I know before starting university studies

  • Be open to new friendships: You might start college with a group of your high school friends, but don’t stick to one group. A big part of college is socializing with others. Just smiling at people will help you make new friends. Of course, we’re not talking about that creepy Joker smile. Make it fun, and be a person. Have fun and that will attract a lot of people to you. Who knows, you might meet the potential love of your life on your first day.
  • Develop Yourself, But Don’t Flatter Others: You will meet many different types of people in college, but in fact, becoming the most popular kid in school by changing your style to match theirs won’t get you any fans while you don’t have to be the same person you used to be. With the person you know, improve yourself in small different ways. This will help you love yourself and become more confident.
  • Your Friends Won’t Last For Life: Your first year of college will be like a dream meeting many new people and making new friends and you will live your life as if it were a soap opera however your second year of college is when it all goes away and you may lose a lot of “friends” you think They will last your whole life. All those world trips you have planned with them will be the subject of the “always know who your friends are and who aren’t” arguments.

  • Join Clubs: College is all about socializing. The best way to meet new people is to join a club. Not only do you meet more juniors, but also meet seniors. Knowing seniors is one of the best ways to navigate college life. When you’re really in your club, the people in In it they will become your family and you can also pursue what you love while in college be it dance, drama, singing or maths.

  • Your priorities may change: That’s okay. You may have started college with a certain major, but you don’t always like it. So always do a lot of research about your major before you start college, and if you really want to change it, you can always choose a different job once college is over. College is when you realize. There are a lot of things in it, and some people realize that the profession they always wanted is no longer what they want.
Things I wish I’d known when I started college

  • Learn how to wash your clothes: Laundry is one of the biggest challenges of college life Learn how to wash clothes before you start college Those gorgeous dresses that your mom used to wash by hand have become your most hated clothes Choose simple things that are easy to wash.
  • Always finish your assignments on time: College assignments are important for graduation and it is always important to submit them on time Collect some tips and tricks that seniors used in order to complete assignments Your assignments will give you credit points that are very important and if you don’t submit them on time you will end up with Much greater workload.
  • Coffee will become your best friend: Staying up all night was impossible in school but in college it has become a habit. Whether you’re out with your friends, staying awake requires coffee and you suddenly can’t imagine your life without coffee.
  • Do not forget to exercise: You will make a schedule for your life when college starts to complete all your tasks but you always end up getting off track but the only thing you need to make time for is exercise so even 30 minutes of exercise in your day will make you healthier and happier one blessing after college is all Ready-to-eat foods, which are usually high in sodium, you’ll need to exercise to burn off all that extra fat.
  • Knowing your professors does not make you a fool: Knowing your professors in college is an absolute advantage as you can continue studies before the exam with their help or they may help you get away with some things as most of the university professors tend to be themselves fresh university graduates and they know all aspects of university life they understand what If you are late to the hall sometimes they know for sure when you are quite hungry in the hall and may give you a break because of that.
Advice for a college student
  • Your “relationship” may not last: Many relationships start too early, go too fast, and end up crashing. Who are your friends and if the relationship ends then you need a few friends by your side to cry on their shoulders and move on.
  • It’s OK to skip some lectures: because you’re not in the mood and not everyone has a perfect attendance record and you don’t need to so don’t make it a habit, over-lecturing will get you in trouble so indulge in some spare time now and then but make sure you keep up your studies.
  • You will need a lot of clothes in college: you always end up short of clothes, the “I just wore this last week” mentality is why you need to go on a massive shopping spree before college starts, fashion is an instant language while making first impressions in college So try to look classy but don’t spend all the money on branded stuff.
  • Call your parents often: for many, college is the time they are away from their parents and often in the whirlwind of college we forget that our parents came home worried about us so call them from time to time and tell them some funny things that happened and make them feel good, college is not cheap so maybe save Your parents years to send you there keep that in mind.
  • You don’t need to sacrifice fun for grades: Good grades are essential in college but you don’t always have to sacrifice good times for good grades and if your favorite band is playing the night before an important exam make sure you know all the studies and then go to the party Plus, pay attention in the classroom so you’ll spend less time the night before an exam trying to figure everything out.
  • Fear of College: Going to college can seem scary to you and at times you may end up feeling lost easily but the thing to remember amidst all this craziness is that these are the years of your life that you mature into a different person, someone better equipped to deal with The pressures of life and your college life may be either bad or great but either way you will miss out terribly once you get out in the real world.