Studying medicine at Heideburgh University and how much does the study cost

 Studying medicine at Heideburgh University and how much does the study cost

About the University of Heidelberg

The University of Heidelberg is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, and it is also considered the oldest university in Germany in terms of foundation.

The University of Heideburg was completed in 1386 AD, and it is one of the best and most distinguished German universities. Because it is distinguished by scientific curricula that are distinguished in more than one field, especially medicine; It has been dubbed “The Distinguished University”.

This university provides and teaches many useful courses, and the most important areas of these courses are: law, humanities, social sciences, and natural and life sciences. The University of Heidelberg is one of the most important and well-known universities that pays great attention to a strong commitment to the quality of academic performance.

Heidelberg University Ranking

Heidelberg University is ranked twelfth among all universities in Europe. As for the university’s ranking among all universities worldwide, 70 is its position among them.

There are other rankings prepared for all German universities, and then Heideburg University; The Shanghai rankings conducted in Germany recognized this university as the number one within the country, and the QS rankings conducted in Germany recognized Heidelberg University as third among all German universities.
On the research level, Heideliberg University can be considered the best research university within the continent of Europe, and this university is already a member of the Association of European Universities, and it is also one of the founding members within the Association of Research Universities located within the continent of Europe.

It is worth noting that about 30 of the graduates of the University of Heidelberg have been able to win the Nobel Prize. The university also always takes the “book of education is always open” as its eternal motto.

Heidelberg University faculties
This university includes 12 faculties in different disciplines, and the faculties of the university are as follows:
  • collage of rights.
  • Heidelberg School of Medicine, as well as the Mannheim School of Medicine.
  • College of Modern Languages.
  • Faculty of Economics.
  • College of Life Sciences.
  • Faculty of Philosophy and History.
  • College of Behavioral and Educational Studies.
  • Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.
  • Faculty of Chemistry and Geology.
  • College of Mathematics and Computer Science.
  • College of Theology and Religious Sciences.
There are strong links between the University of Heidelberg and a number of important institutions in the city of Heidelberg, the most important of which are the following:
  • Hyde-Lburgh State Observatory.
  • Heide Libergh Center for American Studies.
  • University Hospital Heideburgh.
  • Mannheim University Hospital.
  • Central Institute for Mental Health in Mannheim.
Admission requirements for studying medicine at the University of Heidelberg
The University of Heidelberg is one of the most popular universities in which all foreigners have the opportunity to study, as it welcomes them in any semester. And if you are interested in applying to this university to study there, you must first check the deadlines in which the application is available.
There are certain dates that the university has set and announced on its official website on the Internet. The university announced that the period from the beginning of December to mid-January is the deadline for enrollment in the summer semester at the university. It also announced that the period between the beginning of June until the middle of July is the deadline for enrolling in the winter semester study at this university.
When you want to study at Heideliberg University, you must prepare a number of necessary papers, as follows:
  • You must have a university degree, and examples of these certificates are: Bachelor’s, as well as Bachelor’s.
  • It is necessary to provide a letter of recommendation submitted by one of the professors of your university whom you have previously learned under their hands, and then submit it in your papers.
  • It is also necessary to provide your CV to submit.
  • A motivational message must be provided.
  • You must submit documented papers showing your financial ability to bear the costs of Heidelberg University for the length of your studies.
  • In the event that the student is one of the students of the Arab world, he must be able to obtain what is known as a “residence visa for the purpose of study”, and not only that, but this visa must be obtained as a minimum period of three months before the student travels to Germany.
There is also a necessary condition that must be paid attention to when applying to join this university, which is passing the German DSH exam, which upon passing the applicant will be able to obtain a German language certificate with a certain degree that the university sets as a condition for admission to it, and there are many institutions that provide the opportunity to obtain specialized courses It qualifies the student and enhances his ability to pass this test.
Tuition fees for the Faculty of Medicine at Heidelberg University
  • Studying medicine at the University of Heidelberg can be considered one of the most difficult medical studies in Germany, as evidenced by its acceptance of only 3.6% of students who apply to study there.
  • The costs of studying at this university are about 1,500 euros as a minimum, and may reach a maximum of 2,000 euros each year, and these costs must be paid at the beginning of each semester at the university.
  • The foreign student must create a bank account that is open in a bank in Germany, and he must also fill this account with an amount of not less than 8,000 euros, in addition to paying 500 euros as the enrollment fee for this university.
Duration of studying medicine at Heideliburgh University
First, there is a course designated for students who want to enroll in any of the medical colleges, and this course is usually 28 hours long, usually divided into classes, and the duration of one class is about 60 minutes.
The university always aims to graduate people who belong to the medical field and who are highly qualified. Therefore, we find that studying medicine in it lasts up to 6 years in a row, after which you have been able to obtain the degree of “general physician”, and that period is divided into three stages (pre-clinical – clinical sciences – final year), followed directly by an international exam. The student obtains a medical degree by passing it.
Scholarships offered at Heidelberg University
The costs of studying at Heidelberg University are sometimes high for a large number of foreign students who want to apply to this university to study there, and for this reason; The university decided to provide a sufficient number of study scholarships that enable many foreign students to obtain the opportunity to enroll in this university to study there.
The university also provides many financial aids that facilitate the opportunity for many foreign students who wish to enroll in it, and any student has the right to choose the type of scholarship he wants, and these scholarships are usually offered specifically for outstanding students at the doctoral level.
It is also possible to obtain scholarships that are at the level of degrees other than a doctorate, such as: master’s, as well as bachelor’s degrees, but this is only available in some special cases that the university identifies.