Princeton University admission requirements and majors

 Princeton University admission requirements and majors

Princeton University

Admission requirements and majors

Princeton University is a private American research university. The university is one of the oldest American universities. It is also one of the most prominent and best universities in the world. The university is also a strong competitor to Harvard University.

The university offers a distinguished academic program, in addition to that, the university graduates students with a high degree of knowledge and knowledge, and the university also won many different awards, among the most famous graduates of the university, James Madison, who is one of the former presidents of the United States, and also graduated from the university also Apollo Beth Conrad, who is Astronaut, as well as the actor David Duchovny, and the head of Google Eric Schmidt.

About Princeton University

Princeton University is located in the town of Princeton in the state of New Jersey in the United States of America. The university was established first in the city of Elizabeth and was known as the College of New Jersey, in 1746 AD, and the university was transferred in 1747 AD to the city of Newark, then the university settled in the town of Princeton in 1756 AD, then The university is attributed to the town and was named Princeton University in 1896 AD.

Princeton University is the fourth oldest university in the United States of America, and it is one of the most famous universities in America. The university is also one of the most prominent research universities in the world, as it is a private research university.

Princeton University is a member of the Ivy League, and this association consists of 8 universities (Princeton University, Harvard University, Bell University, Pennsylvania University, Brown University, Columbia University, Cornell University, Dartmouth College), the association includes the most prestigious universities in northeastern America As Princeton University competes with Harvard University in terms of prestige and distinction, the university is also one of the Association of American Universities.

The university is also one of the nine colonial universities that were founded before the American Revolution, and the university is also affiliated with the American Presbyterian Church.

The university has obtained several international and international classifications, as it ranked sixth according to the QS World Classification in 2020 AD, in addition to that, the university also ranked sixth in 2019 according to the Times classification, and it also ranked third as the best university in the United States of America, and the first place As the best national university, the university’s graduate programs are among the best offered in the United States of America.

Of note, Princeton University has good relationships with Princeton Theological Seminary, Institute for Advanced Study, Westminster College and Rider University Choir.

 Studying at Princeton University, USA, and its majors

The university offers undergraduate and postgraduate education in the social sciences, humanities, natural sciences, in addition to engineering sciences. These disciplines include the Department of History, the Department of Psychology, and the Department of Economics. The university also grants students professional degrees. The university offers students professional degrees in the College. Architecture, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Bendheim Center for Finance.

The university grants master’s degrees in humanities and social sciences, electrical engineering, aeronautical engineering, science, archeology, and applied mathematics. The university also grants doctoral degrees in earth sciences, mathematics, sociology, philosophy, physics, music, and psychology.

The university grants students a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree in Arts and Engineering Sciences, from which the student can choose the appropriate specialization for him, the number of these specializations is about 36.

The university includes 6 colleges or schools (Wilson College, Forbes College, Mathieu College, Whitman College, Butler College, Rockulver College), each school contains a set of bedrooms and a dining hall, and there are also libraries and study halls, and it also contains a different set of entertainment and convenience.

It is worth noting that Princeton University does not include the Faculty of Medicine or the Faculty of Law, as it was canceled in 1852 AD, in addition to the Faculty of Business Administration and the School of Education. It is also worth noting that Princeton University is one of the five American universities that run the National Laboratory of the Ministry of Energy.

Princeton University contains a supercomputer called Orangina of IBM type Blue Gene, and the computer is ranked 89th in the world in terms of speed.

The university also includes the High Meadows Environmental Institute, which is a multidisciplinary center for environmental education and research, and the university also includes the Princeton Laboratory for Plasma Physics.

Princeton University Libraries

Princeton University also includes some libraries such as, Princeton University Library, which is the main library of the university, and the library includes about 11 million holdings, and more than 7 million volumes, in addition to the Firestone Library, and this library is one of the largest libraries in universities in the world, and the library includes more than 4 million volumes, and there are also several branch libraries in the university in the field of architecture, art and antiquities, East Asian studies, engineering, music, public policy, public and international affairs, university and science archives, and the university also includes the Lewis Library, which is distinguished by its beauty, and the university libraries share In thousands of electronic resources.

Majors and study programs at Princeton University

The student submits his application to the university and not to the individual colleges or academic departments. When the student registers his application and is accepted at the university, he can pursue a Bachelor of Arts (AB) or a Bachelor of Engineering Science (BSE), in addition to that, the student can choose from 36 Study specialization.

Bachelor of Arts (AB) Majors and Programs

When a student is nominated to join Bachelor of Arts (AB) programs, foreign language and writing requirements must first be met. Upon enrollment, students must complete general education requirements, which include two courses in science, technology, arts, literature, and social analysis, and one course in historical analysis, ideas and moral values, and quantitative reasoning. , and the theory of perception known.

The AB also includes the majors of the Faculty of Architecture and the Princeton School of Public Affairs. Among the most important majors and study programs for the Bachelor of Arts are the following:
  1. Majoring in African American Studies
  2. Majoring in Asian American Studies
  3. Majoring in American Studies
  4. Majoring in African Studies
  5. Classics in ancient studies
  6.  Specialization Studies related to astrophysical sciences
  7. Environmental Studies
  8. European Culture Studies
  9. Ethnographic Studies
  10. Gender and Sexuality Studies
  11. Humanistic Studies
  12. Judaic Studies
  13. Hellenic Studies
  14. Latino Studies
  15. Latino American Studies
  16. Jazz Studies
  17. Medieval Studies
  18. Urban Studies
  19.  English
  20. German language
  21. Language and Culture
  22. Linguistics
  23.  Spanish and Portuguese language
  24.  French and Italian language
  25. Geosciences specialization
  26. Psychology major
  27. Sociology specialization
  28. Specializing in Neuroscience
  29. Specialization in Molecular Biology
  30. History major
  31. History of Science History of Science
  32. History and the Practice of Diplomacy
  33. Physics specialization
  34. Plasma Physics
  35. Philosophy specialization
  36. Public Policy major
  37. Majoring in Religious Sciences
  38. Molecular and Computational Biosciences
  39. Robotics and Intelligent System
  40. Statistics and Machine Learning1
  41. Sustainable Energy
  42. Technology and Society
  43. Theater science
  44. Values ​​and Ethics Values ​​and Public Life
  45. 3D Printing
  46. Visual Arts
  47. Media and modernity
  48. Finance
  49. Economics
  50. Entrepreneurship
Bachelor of Engineering Science BSE

The bachelor’s degree includes all majors in the school or college of science and engineering at Princeton University. Among the most important majors and study programs at the school are the following:
  • Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical and aerospace engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Chemical and biological engineering
  • Operations research and financial engineering
  • Geosciences engineering
  • Materials engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • physical engineering
  • architecture
  • Chemical Engineering and Aerospace Engineering
  • Bioengineering
Princeton University Application Steps

One of the most important information about the university is the application steps and admission requirements. The steps for applying to join the university can be summarized in the following points:

The application for enrollment is first submitted through the official website of the university.

 The student must observe the deadline for submission, and that no application will be received after the expiry of the specified time.

The student fills in the required data in the application form
The student selects the college and study major that he wishes to enroll in.

The student submits one request with one choice.

The student submits the required papers via the Internet, namely, a high school diploma, a certificate of English language proficiency, and the student also sends the results of the SAT and ACT test.

If the student wants to obtain a scholarship or exemption from fees, he must submit an application for that and attach it to the application for enrollment.

Admission requirements for admission to the university
There are several conditions that must be met by the student in order to be able to apply for admission to the university, namely:
The student submits an academic record of his previous studies, in which he submits all the final grades he obtained during his previous studies. The student also submits letters of recommendation and reports from his school and one of his teachers.
If an international student submits an English language test certificate such as TOEFL, PTE, ITLES test, if the student is international but has studied English for 3 years as the language of instruction in the school, he is not required to take these tests.
The student must pass the SAT or ACT exam.
The student presents certificates indicating the training and academic courses he has obtained.
Scientific research at Princeton University, USA
Princeton University conducts scientific research in several subjects, namely:
  • Humanities
  • social science
  • Natural Sciences
  • applied Sciences
  • Engineering
Advantages of studying at Princeton University, USA
There are many advantages that encourage students to join the university, including:
The university offers scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students.
What distinguishes the university most is that it is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in the world, and it has won several awards, including the Nobel Prize.
The quality of education and the good academic reputation of the university and its connection to the labor market.
Princeton University School of Anthropology
The School of Anthropology aims to educate the student and prepare him to understand human practices and experiences, and to clarify the link between them, through the ethnographic research it conducts.
The study of anthropology requires that the student be aware of and know how to observe, ask appropriate anthropological questions, and also learn how to identify patterns of complex human behavior, from the specializations of the study of anthropology:
  • Biological, linguistic and archaeological study
  • Study of social and cultural anthropology
  • School of Arts and Archeology
The School of Arts and Archeology at Princeton University is interested in studying and criticizing the visual arts. The school is also interested in investigating archeology. The school is also interested in studying contemporary painting and Islamic archeology. There are other majors in the school, including
  • Department of Fine Arts.
  • Department of Archeology.
  • Department of Comparative Literature.
  • Department of Technical Education.
  • Museum Studies Department.
  • Department of Architecture.
  • Art History Department.
Princeton University is a private research university located in the United States of America. The university is interested in research and development, as it offers many programs and majors, and the university ranks as one of the best universities in the world.
Dear reader, after we mentioned to you all the information related to the university, including the admission requirements and the most important academic disciplines at the university, and the most important characteristic of studying there, do you think that it deserves this prestigious position in the world?