How Much Money is Earned on YouTube How much is YouTube earnings

 How Much Money is Earned on YouTube How much is YouTube earnings

How much money is earned through YouTube How much is YouTube earnings? One of the most leading questions at this time, besides what is YouTube? How much does YouTube earn for $1,000? How are profits calculated from YouTube? What is the best way to activate profits from YouTube? When was the YouTube platform established? Are there countries that do not support making money from YouTube?

It can now be asserted that YouTube has become one of the largest platforms for displaying visual content in the world. It is very natural or results in a very large orientation towards this platform by young people in particular. Because this platform is a good way to take it and earn profits and fame from it comfortably. Perhaps that is why we are seeing a lot of questions on this topic, such as, for example, how much money is earned through YouTube?

In this article, we will talk in detail about many questions, such as: how much money is earned through YouTube, how much money can YouTube make for $1,000, what is YouTube and when was it established? Who is the official founder of this platform? And the most important question, is it reliable how much money YouTube makes as profits? Lots of frequently asked questions and important information. Follow us to the end.

Table of contents

  • 1 How much money is earned through YouTube
  • 2 Measure of earning money via YouTube
  • 3 The date YouTube appeared
  • 4 Who is the founder of YouTube
How much money is earned through YouTube

How much money is earned through YouTube, this sentence will be the main title of this paragraph. Because of the great importance and valuable information it carries, people circulate it frequently these days. We see questions like this everywhere on the internet and social media. In fact, the answer to this question is not very difficult.

In order to know this, we must first know what metrics YouTube considers before providing any revenue to the YouTube channel. There is often a huge difference between how much money YouTube offers from channel to channel. For example, there are channels that take articles for every 1,000 views, about $ 5, and there are other channels that take less than that, and it may be one dollar or 35 cents.

In general, the profits provided by YouTube for 1000 views are within the range of 1 to 8 US dollars. This is roughly the average of the numbers. Also, this does not prevent the existence of channels that receive more than that for 1000 views. There are strict conditions and laws that must be met in order to activate the profits of your YouTube channel. And never be surprised if your profits are low in the initial period of channel creation.

Because you are the real measure of taking profits from YouTube does not depend only on the number of views, as is widely known among people. Rather, this may be a reason among many other side reasons, which certainly affect the profit process very significantly.

YouTube money earning measure

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned how much money was made through YouTube, and we talked about the amount of profits that YouTube provides in general. But now, we will explain exactly how YouTube determines the profits for each channel or for each video posted on the platform. But first, we must emphasize the idea that the number of views is not the only metric adopted by YouTube as it is common to all people. It is only one of many reasons.

First, and the most important thing we have here is where the views come from. For example, the views coming from the European Union countries are the most expensive among all countries in the world, and Canada and the United States of America come in the forefront, followed by the rest of the European countries. From this we conclude that the channels that have views from foreign countries take much more profits than the rest of the channels that target only the Arab audience.

We also have in-video ad percentage. As there are videos that do not have ads, and this is for several reasons that you cannot bypass, such as being in a country that does not support this feature. Therefore, the videos that have more ads than others, it is very natural that they take more profits than others. This is very self-evident.

And the thing that many people overlook here, is the quality of the videos. As it is very natural that videos that have high quality provide more revenue than simple videos. Which are created by simple and ordinary methods and tools.

Finally we have the number of views. The channels that have more views than others are the ones that take more profits. The idea here is when all the things we mentioned above come together with the high number of views, here it will be a pure profit bomb.

The date YouTube appeared

We will now talk about the origins of YouTube and its history since its inception. Especially after we got to know how much money was made through YouTube. However, many people do not know the correct history of YouTube, and when it first appeared. Follow us to find out all this information.

YouTube started operating for the first time in its history in 2005. At that time, it began to spread little by little. So much so that Google acquired it completely in October 2006. for $ 1.65 billion. Which indicates the power and popularity that this platform has enjoyed, just within one year of its launch. This purchase was certainly the best in Google’s history. Given what I’m up to now.

The headquarters of the company was and still is in the state of California in the United States of America. As is known, this platform offers, free of charge, the ability to watch all types of videos that can be published, except for those that violate YouTube laws. You can download the application via Google Play .

Who is the founder of YouTube

Now that we’ve reached this point, I think we’ve discovered that not only does the world ask how much money is made on YouTube, but people are curious by nature. It became important to know who is the founder of this company and the great idea. Which without exaggeration greatly improved this world.

In fact, this platform was founded by 3 people: Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim. And the most strange thing here is the different nationalities of these three people. The first is an American, the second is also an American but of Taiwanese origin, and the last is German. On the other hand, each of them works in a different field as well. Chad Hurley works as a journalist and business manager, while Steve Chen is a specialist in the field of informatics, technology and computing. As for the latter, he is a German producer, and the owner of the first video on the YouTube platform.

In the end, I hope that this available information will be useful to you well, starting from how much money is earned through YouTube, how much YouTube profits are, all the way to the founders of this company.