Ideas Profitable Applications For Smart Phones | How do You Guarantee Profit From Applications?

 Ideas Profitable Applications For Smart Phones | How do You Guarantee Profit From Applications?

Ideas Profitable Applications For Smart Phones | How do You Guarantee Profit From Applications?

Profiting from applications is actually very easy if you have an idea and possibility, and at the same time it is difficult because you are subject to ban and suspension of accounts, sometimes the application also succeeds in bringing in very large traffic, but the profits are very low, and I, of course, in this topic will not talk about how to create an application What is the most profitable type of content, etc. Rather, I will talk about a point that many fans of applications and those who want to earn money from it in a legitimate way overlook it.

In the name of God, and prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of God. As for after, my dear followers of Hisham Hashim’s blog for profit from the Internet, today, God willing, we will touch on a topic of the utmost magnificence, which will help you think about the type of applications that you want to make money from in abundance, and with which you will ensure success In continuous income, we will also present to you some ideas of profitable applications that are used a lot on mobile devices and also on which ads appear and that work with an Internet connection.

We all know that most users of the Google Play platform put free applications to download, but they must earn respectable amounts of money with you in a legitimate way, of course, but unfortunately they bring traffic that is good enough to make a profit, but the problem is that they do not make money from them completely or the profits are very, very low. I know that it will make you upset because you will not be well rewarded for your work, but the problem is with you and not with others. Of course, you will ask, why is it my fault? I will answer you based on my experience and the experience that many professionals have gone through.

When you open an application, for example, for turning on the lamp in the dark room, of course you can use it whether you have the Internet or not connected to the Internet, meaning you can only download this lighting application once and retire from the Internet and use this application for life without the owner of the idea benefiting from you. So, in order for the owner of the idea to win, you must focus on profitable applications that operate via the Internet, or that must be used by providing the Internet, whether Wi-Fi or the fourth generation.

I will explain the idea of ​​​​a profitable application for you to understand more.

You know that many people download game applications in order to play and entertain themselves, and this game is either online, meaning that you play directly on the Internet, such as PUBG, for example, or that this game provides free services using the Internet, for example, the non-stop zombie game. The idea arrived? Ok, I will explain more to you so that you understand and win more.

I downloaded an application to protect my Facebook account and Instagram from spying by those close to you, and this application is like a keyboard that needs to add 6 numbers as a password, then it allows you to browse on Facebook “so far so good”. Where is the idea of ​​profit from the application now? The idea is that the owner of the application knows for sure that if the owner of the phone wants to open the Facebook application, as well as Instagram or WhatsApp, he must use the Internet directly. And if the Internet is used, profitable ads will appear in the lock screen application.

Right now, we have known the idea of ​​a profitable application, which will be about the type of application that you want to make a lot of money from, and of course the types of profitable applications will be on the Android or iPhone system because they are the most used, especially Android, and I would like to share with you live reliable experiences that may not be told about Many YouTubers, and God Almighty knows best, and these experiences in Android applications have become money-making in a big way because they revolve around one secret, and this secret is not a big thing, but it is an important point for all those wishing to create profitable applications 100/100.

In short, you must buy or create applications that work on the Internet or applications that work with all applications that need the Internet, such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and other applications that are most used by today’s youth.

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