The 7 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Malmö Sweden

   The 7 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Malmö  Sweden


The 7 Most Famous Tourist Attractions in Malmö  Sweden

The tourist attractions in Malmö are among the most beautiful things that tourism has produced in Sweden, where the city of Malmö is located in the province of Scania skåne in southern Sweden. There are the most beautiful places in Europe, and it was established in the days of the European Middle Ages in 1275, and the city of Malmö is an ideal model for a comprehensive civil city that contains Civilization, culture and popular vitality.

Turning Torso

The transforming trunk of Sweden is one of the most important tourist attractions in Malmö, which is located west of the port of Malmö. It was opened in 2005 by Santiago Calatrava and has a height of 190 meters. This tower represents one of the largest skyscrapers in Sweden and has great international fame; Where he won the French Distinguished Architect Award “mipim”, it is the most famous tourist attraction in Sweden and Europe, as it takes the second place in the tallest towers in Europe and the twenty-fifth place in the world, and it consists of 54 floors in which the world’s top celebrities live, and it has floors for holding meetings and receiving VIPs. Globalism.

Malmö Old Town Square ‘Gamla Staden’

It is a wide square, one of the best places in Malmö in tourism. You see the old houses that date back centuries, and still maintain their architectural form until now, and around them are crowds of Swedish people walking left and right, the spread of sweets and ice cream sellers, with the presence of the most delicious Malmö restaurants that serve The most beautiful popular food in Sweden, and you can warm up and drink hot drinks in one of the cafes that work throughout the day and have frequent visitors to Samar at night.

Malmö National Park “Slottstradgarden”

Most of the Malmö tourist attractions are loved by children to play with butterflies and run in the garden. In the Malmö National Park, you can participate with children in games and hide behind trees. In the summer, you can enjoy sitting in front of the lake and watching swans and ducks swimming in the water, and in the winter this lake is one of The most beautiful places of tourism in Malmö for skiing and playing snow games.

Malmoos castle

Malmö Castle, Sweden, is considered one of the centers of the country’s defense in the fifteenth century, as it was established during the reign of King Eric of Pomerania in 1434, and an essential part of this huge edifice of Malmö’s tourist attractions collapsed and was rebuilt in the sixteenth century by King Christian III. You can see the castle, enter it, and see its rare artifacts.

Öresund Bridge

It is the long bridge, with a length of 3 and a half kilometers and a height of approximately 8 meters, and that bridge is one of the tourist attractions in Malmö, Sweden, through which tourism in Copenhagen, Denmark can be reached, and it facilitates many commercial movements.

Greenery Square in Malmo “Möllevången Market”

It is one of the oldest markets in Malmö, dating back to its establishment more than a century ago, and it is one of the most famous shopping centers in Malmö in which Arabs spread, so you find those who buy and sell from them, and what distinguishes this market is that it is one of the best tourist attractions in Malmö; Because there is no tourist who has not visited it, it is a comprehensive market for all goods, including food, clothing, and handicrafts. You can buy valuable gifts for family and friends because it is the cheapest market in Sweden.

Caroli Shopping Mall

It is one of the largest malls in Malmö and one of the most touristic places in Sweden that women love. Because it has the latest and finest models of winter and summer clothes, and a bouquet of the finest evening models for the most famous international fashion designers, in addition to that this mall contains restaurants, cafes, and cinemas, and all its employees seek to serve its visitors.

And more than that, you will find it after your visit to tourism in Sweden, but if you go to the tourist attractions in Malmö, it does not end yet, then by visiting there you will discover more and be impressed with everything you see.

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