The 10 Places to Visit in Mongolia

 The 10 Places to Visit in Mongolia 

The 10 Places to Visit in Mongolia

You intend to travel to Mongolia and want to know information about tourism in Mongolia and the most important tourist places in Mongolia. You have made the choice, as Mongolia has diversity and is different from other countries in its nature and climate. For this matter, we offer you the best Mongolian tourism destinations.

About the country of Mongolia

Mongolia is an inland country located in Central Asia and is bordered to the north by Russia and to the east, west and south by the state of China. The capital of Mongolia is Ulaanbaatar, the official currency of the Republic of Mongolia is Mongolia, and the flag of Mongolia consists of three colors: red, blue and yellow.

The most important tourist places in Mongolia

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

This park is about two hours away from the capital of Mongolia, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Mongolia. It is a large garden with types of birds and beautiful wild animals such as deer and horses. You can enjoy horseback riding and watch horse dancing shows inside the park while enjoying the tranquility in the midst of blooming flowers. And while wandering in the garden, you will find a very large rock in the shape of a turtle, on which colorful birds gather.

Khuvsgul Lake

Lake Khuvsgul in Mongolia takes the title of the second largest lake in Central Asia with an area of ​​about 380 square kilometers, and this lake is distinguished as the most beautiful place of tourism in Mongolia; Because it has fresh mineral water on which life in Mongolia depends, and the Munkh Saridag Mountains wrap around the Mongolian lake, and all summer activities can be practiced on the shore of the lake in summer.

Genghis Khan Statue Complex and Square

One of the most famous tourist destinations in Mongolia is located on the banks of the Tula River, and it represents a large commercial and cultural complex topped with a large, colossal statue of the founder of the Mongol Empire, Genghis Khan, made of original gold. You can enter the complex and enjoy everything you see in it.
It opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm.

Gobi desert desert Gobi

If you are a fan of traveling and camping, you should visit the most beautiful tourist place in Mongolia, the Gobi Desert, and watch the rabbit and wild deer as they climb from the top of the mountains, but if you want to spend a day in the Gobi Desert, the most beautiful tourist destination in Mongolia to practice climbing on the mountains, you must bring some of your things from Clothes suitable for climbing the mountains, light and strong shoes, bring a bottle of water, drinks and some quick bites of fruit in your backpack, and I will enjoy the most beautiful adventure of climbing the Gobi Mountains, the most beautiful place of tourism in Mongolia.

Kharakhorem Monastery – Erdene Zuu Monastery

It is one of the tourist attractions of Mongolia, as it is the oldest monastery in Mongolia and the world, especially for the Buddhist religion, and the shape of the architecture of this monastery is represented in a large edifice in Buddhist architecture from the outside in vivid colors, and from the income you find Buddhist statues delicately carved by the ancient Bhuzi artist.

Hustai National Park

One of the most famous open gardens of Mongolia, which is considered a natural reserve for some Asian animals and birds that are on the verge of extinction and the most beautiful places of tourism in Mongolia, where there are dozens of wild deer and migratory birds that settle in them, such as parrots, canaries and others.

Offs Noor Basin

One of the most beautiful tourist destinations in Mongolia in the province of Ovs, with an area of ​​about 100,688,853 hectares, and it has the largest natural lake in Mongolia. This lake is characterized by being shallow and highly saline, as it is suitable for fishing and swimming trips.

National History Museum of Mongolia

It is located in the capital, Ulaanbaatar, and includes the most important monuments of Mongolia from prehistoric monuments, in addition to exhibits of paintings and manuscripts containing the history of Mongolia’s independence and the most important wars of Genghis Khan, Emperor of Mongolia, and it displays the folk costume of Mongolia.

The National Museum of Mongolia is open from 9 am to 4 pm.

Sacred Valley of Bedouin Valley of Mongolia

One of Mongolia’s natural tourist attractions is the Tuola River or the Sacred Valley of the Bedouins, which is a beautiful place for the largest rivers. A seagull lives, so you find the birds flying from the highest peaks of the Kheti Mountains, and they are catching fish from inside the river, a beautiful place that deserves photography, so you always find photographers for major channels that talk about nature, representing with their lens their practices in the Sacred Valley of the Bedouins, the best tourist place in Mongolia.

Zanabazar Museum of FIne Art

The most popular tourist destination in Mongolia for lovers of Mongolian art and folklore, and it was established in 1966 by the artist Zanabazar, as it displays finely carved Buddhist statues with some paintings by senior Mongolian artists and some musical instruments used by the ancient Mongolian artist, with deer stones that Mongolia is famous for.

The doors of the Mongolian Art Museum are open from eight in the morning until five in the evening.

Tourism in Ulaanbaatar Ulaanbaatar

The most beautiful tourist city in Mongolia, which is the capital, and is famous for the Ulan Bazaar. There are the most important buildings in Mongolia, as it is the city for all the affairs of the state of Mongolia and there are all the government interests of the People’s Republic of Mongolia, and there are the most famous markets in Mongolia and a large number of malls and commercial centers in Mongolia, and the most important parks and gardens Mongolian tourism.

Tourism in Erdenet

The city of Ardent is one of the best places of tourism in Mongolia, including parks, gardens, public clubs, recreational places, and Mongolian shopping centers.

Genghis Khan Square

It is the place that distinguishes Mongolia, and by sitting in it, you discover information about Mongolia, so you find the Mongolian people roaming the streets of Mongolia, fulfilling their needs, and the square around it includes all public places in Mongolia, so there is no foreign visitor who comes to tourism to Mongolia without visiting Genghis Khan Square.

Galleria Ulaanbaatar Shopping Center

It is one of the most important architectural facilities in Mongolia, and it is located in the center of the city of Ulan Bazar, and there is everything that can be bought at varying prices, and the Galleria Center contains a cinema complex that displays the latest films from international cinema, subtitled in all languages. Do not forget that you will not enter one of the restaurants and eat the most beautiful meals, as it includes a number of Mongolia restaurants and the Kentucky Fried Chicken branch. It is the best place for tourism in Mongolia for children, as there is an entertainment city for children equipped with all games, and it has branches for all international banks.

Mongolian cuisine

As long as you think about tourism in Mongolia, you cannot miss the experience of tasting Mongolian cuisine, and you can taste the popular dishes in Mongolia from grilled sheep and goat meat that is served in Mongolian restaurants and cooked in the open air in front of the eyes of customers, with a light breakfast of triangles. Portsag stuffed with cheese and butter with fresh milk drink from the goodness of Mongolian nature, in addition to the food in Mongolia is famous for the diversity between Chinese, Turkish and Russian food.

The people of Mongolia are a people with special rituals and customs, such as loving cooperation, welcoming guests, and offering them all available methods of hospitality, including food and drink, but always make sure that you do not raise your voice and do not speak in the language of the hands and wave them; Because the Mongolian people may consider it an insult, but in front of you, do not refuse hospitality. You have to accept what was presented to you, even if you did not like its taste. It is taste to taste what was presented to you. Mongolian people welcome everyone who comes to tourism in Mongolia.