The Best Famous 5 Tourist Destinations in Finland

The  Best Famous 5 Tourist Destinations in Finland 

The  Best Famous 5 Tourist Destinations in Finland

Finland’s tourist places are among the most beautiful in the white European continent. Where Finland is located on the map at the top of Europe in the north and is bordered to the north by Norway and northwest by Sweden, and to the east by Russia and the official currency is the euro and the capital of Finland is Helsinki.

Tourism in Finland

Tourism diversity comes from the state of Finland, so all tourist activities can be practiced from marine tourism, land tourism, cultural tourism, fishing, surfing, or ice skating to enjoy the Finland trip in the winter. You can take a cultural tour between public libraries, visit museums, and visit the tourist places in Finland.

Tourism in Helsinki

The city of Helsinki is the capital of Finland, which carries on its land the most important tourist places in Finland from the ancient historical buildings, from the churches and museums that have the most important artifacts, and every night you find the city appearing with colored lights that reflect in the water and you can wander between its old streets and sit in one of the restaurants Finland Popular and eat a meal of delicious venison, which is served in many forms.

Kauppa Tori Market

The most touristic place in Finland, Helsinki, is always crowded. There are all goods in it, including popular clothes and shoes, and you find arrayed stalls selling fresh vegetables and fruits. If you did not intend to book a hotel in Finland and preferred to rent an apartment on a Finland tourist trip, this market It offers all foods at very cheap prices.

Tourism in Porvoo

The city of Provo is the most important tourist place in Finland to spend the honeymoon in the atmosphere of fresh air and enjoy the Finnish countryside. You should take the initiative to book a two-day rental in one of the wooden houses that overlook the lake by returning to nature. You will find it in the most beautiful places of tourism in Finland; Where in the morning you wake up to the smell of delicious baked goods from the most beautiful rural restaurants, and you can order food and it is served to you hot, then you can ride a boat for two people and swim in the lake in the most beautiful romantic trip.

Heure La Historia Center

It is a masterpiece of tourism in Finland for children, as this place is a center of positive energy, so it makes the child bring out special skills that parents have not yet discovered, playing and practicing an activity he loves and meeting new friends.

Lemme Njoki National Park and amusement park

The most beautiful tourist places in Finland for children, as it is an entertainment city in which it is possible to move between more than 44 very exciting games that suit all ages from three years to sixty years, and inside it you will find an elegant restaurant that serves snacks and delicious sandwiches with drinks to ensure a trip of enjoyment, and it has the most beautiful parks in Finland Quiet for lovers of peace and relaxation.

Suomenlinna Fortress

One of the most important tourist attractions is Finland, and it was established on the land of six of the islands in the year 1748, but it is of Swedish origin, and the best time to visit that place is in the summer. Russia strikes in the eighteenth century, and it was of great importance in assembling warships to create the country’s defense fleet.

Ice Land Water Park

The most parks in Finland for young people, in which they wear wheels for legs and a skating stick, and take a trip that does not take more than thirty minutes in the open ice ring, and the garden has the most beautiful offers of various types of ice cream with various flavors and places to buy souvenirs.

Kasma Museum

This place, which is the most important tourist attraction in Finland, is located in the center of Helsinki, the Finnish capital, and it includes all kinds of modern art and has various different works of art from painted paintings and various sculptures, and there are approximately 4,000 different pieces of art.

Helsinki Zoo

The Helsinki Zoo is one of the most tourist places in Finland for the family who loves to visit it every day from morning until sunset, and there are different types and colors of animals, including endangered animals such as the polar bear, panda bear and penguin, and there are places to sit and eat under the dense shade of trees in it.

Finnish Lakeland

Lakeland is one of the most famous tourist places in Finland, as it is an area full of natural lakes with more than 55,000 surrounded by plains and valleys in which you enjoy swimming and boating, and one of the most beautiful loving things in learning patience in the most beautiful fishing trip in Lake Samia, the most beautiful place of tourism in Finland.


During a tour in Finland, you discover one of the most beautiful tourist places in Finland, Savon Lena, which is located in the middle of Lake Samia

Lake Shaimaa, which is estimated at about 1,300 kilometers in area, and contains a group of ancient monuments that highlight European history in its brightest era in the Middle Ages. There are educational missions that research history within the Haifa Skyla university area, St. Olaf Castle.

Åland archipelago

One of the tourist attractions in Finland is the Aland archipelago, which is located in the middle of the Baltic Sea. That place tends more to the state of Sweden and some of its residents speak Swedish, and it is full of the most important ancient monuments from the tourist places in Finland, where there is the Pomerania Ship, the World Museum and Castel Castle.
Tourism in Turku

The city of Turku is located in the south of Finland, and this city has historical importance as it was the most important city in Finland since the nineteenth century. It had the most important buildings belonging to the state in the Lostarinmac region, the ancient city. Until now, Turku is still a center for the most important tourist places in Finland, as it contains a large number Among the cultural landmarks of Finland are museums, and on top of them the most important museum in Finland is the Ars Nova Museum.

Tourism in Levy, Finland

The best time to visit Finland is in the winter in the Levi region, where you can enjoy the atmosphere of northern Europe, skiing on ice or riding ski bikes and riding ice speeds, but be sure to wear heavy clothes if visiting tourism in schools in the winter because the climate in this region differs Much about its climate in the Middle East.

Tourism in Tampere

The Tampere region takes the third place in the largest Finnish city, and it is the city that crosses urban life in the form of buildings, as it has the most beautiful tourist attractions in Finland from the planetarium that mediates the city of Tampere and which is surrounded by the most important tourist places in Finland from the old markets and popular neighborhoods, you can Walk around and buy gifts and things you need, in addition to you can turn a few meters to the Museum of Natural Art and see the rarest Finnish sights.

The cost of tourism in Finland

When we hear about spending a trip in Europe, we are concerned about the expenses of the duration of stay, but what we must know is that it is a matter of ratio and proportion, meaning that you can enjoy seeing the most beautiful tourist places in Finland at the lowest prices in hotels or renting an apartment in one of the popular neighborhoods there at a price much lower than you would like. Enjoying every moment you live by traveling and traveling, as tourism in Finland is one of the cheapest tourist countries in the world.