How to Make more Money with Google Opinion Rewards

 How to Make more Money with Google Opinion Rewards

Want to get some different apps, games, movies, TV shows, and books for free on Google Play? So, it’s time to use Google Opinion Rewards, a mobile survey app that rewards you with money in your Google account every time you complete a short survey.

With over 10 million installs, this is a popular app, but are you using it to its full potential? Can you make more money while using Google Opinion Rewards? 

How does Google Opinion Rewards work?

Google Surveys is a tool market research managers use to easily create online surveys to make smarter business decisions. Users answer survey questions through the Google Opinion Rewards app or through the company’s network of publishers on the web to earn rewards. Google automatically analyzes the responses and presents the obtained data to market researchers via a very simple online interface.

Before we look at how to get more surveys on Google Opinion Rewards and entice Google to give you more money, we need to look at how Google Opinion Rewards works. Maybe you’ve never used it, or maybe you used it once and forgot all about it.

Google Opinion Rewards isn’t just for Android users. If you own an iPhone, you can also install it and take advantage of the same paid surveys. Note that if you’re using an iPhone, your PayPal account will be credited, while Android users will get the rewards in your Google account.

Download: Google Opinion Rewards for Android | iOS

Once it’s up and running, Google Opinion Rewards requires your usual Google account login. You should then receive an initial “test” survey, partly to make sure you understand your role in this mutually beneficial relationship, and partly to create your intended demographic.
Google Opinion Rewards usually orders your surveys based on your recent shopping experiences. If you shop around, you should be able to provide an answer.

Surveys take about 10 seconds to complete and usually end up adding a few cents to your account. Over the course of a few weeks, you could end up with enough Google Opinion Rewards balance to spend in the Play Store.

Click Buy when you’re ready, and make sure your Google Play balance is selected as the payment source.

Now that we know how the app works, let’s take a look at how you can get more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards and make more money.

How to enable geolocation services for more Google Opinion Rewards

While you may get questions related to online purchases, many surveys from Google Opinion Rewards relate to your recent travels. With Android’s geo-location services enabled, you get a better chance of receiving surveys that ask you where you’ve been.

But what’s the point?

In most cases, the information is collected to help improve Google Maps. Make sure the correct location setting is selected by opening Settings > Lock screen & security, scrolling to Privacy, and Geolocation.

Make sure that Use location is set to Enable, then scroll down to Advanced and also make sure that Google Location Accuracy is set to Enable.

This option uses GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and mobile networks to pinpoint your exact location, and is the best option if you’re hoping to make some cash with Google Opinion Rewards. Note that it is also a flagrant invasion of privacy.

Where is the best place for Google Opinion Rewards?

It is difficult to answer this question, as it largely depends on other aspects of your activity.

However, you will get more surveys on Google Opinion Rewards if you live in the city and are active than if you live in the countryside. There is so much to do in and around the city, with even more places for your phone to check in with. Thus, active work, social life and shopping in an urban environment is the solution to get more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards.

As you know, more surveys mean more income potential.

Keep the Google Opinion Rewards app updated

In addition to enabling geo-location services, you’ll need to make sure the app is up to date.

Changes to the survey collection system may not be compatible with older versions of Google Opinion Rewards, so having the latest version of the app installed is a key advantage.

To make sure the app is updated, open the Play Store app on your phone, find the menu and select Settings. Tap General then Auto-update apps and make sure the setting is enabled. Select the Update over Wi-Fi only option for best results.

How to get more surveys in Google Opinion Rewards

It would be nice to have a large number of surveys every day, but this is not going to happen. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that you get to answer as many surveys as possible.

Check the app daily and make sure you have enabled notifications for Google Opinion Rewards.
Responding to surveys instantly will result in more Google Opinion Rewards surveys.
It appears that the higher spending and regular shopping of women makes them get more opportunities to generate rewards through Google Reward Opinions.

Regular shopping trips to well-known stores: Sitting at home is not the way to get Google surveys.

Tell the truth: The app offers a “fake” survey from time to time to filter out bad answers. The app may ask you tricky questions if you’ve been to a place you haven’t been to or engaged in an activity you haven’t visited. Fake questions are easy to spot, but answering them in a deceptive way will earn you less money in the long run.

Going out and about is good for your Google Play credits, so remember to check the app, answer honestly, and fast! 

Take advantage of Google Opinion Rewards this holiday season

It really shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it’s worth noting: You’ll earn more Google Opinion Rewards in the fourth quarter (September — December) because that’s when you typically shop for the Christmas period.

Companies that contract with Google to survey their users want to know your shopping habits, so it makes sense that they would try to get that information — thanks to Google’s “instant gratification” surveys — period, try to do as much shopping as possible.

So, if you want to save Play Store credits with Google Opinion Rewards, make sure you install it, update it, and check it regularly in the run-up to Christmas.
Earn more Google Opinion Rewards by watching videos

Another way to find Google Polls is to send you videos to watch and rate. This means that you will need to be ready to watch the videos when they are sent.

These are usually YouTube clips that Google uses to gauge your interest. It’s always about finding you recommendations, rather than ads (although that happens sometimes).

All you need to do is watch the video, make sure it played correctly, and then rate it

Once you do that, your reward will be added to your balance.

Complete a Google Rewards survey to improve video recommendations

In addition, Google may check whether you have actually watched a particular video, and use the information you provide to better tailor YouTube videos to your interests.

This survey will begin with the question “Have you ever had this video recommended on YouTube?” You will then be prompted to respond accordingly. Follow-up questions assess how confident you are in your initial answer, and whether you would like to see such a recommendation in the future.

Answering such a question can guarantee you about 30 cents in your Google Rewards account, so it’s worth completing.

Don’t let your rewards run out!

It’s a nice feeling to see the balance in your Play Store account increase. Each time you complete a survey, your updated balance will be displayed.

Your Google Opinion Rewards credit expires after 12 months, so you need to keep using the app and spending the credit. If you don’t, you will be wasting your time and effort.

A good way to prevent this from happening is to keep a list of apps and games that you want to buy. You can do this by marking them for later, by clicking the Add to Wishlist button. Wishlist items can be viewed by clicking on the Favorites menu in Google Play.

Some ways to spend your Google Opinion Rewards balance

By saving money in the Google Opinion Rewards app, you can put it to good use. Do you want some ideas?

With the money earned from Google Opinion Rewards over the past 12 months, I have:

  • I paid for the educational app subscription.
  • I bought a movie.
  • I took advantage of in-game purchases.
  • Upgrade an app from ad-supported to the premium version.
  • I bought many songs and albums.
In short, I used Google Opinion Rewards to pay for all my Play Store purchases. It’s not a lot of dollars, and I didn’t make enough to rent (or buy) a movie every week. But it was enough to pass the time and provide an evening of entertainment.

It’s a good deal.

Make Google Opinion Rewards work for you

Easy to set up, free to use, and with a few simple ways to get more surveys and make more money, Google Opinion Rewards is an app that everyone should use.

By earning credit just for going places, media purchases are basically free. While it might not be vital for an iPhone user, the money is credited to PayPal instead, ready to be spent as you see fit.