The Most Popular Tourist Areas in Taiwan

 The 15 Most Popular Tourist Areas in Taiwan

The Most Popular Tourist Areas in Taiwan

The most important tourist areas in Taiwan, the Asian continent has one of the treasures of the world, which is the island of Taiwan and the beauty and charm of the tourist areas in Taiwan, which is due to the wonderful nature of Taiwan, which is the main reason for the spread of tourism in Taiwan among all peoples of the world.

Tourism in Taiwan for families

About Taiwan

The state of Taiwan is located in East Asia, and it is an island located in the Pacific Ocean that belonged to the State of China since 1949 until it gained its independence after that. The capital of Taiwan is Taipei, the currency of Taiwan is the Taiwanese dollar, and the language of the people of Taiwan is Chinese.

Tourism in Taipei, Taiwan

 It is the most important tourist city in Taiwan, as it is the official capital of the country, and there are all state facilities in it, in addition to the fact that the city of Taipei includes a large number of tourist destinations in Taiwan and most of the Taiwanese tourist attractions are present in it, and everything can be enjoyed in Taiwan, as most of the area of ​​​​Taiwan is among the green mountains by riding the cable car Strolling the streets and shopping, spending the most beautiful time in parks and gardens.

Taiwanese hot springs

The most important tourist areas in Taiwan, many Arabs visiting tourism in Taiwan must have a program to visit tourist places in Taiwan, the hot springs in the foreground, that place is close to Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, it has a group of hot water springs that everyone goes to to relax and rest.

Tourism in Kaohsiung

The city of Kaohsiung is one of the most important places of tourism in Taiwan, and it is located specifically in southwestern Taiwan and its area is estimated to be the second largest city in Taiwan, and it receives millions of fans of the Olympic Games between the world, and celebrations are held in it and global festivals make a spirit of fun for everyone, and tourism in Kaohsiung is characterized by the presence The most beautiful tourist places in Taiwan for the family can be enjoyed in carrying the most important tourist areas in Taiwan from the skyscrapers that carry the most beautiful restaurants in Taiwan, and with regard to nature in Taiwan, you must visit the port of Kaohsiung and spend the most beautiful cruise.

Taroko National Park

Make sure that your trip to this place will change the perspective of the life you live, as there are the most beautiful places in the world, which are the first source of tourism recovery in Taiwan. Hualien County, named after the Taroko Valley. You can enjoy sitting in front of the green spaces or climbing mountains and entering the gorge, and then bid farewell to your visit to the park by watching the Eternal Spring Shrine Monument.

Yushan national park

The most beautiful tourist places in Taiwan, where it is located among the green heights of Mount Yushan, the largest mountain in Northeast Asia, from which you find mountain animals living their lives among the mountains.

Taipei 101 skyscraper

It is one of the tallest buildings in Taiwan and was one of the tallest buildings in the world until the establishment of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The construction of the Taipei 101 Tower continued for five years from 1999 until 2004, and it has five underground floors and one hundred and one floors at the time of the earth. It won the Platinum Building Award for the beauty of its architecture, which is a mixture between the accuracy of European architecture with Asian art and design, and this tower is considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World . and that tower you can the most beautiful shopping trip in Taiwan inside; Where it has the most important tourist areas in Taiwan for shopping and has a wide range of shops that sell all things, along with the latest entertainment venues in Taiwan from the Taiwanese cinemas, cabarets and restaurants complex on its top.

Kaohsiung Solar Stadium

During the tourism trip in Taiwan, do not forget to attend the Greek match and watch the Asian football in one of the landmarks of Taiwan in tourism and the most important tourist areas in Taiwan for sports. It was established in 2009 in Zuying District, Kaohsiung City, Shion Street, and was held for the Olympic Games and sports competitions. The shape of this stadium represents an edifice in the world of Taiwanese architecture; Where it represents an organized helical shape that revolves around the green stadium and the stadium is surrounded by gardens and another group of stadiums.

Taiwan Coal Mine Museum

The most important tourist areas in Taiwan, tourists come to the “Taiwan Coal Museum”, where they see coal mining during the train that enters the tourists and see the mine from the inside and the tools that were used in the past in coal extraction.

Taipei Zoo

It is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Taiwan for children, and it is one of the oldest parks in Taiwan. It was established since 1916. It is located on Xinjiang Road, and there is a large group of rare animals in it. You can take a group of pictures in different positions. Another park joins the park for a walk with Taiwanese restaurants that offer The best food in Taiwan.

Fo Guang Shan Monastery

Fo Guang Shan Monastery is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Taiwan, which highlights the Taiwanese culture, which is represented in the Chinese architecture that appears in the form of statues at the beginning of entering the gate until the end of the long corridor.

National Palace Museum-Taipei

The most important tourist areas in Taiwan and the oldest museums in Asia displaying a collection of artifacts dating back to prehistoric times, a collection of excavations and the remains of ancient tools, with a section for historical manuscripts and another section containing a group of paintings.

Longshan Temple

It was built in Taipei, Guangzhou Street, Wanhu District, and it belonged to the Qing Dynasty, but it was destroyed and rebuilt for the better, so it became one of the tourist attractions and the most important tourist areas in Taiwan, and visitors come to see the statues of dragons and see the accuracy of Taiwanese art and architecture, Buddhist art.

Sun Moon Lake

It is a circular lake that looks like the sun during the day. The best places for tourism in Taiwan can be diving and enjoying a yacht trip in it.

Lin Li-Siny Puppet Theater Museum

One of the tourist attractions in Taiwan is in the city of Taipei, the capital, and the most important tourist areas in Taiwan for entertainment, and it has a cultural importance in monitoring the history of peoples in the Asian continent, the continent of Africa, and Latin America through theatrical statues of puppets made of wood, and there are places to sell dolls for children and facilities in places to sell gifts.

Dongshan River Water Park

This place, which is one of the most important parks in Taiwan, was opened for the family in the year 1994 to be for family fun, so you can enjoy between water parks, surfing, and swimming while enjoying all the existing entertainment games.

Fort San Domingo

It is one of the Dutch monuments that appear in Taiwan, and it was established since 1641 and still maintains its architectural form to this day, and every day large numbers of tourism visitors travel to Taiwan to see this historical edifice.

Shilin night market

The most touristic place in Taiwan attracts tourists to Taiwan. Anyone who wants to know Taiwan should visit the most famous market in Taiwan, the Shilin Market, which opens at night, in which there is a lot of sales. Attractions in Taiwan Street vendors selling all the goodness of Asian fruits that you never expected before.

Taiwan is a country of beauty that did not know tourism in the Arab countries, so try and try to be your next trip to see the real tourist map of Taiwan and enjoy the beauty of the tourist places in Taiwan and win by seeing the most important tourist areas in Taiwan and tasting food in Taiwan, and so as not to worry, the prices of tourism in Taiwan are cheaper much than anywhere.


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