The Best Tourist Places in Mauritius

 The Best Tourist Places in Mauritius

The Best Tourist Places in Mauritius

In the article, we review the most important places of tourism in Mauritius, the most important islands of the Indian Ocean that enjoy a charming tropical nature, among forests and beaches in a mild climate throughout the year, and we get to know the most important tourist attractions in Mauritius and we wander around the tourist streets of Mauritius Island.

Information about the tourist island of Mauritius

Before the trip to Mauritius, we should know some information about this beautiful country. The location of Mauritius is on the Indian Ocean, 860 km from the island of Madagascar, the capital of Mauritius is the city of Port Louis, and the official currency of the people of the country is the Mauritian rupee. If you are an Arab from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, get A ticket to travel to Mauritius without a visa to enjoy visiting tourist places in Mauritius and staying there for three months.

Grand Baie

The most important cities of Mauritius, as it includes the most beautiful tourist places on the island of Mauritius from the natural gardens of Mauritius, which is a beautiful place to spend a nice day, and it is characterized by the presence of the largest commercial market in Mauritius, so you can take a tour around the city and discover it, then rest in a cafe and enter a cheap Mauritius restaurant.

Black River Gorges National Park

One of the most beautiful tourist attractions in Mauritius was opened in 1994 to be the center of tourists for those who want to spend a nice time in the midst of types of animals and birds, and how beautiful it is to see the beautiful view of the Black River waterfall and there is a group of open restaurants that enjoy a beautiful view of the river.

Chamarel Falls

These waterfalls are considered one of the best tourist destinations in Mauritius, located on the Saint Denis River, with a height of about 83 meters. You can climb to the top of the waterfall, jump and swim in fresh water.

Seven colored Earths

The land of the seven colors was not the most beautiful place of tourism in Mauritius, as it is one of the most beautiful tourist attractions in the world. This beauty is located near the village of Charmil, its area is 7,500 square meters, and the reason for this name is due to the ripple of sand in the colors of the rainbow.

Lake Ganga Talao

The most beautiful places of tourism in Mauritius for spending the honeymoon, as it contains very wonderful places, so you can enjoy swimming and fishing, and how beautiful it is to take a romantic trip through a paddle boat for the newlyweds, wander around the lake, and then lie in one of the surrounding gardens under the shade of trees.

Center Equestre de Riambel

The equestrian center is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Mauritius for young people, where you can experience the knight and ride one of the horses trained in show jumping, and you can participate in one of the horse racing competitions with obtaining prizes, and enjoy attending the dancing horse shows.

Tamarin Bay

This beautiful bay, which is located on the western coast of the Indian Ocean, is one of the most beautiful recreational tourist destinations. Where tourism companies offer an organized trip to this place, you can enjoy fishing, take a safari to the surrounding places, and live today in the camp.

Le Morne Beach

If you decide to book a tourist program for a family trip in one of the beaches of Mauritius, which has a wonderful view of the Indian Ocean, then that beach is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Mauritius for families. You can enjoy the beauty of sand that shines gold with seeing coral reefs in transparent purple waters and there are many open hotels with Shopping malls and the presence of the finest hotels on the island of Mauritius provide tourists with comfort.

And from your visit to this trip, you will discover the most beautiful tourist attractions in Mauritius, so your tourist trip must be long in duration so that you can enjoy every place you visit.


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