Yuilop: An Application to Call and Send SMS for free, but not only!

 Yuilop: an application to call and send SMS for free, but not only!

Yuilop: an application to call and send SMS for free, but not only!

MWC 2023 is certainly over but the show was so big that it was of course impossible to talk about everything for four days and today we are going to take a look at the stand of Yuilop, an extremely well thought out messaging and communication application. free calls. Mainly based on a social function, it above all allows you to stay in touch completely free of charge with the owners of the application, whether they are on iOS or Android.

Beyond this community aspect, exchanges between your friends allow you to gain what is called “Energy”. A virtual currency that accumulates and turns into SMS or call minutes in order to contact, always free of charge (and within the limit of its Energy of course) other people who do not have the application.

It is one of the top 10 most downloaded free apps in the Apple Store and recently introduced its “Group Chat“. This feature enriches the Yuilop experience which already includes SMS and free calls on any phone in the world.

Group Chat allows users to create a group with up to 20 people to chat in real time. Group members will be able to experience better conversations by sending multimedia elements such as emoticons, photos, or by giving their own location and enjoying a dynamic stream.

For the sake of integrity, I would like to point out that the iPhone 5 used during the interview does not belong to us, it is Cécile’s smartphone, as you could see when she accesses her Yuilop profile .

Jochen Doppelhammer, founder and CEO of Yuilop comments:

“The growing number of Yuilop users have requested Group Chat, and now we are able to offer it to you. We are hoping for a broader return in 2023 to adjust and optimize our experience.”

Yuilop is a free application that you can download here:

  • iOS (iPhone, iPod and iPad): AppStore
  • Android (all versions): Google Play

Yuilop also recently launched entertaining videos with a friendly character explaining how Yuilop works. It can be viewed here:

  • yuilop: How to gain energy – YouTube
  • yuilop.me: Your own Yuilop number – YouTube

(It is currently only valid in Germany and Spain)

About Yuilop:

Yuilop is more than an application, it’s a free_for_all global communication service, available on iOS and Android, which allows you to connect with your friends through real-time multimedia chat and free and unlimited calls ( app-to-app).

Moreover, users can make calls to landlines and mobiles and send SMS to any mobile completely free of charge. Yuilop also offers the option of obtaining a yuilop number (yuilop.me), so users can use the app as a fully-fledged, cloud-based service.

Yuilop is headquartered in Barcelona, ​​the mobile phone capital of the world according to GSMA. Yuilop was established and co-founded by Jochen Doppelhammer, a telecommunications enthusiast.

Before Yuilop was founded Simyo in Spain, introducing the concept of “low-cost” communication to the Spanish market. With the establishment of Yuilop, free global communication has come true. And many new things are still to come!