Dubai Water Canal: Top Activities, Cruises & More!

Dubai Water Canal: Top Activities, Cruises & More! 

Dubai Water Canal: Top Activities, Cruises & More!

The Dubai Water Canal is one of Dubai’s modern projects, around which all high-end tourist destinations have gathered, such as hotels, international restaurants, and luxury shopping centers. It overlooks the Burj Khalifa, which is the most famous landmark of Dubai, in addition to that it is a large water canal that passes over the Dubai Festival Mall, Safa Park, the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, and the Westin Hotel.

This project was built in inspiration from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and in addition to entertainment and recreation, there are also tracks for sports such as cycling and walking.

Explore the Dubai Water Canal

Learn about the Dubai Water Canal, its entertainment facilities, and the tourist places around it, and discover the most important events, shows, and tourism and sports activities, as follows:

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The most important activities in the Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal: Top Activities, Cruises & More!

The length of the Dubai Water Canal is 3.2 km. It passes through many important streets, including Sheikh Zayed Road and Al Wasl Street. Therefore, it combines recreational and sporting activities on its banks, to ensure visitor service at the highest level.

Inhaling the fresh air, walking along the corridor and enjoying watching the colorful waters and Dubai landmarks is one of the most common activities in the Dubai Canal, because it provides 5 pedestrian bridges, 3 of which pass across the canal with escalators and elevators, and by climbing the bridge also allows you to have a panoramic view of the city.

You can spend an entertaining day with the family in the green Safa Park or Jumeirah Park, through which the canal passes, and from there take memorial photos in vital places bustling with activity and life.

Dubai Water Canal: Top Activities, Cruises & More!

And through the tracks dedicated to sports, you will find jogging tracks and other tracks for bicycles that can be used for competitions and competitions. There are comfortable chairs overlooking the corridor corniche for recreation and watching the water, and do not worry about the phone battery running out, you will find charging stations near you, in addition to free Wi-Fi.

Do not miss the opportunity to cruise on boats and yachts sailing inside the canal to get a charming view of the Arabian Gulf, and from there you will pass the most important tourist areas in Dubai. You will see luxury hotels and Burj Khalifa, as well as green parks and restaurants.

Dubai Water Canal: Top Activities, Cruises & More!

Enjoy delicious meals served on board the boat or yacht, and parties and special holidays are available. Exit flights at specific times throughout the day. The cruises pass below the artificial waterfall, which gives an opportunity to watch it up close.

Visiting restaurants in the Dubai Water Canal is not traditional, as you will enjoy dining next to the waters of the canal, and nearby restaurants include Golden Fork Restaurant and Pizza 800.

Dubai Water Canal: Top Activities, Cruises & More!

Stay near the Dubai Water Canal, as it enjoys a wonderful strategic location along which the most important hotels and residential apartments are located, especially the upscale Jumeirah neighborhood. It is also a great opportunity to shop and visit the famous shopping centers and malls near this area.

 Dubai Water Canal Waterfall

You can see the launch of the Dubai Water Canal’s gushing waterfall. What distinguishes it is that it is built during sea trips and passing under it by boat, the water level stops, and after the boat passes, it returns to the flow again.

The waterfall begins to flow from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

A cruise on the Dubai Water Canal

Water boat trips are one of the most enjoyable activities, providing more than one trip that sails throughout the day, which are:


On board the boat or yacht, you will enjoy shows featuring oriental and western dances. In addition to providing three meals, a meal on each trip is of the visitors’ choice.

The duration of the yacht trip is three hours, starting from the canal berth and heading to Business Bay. Among them, you can see Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab, in addition to restaurants, cafes, landmarks, and others.

It is possible to board the yacht and relax and watch the sky, or relax in the cabin where there are 3 cabins in addition to the bathroom.

 The lesson

And to revive one of the old means of transportation in Dubai, there are also abra tours, which are part of the authentic Emirati heritage and a new experience that the country offers to tourists

Water taxi

They are fast water trips provided by the water taxi service, and they depart at three different times from Al Jaddaf Marine Transport Station. The times are, 10 AM, 12 PM, and 5:40 PM.

Dubai Water Canal website

The length of the canal is 3 km and its width is approximately 120 meters. It extends from the Business Bay area, passing through Sheikh Zayed Road, intersecting with Jumeirah Street and Al Wasl Street, passing through Al Safa Park, and reaching the Arabian Gulf specifically at Jumeirah Beach.

Hotels near Dubai Water Canal

The Dubai Water Canal is characterized by a wonderful strategic location, along which the finest neighborhoods in Dubai are gathered, including high-end international hotels, and the best of them are:

Habtoor Palace Hotel Dubai

Habtoor Palace Hotel Dubai is a 5-star luxury hotel in Dubai, characterized by spacious rooms and excellent service. It includes many distinguished facilities to serve visitors, including 6 restaurants, family rooms, and a swimming pool.

JW Marriott Marquis Hotel

The JW Marriott Marquis Hotel is classified as a 5-star hotel. It includes luxurious facilities such as a health center, a spa, 15 diverse restaurants, and a fitness center. It features good room service and a wonderful view of the city.