Babble,Google’s unified messaging application?

 Babble,Google’s unified messaging application?

Babble,Google's unified messaging application?

Babble could be the name of the next unified messaging service from the
American giant. The goal for Google is to bring together in a single
service, a single application, all the functionalities intended to send
and receive messages in all their forms. Google Babble, a unified
messaging client to rule them all!

Google Babble would clarify all this. It must be said that over the years, Google has added and modified its services many times. Today, many of them are used to talk, chat or share. Organizing the conversation would be Google’s goal with Babble. Google Messenger, Google Talk, Google+ or even Google Voice could merge into a single unified messaging client that would bring together all of Google’s conversation services.

The Google Babble messenger client would then be very ambitious and bring all the services together in one place. You can share photos in chat or start video conversations with all your contacts through the same interface, without having to switch from one service to another.Google Babble could arrive very quickly and the forthcoming arrival of the Google I/O conference suggests that the service will be presented there. A client that could be natively integrated on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.

It would be a good thing to simplify the user experience and having all of its Google mail services in one place would help their success. We know that the search giant likes simple and uncluttered interfaces and the proliferation of applications is not going in this direction. Personally, I don’t use all these services, but their unification within Google Babble could strongly encourage me to do so! Perhaps Google could renew this initiative for other groups of applications… What do you think of the arrival of a unified messaging client bringing together all of Google’s chat services?