Gmail updates its notification system for Jelly Bean

 Gmail updates its notification system for Jelly Bean

Gmail updates its notification system for Jelly Bean

Google has just updated its Gmail application, giving it a brand new notification system. A notification system allowing users under Jelly Bean to perform actions, from notifications. It is now possible to archive or delete incoming messages or even to reply directly from the notification.

A really significant gain in terms of ergonomics because it must be admitted that since actionable notifications were introduced to the system, from Android 4.1, this feature remained underused, compared to the possibilities it is supposed to offer. , possibilities which until now were limited to offering extensible notifications.

This is therefore doubly good news since in this case it is Google which uses this functionality within its own applications.

Small downside, however, insofar as some users seem to have already reported that everything did not work perfectly. Thus, the notification LED crashes regularly and for the time being, the only solution left to the user to protect himself from this problem consists in completely uninstalling the application. Which turns out to be a bit unfortunate. So hopefully Google will come up with a fix soon.

Note that the update of the Gmail application for Android is not only limited to the integration of a new notification system under Jelly Bean but also improves the search function under Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and general performance under FroYo. Good news for users of old terminals still in working order who, for once, will not feel aggrieved.

If you are using a new version of Android or if you are under Jelly Bean and want, at all costs, the new notification system of the Google Mail application, despite the bug, go to the Google Play Store.

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