How many universities in Britain? and arranged globally

 How many universities in Britain? and arranged globally

Number of UK universities

There are more than 154 recognized higher education institutions that can award degrees in the UK. The UK is one of the leading destinations in the world for international students. The oldest universities in Britain were founded in the Middle Ages, with Oxford and Cambridge taking their place as some of the oldest universities in the world.

Britain is characterized by the fact that it includes the best universities in the world in which students get the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge and develop critical thinking skills. Graduates of its most famous universities are highly sought after to get the best jobs in the world.

If you are not sure about choosing the right university for you, you can consider the following factors in choosing a university:
  • University ranking globally
  • Arranging the branch you want to study at the university
  • Cost of living in Britain
  • The location of the university and its distance from your place of work or place of residence
  • Previous students are satisfied with this university
  • University research rank
  • The percentage of international students in this university

You don’t have to go to the 10 best British universities in order to consider yourself lucky or to guarantee yourself a brilliant future. Knowing the specialization you want to study and knowing other previous things that are appropriate for you gives you an idea of ​​the branch that distinguishes each university, in addition to important information for you such as information about housing, and the services that are provided to international students.
What distinguishes each university or makes it ideal differs from one person to another. One person may consider that a university is the best, while another person’s experience in it is unpleasant. Therefore, when choosing a university to complete your studies, also search for the experience of students in different universities and choose what you see fit.
Ranking of British universities for the year 2023

1.Oxford university-Oxford
2.Cambridge University-Cambridge
3.Imperial College London-London
4.University College London-London
5.University of Edinburgh-Edinburgh
6.King’s College London-London
7.London School of Economics and Political Science-London
8.University of Manchester-Manchester
9.University of Bristol-Bristol
10.University of Glasgow-Glasgow

Ranking of British universities in the world in 2023

1.Oxford university-Oxford
3.Cambridge University-Cambridge
10.Imperial College London-London
22.University College London-London
29.University of Edinburgh-Edinburgh
35.King’s College London-London
37.London School of Economics and Political Science-London
54.University of Manchester-Manchester
76.University of Bristol-Bristol
82.University of Glasgow-Glasgow

Britain is one of the most important and popular destinations for international students for several reasons. Britain has many universities that exist in order to meet the desires of students who want to study in British universities. Britain is a good place to study for students from many nationalities. Because there are so many international students, one does not feel alienated in British universities.
British universities are also an ideal place for anyone who wants to improve their English language, and fluency in the English language is currently considered a key factor in obtaining important jobs, and there is no better place to learn and experience the English language than Britain.
The best universities in Britain
  • Oxford university
  • Cambridge
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London
  • University of Edinburgh
Oxford University: More than 30 world leaders, 27 prime ministers, 50 Nobel laureates and 120 Olympic medalists have been educated at Oxford. Famous alumni who have learned at this university include Stephen Hawking, famous actor Hugh Grant and Indira Gandhi are among its famous alumni.
This university is considered one of the oldest and most famous, and it attracts the best students from around the world. Entry and registration in this university is not easy at all, and the competitiveness is very high. In general, for every vacant place in this university, there are more than five applications submitted.
Cambridge: More than 117 Nobel Prize winners have graduated from this university. Among the most important graduates of the University of Cambridge are Charles Darwin, actress Olivia Colman, and many prominent actors, athletes, politicians, and members of the royal family.
Just like Oxford University, this university is one of the most important universities in Britain and this university is only one hour away from London. This university includes more than 19,000 students, more than 31 colleges, some of which date back to the thirteenth century, and more than 100 academic departments.
Imperial College London: One of Britain’s best universities in science, technology, engineering, medicine and business. This university has 17,000 students.
In addition to the top scholars who graduated from this university, influential government advisors and policy makers also graduated from this university. Many of the graduates of this university go on to achieve successes in the field of industry and business.
University College London: This university is considered one of the first universities to accept students regardless of their social class, race or religion, and it is the first university to accept women with the same criteria for accepting men. Nevertheless, this university is considered one of the most competitive universities, for every vacant place there are more than 30 applications.
University of Edinburgh: Founded in 1583, it is the sixth oldest university in the English-speaking world and one of the 7 oldest universities in Britain and Ireland. It consists of three faculties: Arts, Social and Human Sciences, Science and Engineering, and Medicine.
Reasons to study in British universities
  • The date
  • Availability of short courses
  • Social life
  • Ability to travel easily
History: Britain has many important historical sites, castles, palaces, and more. Any tourist will be impressed by the amount of antiquities and the amount of picturesque scenery in Britain. Britain also has the best tourist places in the world, and the best historical places and museums, and this is considered one of the reasons that prompt you to study in Britain.
Short study programmes: If you are one of those people who know exactly what they want, then British universities are the right place for you. British universities provide only three-year programs and specializations, unlike some universities where the specialization can be eight years.
Social life: For the student who wants to study in British universities around the world, these universities are considered a suitable place for international students because of the fun and making friends that help make the study period more enjoyable and beautiful.
The ability to travel easily: unlike other countries such as Canada, travel to and from Britain is very easy because it is located close to Europe, and this helps international students to travel and return to their home country easily. The student can also take leisure trips during the holidays to Paris, Barcelona or Milan in his free time and at low prices because Britain is very close to these countries.