Top 10 tourist places in Manchester

 Top 10 tourist places in Manchester

Tourist places in Manchester
  • St. Mary’s Church.
  • Chetham Library.
  • Manchester Art Gallery.
  • Whitworth Art Gallery.
The English city of Manchester is one of the most important tourist destinations for tourists, due to the diversity of places that can be visited in it, in addition to being a destination for everyone who loves football in the world, so these are some of the places that can be visited in Manchester:
St. Mary’s Church: One of the most important churches and religious sites in Manchester, which was built in 1794. This church is called the hidden gem because of its simple exterior and complex interior that dazzles everyone who sees it. This church is one of the newest churches in the city, as it was built during Industrial Revolution, do not miss it if you visit this city.

Chetham Library: This library is one of the oldest buildings in the city, but it was not a library in the past, but was Chetham’s hospital and a residence for priests. Now it has become a school of music and a library, and it is one of the oldest public offices in all of England. This library contains nearly 100,000 books.
Manchester Art Gallery: If you love art and go to Manchester, do not miss the Manchester Art Gallery, as this exhibition contains the largest art collections in Britain, as it includes various paintings of all old art schools and paintings by German and French artists, which made it one of the most important art galleries In the world.

Whitworth Art Gallery: It is one of the important art galleries in Britain, as this exhibition includes approximately 55,000 works of art, and the exhibition is considered one of the exhibitions that includes the largest number of paintings and important artworks.
The best in Manchester
  • People’s History Museum.
  • Heaton Park.
  • Platt Hall.
  • University of Manchester.
  • Old Trafford stadium.
No one denies that Manchester is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, due to the presence of many beautiful and ancient areas in it, and among the most beautiful of these places:
People’s History Museum: One of the important tourist attractions that must be visited when visiting Manchester, as it is the museum that includes all studies related to the history of workers in Britain, and it also displays the history of British democracy and how it affects the population.
Heaton Park: One of the most beautiful parks and green places in Manchester, which is visited by tourists from all countries of the world. This park is located on approximately 600 acres and is the largest park in the city. It is characterized by the presence of golf courses and tennis courts, so it is the perfect place for sports lovers.
Platt Hall: It is a fashion fair in Manchester that sheds light on English fashion from 1600 to the present day, so you will find a huge variety of fashion and you will also find a lot of current fashion and modern accessories, so the Platt Hall is the perfect place for all fashion lovers in the world.
Manchester University: One of the most important educational landmarks in Manchester. The University of Manchester was opened in 1851 and three of its students won the Nobel Prize in Science. Also, the Whitworth Art Gallery is located inside it, which is characterized by the presence of many important and famous paintings.
Old Trafford Stadium: It is the stadium and museum of the famous Manchester United Football Club, through which you can learn about the history of the club and walk in the places where the players walked in the past, where you can tour all the places surrounding the club and know all its features.
Is Manchester worth visiting?
  • Manchester City Stadium.
  • John Rylands Library.
  • National Football Museum.
  • Afflex.
  • Royal Exchange Theatre.
It is important to know that the city of Manchester is one of the cities that deserves to be visited more than once, because if you visit it once, you will not be able to explore it all, due to the large number of tourist areas in it, and among these areas:
Manchester City Stadium: One of the oldest and most beautiful sports clubs in the city, so no tourist misses the opportunity to visit the stadium, which can accommodate approximately 53,400 people, and this stadium was chosen as the best stadium in the world years ago.
John Rylands Library: It is one of the famous libraries in Manchester, and its external appearance indicates that it is a beautiful cathedral with high windows and very high ceilings like the old buildings. This library was recently annexed to the University of Manchester, as it contains a collection of the most important manuscripts and books.
National Football Museum: Because the city of Manchester is the cradle of football, there is the National Football Museum, which documents the history of this game in addition to some gems for the game, books and historical awards for it, and a group of short documentaries on the history of sports and some other shows are shown. .
Aflix: Aflix is ​​one of the famous and cheap shopping places in Manchester, where Aflix was one of the important old mansions, and this place consists of a group of shops specialized in selling clothes, souvenirs and many commercial goods at cheap prices.
Royal Exchange Theater: One of the important places in Manchester, where the building is characterized as an old historic building of the second degree and is located in the city center, as it is characterized by its theatrical planning, so if you visit Manchester, do not miss visiting this wonderful building.
What do we do in manchester
  • Explore the Castlefield canals.
  • Get technical.
  • Visit the Northern Imperial War Museum.
  • Manchester Cathedral tour.
  • Visit the Manchester Museum.
Tourists can do many different activities that make them happy by exploring Manchester and its beautiful and different places, where tourists can do these activities:
Exploring the Castlefield Canals: Castlefield is one of the most important urban parks in Manchester, as it is an excellent place from which to explore the city, see the old Victorian houses, and enjoy watching the former warehouses and factories, in addition to the restored Roman castle.
Obtaining technology: Technology can be obtained and enjoyed by visiting the Museum of Science and Industry, which is a museum located in the oldest railway station in the world, as this place consists of a group of halls in which many old machines that were used in industry are displayed, as documented This museum history of the city from Roman times until the industrial revolution.
Visiting the Northern Imperial War Museum: This museum is considered one of the important places that document the history of wars. Although it opened in 2002, it is considered an important attraction for combat vehicles as well as aircraft. It also contains many audio-visual displays that deal with the history of war in an interesting way and indicate its impact. in the formation of civilization.
Manchester Cathedral Tour: This church is considered one of the most important and oldest churches in Manchester, dating back to 1422. Many people come to visit it because of its small churches, and it is one of the churches that have undergone many reforms throughout the ages.

Visit the Manchester Museum: If you love visiting archaeological sites, you should visit the Manchester Museum, as it is one of the most important university museums in Manchester, as it is distinguished by its various displays in natural history, archeology, as well as anthropology, and it also contains more than 4.5 million artifacts collected from many countries in the world .

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