Future Learn platform… Free courses in multiple languages

 Future Learn platform… Free courses in multiple languages

The most important features offered by the Future Learn platform

Future Learn platform, in recent times learning has become a great place, and the regular education that we have been learning for many years has become insufficient to practice practical life and qualify you for the labor market.
Therefore, obtaining many courses that qualify you for that and that help you develop your personal and professional life and make you a special person is imperative and necessary.

But many people face many problems in order to acquire this knowledge, which may be due to lack of time, or many other reasons.

Here comes the role of the educational platforms that offer these courses online, and the Future Learn platform is one of the most important of these platforms.
Which was established in 2012 with the Open University and other universities in the United Kingdom as a platform that provides online courses, which we will talk about in this article in detail, so let us follow together, dear reader.

About the Future Learn platform

The Future Learn platform is one of the most important educational platforms that provides many free courses and courses offered by international universities.

It was also established for the first time in 2012 between the Open University and many universities in the United Kingdom, which do not require you to attend the course, as you can take it online.

All you need is to have the Internet available, and you will be able to take as many courses as you want with ease. The platform offers many courses similar to the Coursera platform, in cooperation with more than 80 partner institutions around the world.

One of the most important features of the Future Learn platform is that it provides courses through which it is offered in more than one language, on top of which comes the English language and the French language.

There are also many important courses on the platform that are offered free of charge, but the disadvantage of these courses is that granting a person a certificate is not free.

The primary goal of the institution is profit, as it provides courses for free, but the certificate is by paying a sum of money, and in 2019, after the Corona virus invaded the world and the disease spread, it is in response to global concerns and the application of precautionary measures.

The platform provided two new courses, how to teach online, and reviewing the emerging corona virus.

The most important courses offered on the Future Learn platform

There are many courses that are available on this platform, from which you can choose what you like and want to learn, and below we will mention the most important of these courses: –

  • Sports and technology course.
  • Sports and fitness course.
  • Language course.
  • Course how to teach and teach.
  • History course.
  • Environmental science course.
  • Email marketing course.
  • Science course.
  • Medicine.
  • the pharmacy.
  • History courses
  • Courses in the field of law.
  • technology.
How do courses work on the Future Learn platform?
The nature of the work of each course differs from the other, based on the type of course, and below we will mention the method for each one: –
Short courses

This type of course consists of pre-recorded video clips that are shown on a weekly schedule, or in a manner that suits the student’s convenience.
These courses are also provided by many universities and educational organizations free of charge, and a fee can be paid in the event that the student wishes to obtain a certificate.
Study units and mini-programs
Mini-modules are small units created by universities to allow students to deepen their job-related knowledge and experience.
The university determines the type of accredited academic mini-units that students may earn through these units.
It is worth noting that these credits may be transferable to some other universities, and the programs are a series of free courses.
Which ranges in number from three to eight undergraduate courses, which make students able to intellectually deepen their knowledge of a subject in order to obtain academic credits.
How to register on the Future Learn platform
There are some steps that you must follow in order to log in to the Future Learn platform, and below we will mention them:-
  • Log in to the Future Learn platform through this link, and you will find an icon at the top right of the page, click on it.
  • Type all the required data from you, which will appear in the form, and log in to the site by activating your e-mail.
  • After that, log in to the platform’s home page again and click on the word courses, which is in the middle of the page.
  • You will then see all the courses available on the platform.
  • After that, choose any course you want to take, and the site will then save all the courses that you have subscribed to in the My Courses icon, which is located at the top right of the page.
  • In the event that you want to know the extent of your progress in the course, you can know this through the progress tab, in addition to that you can know the price of the certificate for the course in case you want to obtain it.
Course prices on the Future Learn platform
All courses that are available on the Future Learn platform are completely free, but if you want to obtain a certificate for the course you are taking, you must pay a fee.
In order to obtain it, and of course these fees differ from one course to another, depending on the type of course you wish to collect your certificate.
What is the future learn blog?
On the Future Learn platform, there are many articles in its blog, which talk about self-development, increased production, skills development, and how to learn, and this blog helps you to better develop your personal and self-skills.
Features of the Future Learn platform
There are many advantages of this platform, and below we will mention them:-
  • All courses available on the platform are offered free of charge.
  • The site is easy to use and smooth for beginners.
  • All courses on the platform were offered by international universities.
  • The most important feature of this platform is that it is handled with ease, and it can be searched for in easy ways.
Disadvantages of the Future Learn platform
Although there are many advantages to the Future Learn platform, it has a disadvantage, which is that although it provides many different courses in all fields that are offered by international universities for free, obtaining a certificate for these courses is in return for paying a sum of money. .
Thus, we have come to the conclusion of our article on the Future Learn platform, in which we reviewed an overview of the platform, which we knew was established in 2012, and its most important feature is that it offers courses for free.
We also got acquainted with the most important courses that are available, including technology, science and pharmacy. We also mentioned the method of registration to enter the platform, and how the courses on the platform work.
Finally, the most important defect of the platform is that in order for you to be granted a certificate for the course that you obtained, a sum of money must be paid.
After you got acquainted, dear reader, with the Future Learn platform, its advantages and disadvantages, would you like to join one of the courses it offers?