How do I convert a WhatsApp number into a link?

 How do I convert a WhatsApp number into a link?

  • Enter the WhatsApp application on the number that you want to convert into a link.
  • Go to Settings via the word “More” at the top.
  • Click the bar code box next to the name.
  • Take a screenshot to save the barcode to your device.
  • Open the image with a barcode reader.
  • When the device reads the barcode, it will provide you with your WhatsApp link

There are many ways and sites to easily convert your WhatsApp number into links, it helps to get direct links to your number to send them easily to the people you want to make friends with or with your customers for easy communication, and the method of converting the WhatsApp number into a link is summarized as above in the steps previous.
The WhatsApp number can be converted to a number that is easy to appear with a short link, and you can do this through the official website of the WhatsApp application, which provides you with some simple steps to obtain a short link to your own number, all you have to do is put your phone number with the introduction of your country; The steps are as follows:
  • The first method: (me/phone number with your country’s starting code),
  • The second method: ( phone number with your country code), 
Convert the WhatsApp business number into a link
  • Enter the application for the number you want to convert into a link.
  • Click on the word “More” or the 3 dots at the top.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select business tools.
  • Click the short link at the bottom of the page.
  • You will find a link to your WhatsApp number at the top of the page, you can click on it and the number will be copied automatically.
The WhatsApp business number can be converted into a link easily; As it is one of the important steps to complete any work on WhatsApp for business, and WhatsApp Business is a WhatsApp dedicated to everyone who has a business or an advertising job and uses WhatsApp in them, and to be able to obtain your WhatsApp link you can do the previous steps.
Sites to convert the WhatsApp number into a link
  • website.
  • postcron site.
  • website.
  • website.
  • website.
  • website.
It is possible to create a WhatsApp link for your number through some sites that provide the opportunity to convert the number into an online link; Where these sites allow you to create links in an easy and simple way, as soon as you enter the phone number, the site will show your link, and among the most famous sites dedicated to that are the followin It is the first site that you can rely on to convert your number into your own link, and it also allows the customization of a previously written custom message, along with its Premium version that allows users to monitor the statistics of the links that have been created.
postcron site: This site offers an immediate solution to create a link to your WhatsApp number, with the ability to prepare a pre-filled message as well, and you can access it by clicking here. It is one of the simple sites that are used to convert numbers into links or direct links, and it converts the number into a link in this form ( phone number) and you will need to enter your number and the beginning code of your country only, then it will Displays your link and you can share it easily. ​​a free site that can convert your private number into a link; All that is required of you is to enter your phone number in the space provided for it on the site, specify the country key, and click on the word Generate WhatsApp Chat Link so that you can create a link for your WhatsApp number, and you can access it by clicking here. It is a site dedicated to converting the WhatsApp number into a link, in addition to that it offers an additional feature, which is a message next to the link so that whoever clicks on the link can open a chat box in the WhatsApp application, and this is done by writing your number and then filling in the message that You want to send it next to the shortened link, and you will receive it when you click on the link, and you can access it by clicking here. It is a simple and free site that converts your private number into a link by adding the country key in the field designated for that, then you write your WhatsApp number, and you can add the required message in the message box, and when you open the link, the message will appear, and you can enter to it by clicking here.
Where is the whatsapp link shared
  • Personal pages in social networks.
  • your business page.
Personal pages in social networks: Where you can share your WhatsApp link on your personal page so that friends and family can easily communicate with you via WhatsApp, you can also specify who will see this link by adjusting the settings, for more privacy, in addition to that if you own your own company Or your own business, you can share your workers WhatsApp link on your business pages to make it easier for customers to communicate with you and place orders.
Your business page: Where the WhatsApp application is famous in this period in providing services to customers, especially in its version, which is WhatsApp Business, and your company will have to make sure that your target audience can contact you without facing difficulties, for this reason it will be necessary to create a link that redirects to the chat with Your company, so you can include the phrase “click to chat” in your marketing posts, so your potential customers can be redirected to WhatsApp chats faster, and start a conversation with you; If you have a number for your company or personal brand, you can convert it into a link of its own to allow customers to communicate with you easier. 

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