Information about Howard University, Washington

 Information about Howard University, Washington

Howard University: Howard University was founded in Washington in 1867, and it is a university and scientific research academy consisting of 13 colleges inside, and students study in more than 120 majors within it, in order to obtain scientific degrees that vary between undergraduate studies and studies for graduates and specialists, and so far it has been awarded Howard University 120,000 degrees in the arts, sciences, and sociology.

Howard University is one of the leading universities in STEM, and has been classified by the National Science Foundation as one of the universities that contribute the most to the graduation of American and African students who later obtain doctoral degrees in science and engineering. The university also contributes to awarding doctoral degrees to the largest number of students in the field of computer engineering. .

The development of Howard University in Washington:

Howard University evolved from just one building in 1867 to more than 89 acres in our time, and the most prominent changes were in 1974, when it extended to include 22 acres for the University of Law or Law in the western corner of the university, and 22 other acres for the study of theology and religions east of the university .

Since its inception, Howard aims to graduate men and women capable of achieving social justice and serving humanity in various fields, through 13 majors and sub-faculties within it, through which it tries to support the values ​​of graduates to achieve these human goals and principles.

Majors at Howard University:


There are many specializations that distinguish Howard University, such as medicine, where the medical degree granted by the university is taken care of due to the excellence of the scientific content that is offered to students to be qualified doctors and qualified to serve patients at home and abroad, as well as in communities that lack medical services.

The College of Medicine at Howard University in Washington is one of the leading national colleges in the study of health differences between individuals of different colors, as it is a pioneer in training female surgeons. In addition, the medical specialty at Howard includes dentistry, pharmacy and nursing.

Rights or law:

Howard University has continued for more than 140 years in teaching law, advocating for social justice, and planning for social change. Across America, there are a lot of majors such as engineering, nursing, pharmacy and social sciences.

Activities at Howard University in Washington:

There are many activities that distinguish Howard University, most notably the Howard University Library, which contains more than 1.8 million volumes and printed books. It is also one of the largest comprehensive global libraries that contain scientific, historical and cultural documents.

The university also competes in more than 19 specialized sports activities such as basketball, football, bowling, tennis, swimming, volleyball, and other different types of sports.

In the end, it should be noted that Howard University in Washington is one of the most prestigious university institutions in the world, and every year about 11,000 students in various disciplines from more than 70 countries around the world join the study, and the university is one of the most universities that accept students Who come from Africa and black students to study out.