Virtual classrooms usher in a new era of learning

 Virtual classrooms usher in a new era of learning

The concept of the virtual classroom, its strengths and weaknesses

Virtual classrooms, in the recent period, especially after the crisis of the outbreak of the Corona virus, virtual learning has become of great importance in our lives, and you may think that virtual education is a new type of learning, because it was able to enter easily and quickly to many educational institutions, but in fact it directed It has received a lot of criticism from teachers and students, as others see it as a beautiful and effective way of learning.

Virtual classrooms are considered one of the means of learning, but they were not born of the moment, rather they were a long time ago, and although some criticisms are directed towards them, on the other hand there are some people who accept them, but they must be accepted, because they have a major role in learning over time. current, and through the following lines we will talk in detail about the virtual classes.
  • Virtual classroom concept
Virtual classrooms or virtual learning is learning through the Internet, in which communication is available to students and teachers through a computer, as students are not required to attend classes formally, as they can receive their lessons through distance learning.

  • Types of virtual classrooms
There are more than one type of virtual classes, and below we will mention them:-
  • Synchronous classes
In these classes, students attend their lessons through the Internet by using video platforms, and this is at the same time that the teacher is teaching, and they can communicate with him and ask him about anything related to the lesson, and he can answer them.

This type is considered one of the types of virtual classrooms that are suitable for students who like to interact with the teacher when receiving a lesson, and these classes are also a suitable option for teachers who rely on the Internet to teach their curricula.
  • Asynchronous classes
In this type of virtual classroom, the student is not required to attend these classes even through the Internet at a specific time, as the student can attend these lectures at any time he desires and is convenient for him, because these lessons are recorded and he can return to them at any time he wants.

The student can interact with the teacher and inquire about anything by sending messages via e-mail, and resources can be accessed through the Internet, through virtual libraries in which there are textbooks, and this type of classes is suitable for those who prefer rapid learning , in a way that suits them with their schedule and how accommodating they are.
  • Mixed classes
This type of classroom is considered one of the best virtual classrooms, which has won the admiration of many in the recent period, as it combines virtual classrooms with real classrooms, through which the student can achieve the maximum possible benefit.

The combination of studying in the real classroom and the smart classroom can be achieved by integrating online learning materials in the real classroom, and most of the students love this type of learning, because it allows them to benefit from the interaction with the teacher in addition to feeling the real side of the experience descriptive.
  • The strengths of the virtual classroom
There are many advantages of virtual classrooms, which are their strengths, and below we will mention them:-

  • Availability of educational materials
In the recent period, virtual classrooms have been implemented, through learning systems that facilitate all learning processes in a digital way, and the management of the learning system can include many cloud storage units, which allow teachers to download a large number of learning resources for student use.

In addition, teachers can suggest some educational resources to students through the Internet, which are additional learning materials, and these resources can be available in e-books, videos, articles, presentations, and many other things.

  • Intuitive and uncomplicated student dashboard
The Lms system that is used in the virtual classroom provides an easy, intuitive and uncomplicated dashboard that can be used with ease and that facilitates communication between both the teacher and the student, in addition to that the developers of this system have made virtual learning much better, through the selection of classes Smart study through the Internet and virtual working hours, which is a real learning experience without the hassle of actually attending classes.

  • Adaptable schedule
One of the most important benefits provided by these classes is the ability to learn at any time and anywhere, and this is very useful for foreign and international students, as students can adjust the schedule according to the time that suits them, and they can learn from anywhere around the world, Virtual learning is far from traditional learning, which restricts the student with many restrictions, through the service it provides to students who work in jobs, or graduates who are trying to raise their level of knowledge in the fields they specialize in.
  • Reasonable costs
Virtual education is a suitable method for anyone looking for learning at a high level of quality and at reasonable costs, where the student can learn from home via the Internet and using computers without the need to travel to universities somewhere and bear travel expenses, in addition to the university or private expenses. the school.

  • More space for self-paced learning
One of the most important advantages of virtual education is that it gives its students the space to learn in a flexible manner, and at their own pace that suits them. This is a very suitable solution for students who find it difficult to comprehend and focus under the influence of pressure.
  • Encourages self-learning
Naturally, self-education will teach its students to be more independent, and this would help students build their personalities and prepare them for the workplace. It is known that self-learning is of great importance to the development of students’ academic life, in addition to making them more independent.

Where many teachers stated that e-learning greatly helps students to enhance the skill of self-learning, and this is because many teachers have recently resorted to giving more attention to learning that aims to increase student participation and independence in matters related to study.
  • fun
One of the most important advantages of virtual learning is that schools that follow these classes can add other features, such as play-based learning, the aim of which is to encourage students to engage in action and engage in strategic thinking.
  • Disadvantages of the virtual classroom
Although there are many advantages of smart virtual classrooms, they have some disadvantages, which are their weaknesses, and below we will mention them:-

  • Internet connection may not be widely available
The unavailability of the Internet or the fear of it being cut off at any time is the main problem that many schools refrain from applying virtual education, as it is difficult to focus in the classroom after the Internet connection is cut off.

  • Lack of student focus
Where some students find it difficult to concentrate while transferring learning from the traditional method to virtual learning, because they often attend virtual lessons from their bedrooms or perhaps their secrets, which creates a feeling of laziness and discouragement.

  • Students feel confused
One of the most important disadvantages of virtual classrooms is that it may be uncomfortable for some students, and most of them are the ones who need more attention and dedication, which makes them feel confused about carrying out some tasks, and causes them gaps in understanding the material they are learning.
  • Lack of socialization among students
Through a study conducted by Colovour in 2011, he concluded that student interaction is of great importance in society, which supports virtual learning, and helps students to think and solve their problems. This characteristic is absent in learning through virtual classes, but in traditional classes, there is communication and interaction. among the students without the effort being made by the teacher to achieve it.
  • The best free platforms to use in the virtual classroom
There are many platforms that are used in virtual classrooms, and below we will mention them:-

  • EdApp platform
It is one of the best platforms to use in a virtual classroom, as it works seamlessly with your popular video conferencing platforms.

  • Deck gaming platform
It is one of the important platforms that are used in the virtual classroom, where the teacher can create fun lessons to teach the little ones some things.
  • center platform
This platform focuses on two different types of learners, the internal users who create training for the workers of their companies, and the second type of external workers who start their own training business.

This is in addition to many other platforms such as the proof platform, the osomo platform and the Wooclap platform.

Thus, we have come to the conclusion of our article, through which we got acquainted with the concept of virtual classes, and its most important strengths, the most important of which is that it encourages self-learning as it is of a reasonable cost, and finally the weaknesses, the most important of which is that some students may feel confused, and the lack of Internet on wide range.