British University of Roehampton and its most important majors

 British University of Roehampton and its most important majors

Roehampton University: It is one of the British universities and was formerly the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education. The university is located in southwest London, near Richmond, a short walk from the university campus. The university is connected to London by public transportation, and the university has students from more than From 140 countries, it is one of the distinguished universities that are suitable for students in the Kingdom who are looking for an opportunity to study abroad.

About the University of Roehampton:

The university began with four colleges. The first college was founded in 1841, the second college arose in 1874, then Froebel College arose in 1892, and Southlands College was founded in the seventies of the twentieth century and is home to thousands of students.

In 1975 the four educational institutions united and turned into the Roehampton Institute of Higher Education, and in 2011 this institute became the University of Roehampton. The university has a campus in the middle of London, and it has a library containing more than 350 thousand books, in addition to a large collection of e-books.

– The university has a center for medical services, and the medical center provides online services and electronic prescriptions, in addition to a full-time care employee for each college, and the center is the first point of contact for students who suffer from any health or psychological problems.

– The University of Roehampton welcomes students with disabilities and its campus is available to receive them, and provides flexible support services tailored to the needs of students, staff and visitors with disabilities.

The university provides a service for providing jobs for students, as it contains an employment agency to help students find job opportunities or part-time volunteer work while studying, and there is also a range of employment opportunities available at the university.

Job skills are central to each of the university’s academic courses, and there are programs designed to provide students with the skills they need on the job. All students are enrolled in Careerlink, which is an online career service that offers a range of resources, such as how to design a resume, and prepare for interviews. Personal in a realistic and interactive way, volunteer work and jobs available, and skills acquisition courses, and students can join the career guidance system, which connects students with experienced graduates at the University of Roehampton.

The most important specializations of the University of Roehampton:

– Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
Faculty of History, Philosophy and Theology.
Faculty of Languages, Literature and Linguistics.
College of Performing Arts and Design.
– Department of biology.
Department of Biological Sciences.
Department of Mathematics.
Department of Social Sciences.
– Department of Sociology.
College of Communication and Media.
– School of Law .
– Department of Psychology.
College of Business and Economics.
College of Business Administration.
– Faculty of Economics.
College of Financial Accounting.
Roehampton Business School.
Dance department.
Department of Drama and Theatre.
College of Education.
Department of English Language and Creative Writing.
Department of Humanities.
Department of Media, Culture and Language.

How to apply to the University of Roehampton:

The application is made to the University of Roehampton through the application on the official website of the university, and the application is made as an international student and filling out the full form with personal information, and students will be required to submit some supporting documents, including:

Academic qualifications (original certificate and a copy translated into English).
A copy of the transcript of grades of the translator.
– A photocopy of the passport.
Recommendation letter in English.
A certificate confirming proficiency in the English language.
One of the study majors available at the university is selected and the student is made sure that he meets the requirements for each major.

Notable alumni of the University of Roehampton include:

Toby Anastis, radio and television presenter.
– Dame Helen Metcalfe, Principal, Chiswick Community School.
Dipak Tripathi, a British historian, obtained his PhD in social sciences from the university.
Darren Shan is a fantasy author and novelist.
Matt Henry is a singer, actor and Olivier Award winner.
Rachel John is a British actress best known for her work in musical theatre.