British University of Essex and its majors

 British University of Essex and its majors

The University of Essex is considered one of the most famous universities in Britain, and this university provides many student services, on top of which is the possibility of distance learning, without the learner residing in Britain.

About the University of Essex, UK

– The university was established in 1963, but it had obtained the royal charter, and it was officially announced in 1965, since that time and until now, the University of Essex has been able to occupy a very privileged position, among the universities of the world, especially in some sciences, Including the humanities and social sciences.

The university provides the possibility of studying through websites, and it also provides distinguished educational curricula, in the form of video clips and e-books.

In addition, the university is working to select the best curricula for students in all fields.

University of Essex majors

The university includes a large number of scientific and academic disciplines, in addition to obtaining master’s and doctoral degrees in a number of disciplines.

School of Law
Through this college, various legal sciences and rights can be studied, in addition to the fact that the college can obtain both master’s and doctorate degrees in law.
Bachelor of Commerce

Through this college, various forms of accounting and financial studies can be studied, in addition to the fact that this college can obtain master’s and doctoral degrees in the fields of business administration and advanced management.

Bachelor of Marketing

This academic degree can be obtained by the student, after he has passed a number of special tests, in the curricula related to the foundations of marketing, business administration and the arts of commerce.

College of Criminology and Criminal Justice

This college specializes in studying everything related to crime, from all social, psychological and criminal aspects, as well. It includes criminal laboratories, studying matters related to it, studying also crime rates, and how to reduce those high rates, in the whole world.

This is in addition to a number of other faculties, including social sciences, engineering, political sciences, the Center for Linguistics, and others.

Majors that offer master’s and doctoral degrees

Master’s and PhD in Criminology and Criminal Psychology.
Master and PhD in Infection Control.

– Master’s and PhD degrees in the fields of public health, and various related specializations.

Student facilities provided by the university

The first facility provided by the university is the ability to study online, and the university has a large library specialized for this purpose.

– The university provides a complete library for all scientific disciplines, which it includes and this library, which includes various scientific materials in an electronic way, and this library is available to distance and regular students, within the university, and this library includes the possibility of applying for exams and tests via the Internet.

The university provides the possibility of communicating with professors throughout the day and around the clock.

Through the university, it is possible to study English for non-native speakers in order to facilitate the study process.

The university includes a large number of nationalities and different ages, and it strives diligently to increase students’ contact with practical life.

The university provides health care for students and their families, and this health care is provided extensively to people with special needs.

This is in addition to the fact that the university seeks to increase the development of the artistic and literary aspects of students, by paying attention to conducting seminars and training courses for students, in order to teach them various types of technical fields, in addition to paying attention to the mathematical aspect in the lives of students.