Register on the global Udemy platform and follow thousands of free courses

 Register on the global Udemy platform and follow thousands of free courses

Udemy platform for distance learning, self-development and skills

Udemy platform, the largest and most famous open educational platform on the Internet, which offers the strongest and best courses in all disciplines and fields, suitable for all groups and interests, with the aim of improving personal and functional skills.

Udemy also allows trainers and owners of educational content to publish and display their programs and courses through the site to sell them to users to earn money online.

And because we are on the planet of knowledge, we provide you with everything that is useful and beneficial. In this article, you will find everything you want to know about learning on Udemy, so let’s follow my friends.

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On the Udemy platform

The Udemy platform is the most successful and most popular educational platform among the many open educational platforms for online learning (MOOCS) in the same specialty.

This is due to the advantages that the site possesses that attract users from the availability of thousands of courses and courses in various and required disciplines.

The number of courses on the Udemy platform reaches more than 155,000 courses and courses, and the number of subscriptions reaches more than 400 million subscribers.

In addition, Udemy is a money-making opportunity for teachers, coaches, and anyone with educational content.

Where the trainers share the courses and courses on the site, and in turn the site displays and markets the courses for students and users to buy them to return in return for good money to the trainers according to the quality of the courses and the number of access and subscription.

Udemy works to attract owners of large companies and institutions to cooperate with them and help develop their employees’ skills, and a special section has been dedicated to them on the site called Udemy Business.

It is worth noting that Udemy is trusted and approved by more than 14,000 international companies and institutions that have used Udemy to develop and assist their employees in developing functional and technical skills.

How did the establishment of the Udemy site begin?

The establishment of the Udemy website began in its first version by Irene Bali and Oktay Çağlar in Turkey, with the aim of attending virtual lessons for students residing in Turkey.

The program has achieved great success in attracting many students in a short period of time and has gained wide popularity.

And then, after the great success in Turkey, Eren Bali and Çağlar decided to develop the program.

In a bold move, the duo Bali and Jaglar moved to the valley of Silicon to work on establishing their company in cooperation with Gagan Bayani until the Udemy website appeared in its current developed version in 2010.

Udemy is headquartered in San Francisco, USA, with offices in international branches in Ireland, Turkey, Brazil and India.

Features of the Udemy platform

The Udemy platform has many capabilities and facilities that make it number one in the top educational websites, including:
  • Udemy offers the largest number of courses and training courses in all fields and disciplines in more than 65 languages ​​around the world.
  • There are no conditions for participation. Anyone can subscribe to the Udemy platform and join any course or course easily.
  • Course prices on Udemy are symbolic, and there is a possibility to get discounts, in addition to the availability of a large number of free courses.
  • Udemy allows refunding course subscription fees within 30 days for any reason to withdraw from the course.
  • You can view the opinions of students and participants in courses before joining them.
  • Udemy gives a certificate of completion upon completion of the course and the name of the student and the course are registered with the name of the site.
  • The ability to change the language and determine the appearance of the translation bar.
  • Ease of using the site and the ability to subscribe to courses and follow them through all devices such as computers, iPads, and even phones.
Domains of courses on the Udemy platform

Udemy courses cover all scientific, practical and applied fields. The number of courses on Udemy is more than 155,000 courses and courses.

The number of subscriptions has reached more than 480,000 subscribers and users. These courses are offered by a huge number of teachers and specialists in every field, numbering 170,000 teachers and trainers from all over the world.

You can choose from a huge list of courses and courses in various fields to suit your interest and abilities, in addition to that the Udemy website allows you to select the language, the appearance of the translation bar, the appropriate price, the duration of study, and certificates.

These are the most important and famous sections of courses and majors on the Udemy platform: –

1- Business

Specialized courses in the field of management and business help you develop your administrative and functional skills, the most important of which are:

Business Administration – Project Management – Human Resources Management – E-commerce and others.

2- Technology
Software – information security – network protection – piracy.

3- Development and programming

Computer engineering and web development – games – applications.

4- Design

Graphic design – advertising slogans – fashion design – 3D motion design.

5- Marketing

Courses concerned with teaching marketing and project management skills such as e-marketing – currency marketing – content marketing – branding industry.

6- Photography

Digital photography – phone photography – advertising photography – portraiture.

7- Teaching and academic fields

Special courses in teacher training and study of academic subjects such as engineering, mathematics, sciences, languages ​​and humanities

8- General health and lifestyle

There are courses in the field of public health, such as sports and diet.

In addition, there is a section concerned with a healthy lifestyle, such as personal care, mental health, and home décor.

9- Self-development

Courses that help you develop your personal skills, learn leadership skills, time management, and more.

There are also other fields in which the platform offers courses, which are:
  • Music
  • Engineering
  • the sciences
  • mathematics
  • Humanities
  • social science
  • Online education
  • Office productivity
Udemy Business

In the pursuit of the Udemy platform to attract the largest number of companies and institutions, a site named Udemy Business has been allocated, which is a site dedicated to employees of companies or entities cooperating with Udemy.

Udemy for Business contains a wide range of training courses required to develop the functional and technical skills of employees with the aim of:
  1. Developing a culture of learning in companies
  2. Motivating and supporting employees with training and guidance
  3. Support the company’s workforce throughout the recruitment period
  4. Investing in developing the capabilities of employees and keeping abreast of everything new in the world of management and business.
  • No one is allowed to enter except the employees who have an account registered in the name of the company cooperating with Udemy.
Subscribe to Udemy

The registration process on the Udemy platform is very simple and takes only one minute. Here are the steps to create an account on the Udemy platform

Click on the registration link below and you will find the registration page directly.
It will require you to create a new account, you only need to enter some data.
  • full name.
  • Your email or you can sign up with a gmail or apple account.
  • Enter a password
Once you complete the registration procedures, you have an account on the Udemy website, and you can browse the site, view all the courses, and choose the appropriate one.

For the best experience, select Accept to send notifications to have message notifications sent to your inbox when special offers, personal recommendations, or even educational tips are available.