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 US stock filter-WWNEED.COM

US stock filter online

The US stock filter is an idea based on filtering US stocks for all those interested in trading in the US market, as it works on filtering stocks and clarifying the type to which the Sharia controls apply, 

The Yaqeen filter filters American and international stocks, and you can use it by entering the company code, be it “TSLA or AMD”, then it shows you the legality of the shares and their liquidation, and you can enter the website link for the experiment through the following link “Yaqeen”.

The legitimacy of US stocks

Scholars have permitted trading in US stocks and stocks in general as long as they follow the Sharia controls, but if there is doubt that these shares do not avoid the Sharia prohibitions and controls, then it is not permissible to speculate in these shares, because they are in violation of the Sharia and therefore the profit from them is not permissible.

How does the US stock filter work?

The US stocks filter usually depends on a different set of items, according to the laws and legislation of the Sharia Committee, especially with the increase in the number of investors and those who love trading, so the US stocks work method included the following:

  • First, the result of dividing the usurious income by the total income in the last quarter must not exceed 5%.
  • The result of dividing the total debt by the market value in the last quarter should not exceed 30%.
  • The activity and practices of the company itself must be among the permissible activities.
What are the US stock exchanges?
The American Stock Exchange is a market for buying and selling securities and other various commodities, and it is the preferred market for investors and stock trading enthusiasts.
New York Stock Exchange NYSE: The New York Stock Exchange was known as the largest stock exchange around the world, where its main reliance is on the market value. The New York Stock Exchange was established in 1792 AD in the American city of “Manhattan”, and it was also merged with the European stock exchange known as “Euronext”, and from here it became a stock exchange New York bears its new name, “NYSE Euronext”.
It is known for the New York Stock Exchange that it displays more than 2,500 shares, and includes a group of the names of the major companies in the United States. It is also worth noting that the company must have about 400 shareholders or traders in the existing shares, in addition to 1.1 million existing shares.
The New York Stock Exchange remained dependent on ground trading, that is, on the ground, but it changed the trading system to the electronic system, as it relied mainly on physical and automated trading activity.
The NASDAQ Stock Exchange: The Nasdaq Stock Exchange comes as the second largest stock exchange in the world, after the New York Stock Exchange, where it was established in 1971 AD, and it became the first electronic stock exchange based on computers for matching and trading between both sellers and buyers.
And as soon as the year 2006 AD, it was separated from the National Association of Securities Dealers in the United States, to form its own company in the field of public trading, so that the Nasdaq Stock Exchange today became the largest global electronic market for securities trading, and it also includes more than 3300 companies of the largest Technology companies in the world, including “Apple”, “Amazon”, “Google” … and others.
Although the New York Stock Exchange has the largest market capitalization, the Nasdaq Stock Exchange enjoys possession of many major listed companies, as well as it is distinguished from the New York Stock Exchange for being a stock exchange that operates completely electronically, as it has a modern and advanced infrastructure and a set of electronic systems, and therefore it is a very widespread stock exchange among investors.
How do I work in US stocks?
You can work in US stocks by opening a stock trading account, through the following:
  • First, open a trading account, let it be a trading account in US stocks according to the Admirals website.
  • Then choose to download any of the trading platforms that you prefer.
  • After that, you have to open the platform that you have chosen, while choosing preference in US stocks to start the first transaction.
How do I know the shares are halal
You can know the halal US stocks through some electronic stock filtering sites, including the Yaqeen site, as it follows the Sharia laws to clarify the halal US stocks and the forbidden stocks that are not suitable for trading, and among the most famous halal US stocks are the following:
  • AMD stock.
  • Alphabet stock.
  • Meta (Facebook).
  • Longeveron Inc.
  • Ideanomic stock.
  • Context Therapeutics Inc.
  • Amazon stock.
  • Apple stock.
  • Microsoft.
  • Johnson & Johnson stock.
  • Barrick Gold stock.