Ramadan applications for Android 2023 benefit you throughout this holy month

 Ramadan applications for Android 2023 benefit you throughout this holy month

Ramadan applications for Android 2023 benefit you throughout this holy month

Ramadan is the holiest and most awaited month for us Muslims. It is also considered one of the important pillars of Islam. We Muslims around the world celebrate it with devotion and sincerity.

During this holy month, Muslims fast and reflect spiritually. From dawn to dusk, but Ramadan is not just about fasting. It is also a time for spiritual reflection and devotion to worship and prayer.

 Therefore, in this article, I brought you, my dear loved ones, some of the applications that may help you in your commitment to worship, prayer times, suhoor, iftar, and other important things that you must have in the holy month of Ramadan.

Table of contents

1- Ramadan Application – Prayer Times, Calendar
2- Muslim Pro – Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla
3- Azan application: Ramadan, prayer times and the Hijri calendar
4- Imsakia application rosary | prayer time
5- Applying the bag of the fasting person in Ramadan
6- Khatmah application
7- Quran Majeed application
8- The Muslim Way application – supplications and remembrances: Ramadan 2023
9- Daily Remembrance Application – Ramadan

1- Ramadan Application – Prayer Times, Calendar

One of the favorite applications to be installed during the holy month of Ramadan. , This application shows you Ramadan and prayer times all over the world. Your times are calculated based on your current location. Ramadan and Iftar timings 2023 based on your current location.

Application features:

• Daily Suhoor/Iftar time to start and end the fast
• Set the alarm for Suhoor and Iftar time
• Ramadan calendar
• Modify the Ramadan calendar
• Special Ramadan prayers
• Countdown to Ramadan
Tasbeeh counter
• Prayer times for Muslims around the world
Application link: Ramadan

2- Muslim Pro – Prayer Times, Azan, Quran & Qibla

Considered by millions of followers of Islam across the Muslim world, it is the most accurate application of prayer times and Azan on mobile devices.

Muslim Pro also includes the entire Quran with Arabic scripts, phonetic signs, translations, and audio recitations along with a Qibla locator, an Islamic Hijri calendar, and a map of halal restaurants, mosques, etc.

Key Features

– Accurate prayer time calculator based on your current location

– Azan: visual and audio alerts/prayer calls

– Holy Quran with recitations (audio mp3 files), phonetic signs and translations

– Locations of halal restaurants and mosques in your vicinity

– An animated compass for Qibla to show you the direction of Mecca

– An Islamic calendar to estimate the dates of religious holidays such as Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha

– 99 names of God and the Prophet Muhammad

– The application is fully translated into Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Melayu, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano, Nerderlands, Português, Türkçe, Arabic, Urdu, русский, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Thai language

Application link: Muslim Pro

3- Azan application: Ramadan, prayer times and the Hijri calendar

Follow your prayers with the Azan application, read the Holy Quran, get supplications, record prayers in the prayer book as an easy way to track the performance of your prayers, and enjoy many other features of the application developed by the world’s largest online platform for Muslims.

A comprehensive azan app contains useful tools such as prayer log to help users keep track of prayer performance, Holy Quran to get God’s blessings, supplications for invocations / supplications for Laylat al-Qadr, mosque finder, Hijri date, Hijri calendar, date converter to find the nearest mosques and Qibla indicator to find Accurate Qibla direction and calendar to track Islamic events.
– Get prayer times / prayer times for thousands of cities around the world

_ Listen to the call to prayer five times a day

– Know the remaining time for each prayer and know prayer times / prayer times for the whole day

– Read the Holy Quran with translation and pronunciation writing

– Recitation of Surat Al-Baqarah, Surat Al-Kahf, Surat Al-Mulk, Surat Ya-Sin, Surat Al-Waqi’ah, Surat Al-Rahman, Surat Al-Fatihah, Surat Yusuf, Surat Al-Kafiroon, Surat Al-Muzzammil, Surat Al-Falaq, Surat Al-Fath, Surat Al-Qadr, Surat Al-Tawbah, Surat Al-Nur, Surat Al-Sajdah, Surat Al-Kawthar, Surat Al-Ikhlas, Surat Al-Nas and all the Quranic suras.

– Bookmark to memorize the surah and verse of your choice
Get two translations and two views for free

– The ability to share any verse from the application on social networking sites

– Search for any word, verse, or surah from “Search”

– Modify the font size, close or open the translation and write the pronunciation

– Quranic and Sunnah supplications are now available with English translation

– Prayer card of the day to strengthen your faith

– Bookmark to save your favorite prayers and share them with your loved ones

– The prayer of Laylat al-Qadr

– Ramadan prayers / Ramadan prayers

– Find the nearest mosques, organizations, schools and companies, as well as contact information and the way to them

– Built-in Qibla direction / Qibla compass for thousands of cities around the world

– Stay informed of all upcoming Islamic events (contains Hijri and Gregorian calendars)

– Enjoy converting the calendar from Hijri to Gregorian and vice versa

– Display current Islamic and Gregorian calendar dates

– Enjoy Hijri-Gregorian date converter / Islamic date converter

-View a list of Islamic events / special Islamic days for the new year 1441 Hijri such as Ashura, Eid, and other Islamic events

– Display Umm Al-Qura calendar / Hijri date from the new Hijri

– Ramadan calendar

Application link: Athan: Ramadan 2023

4- Imsakia application rosary | prayer time

This application allows you to know the times of prayer, the time of fasting and breaking the fast, the direction of the qiblah, showing the days of the month of Ramadan in the Hijri and Gregorian calendars together, and it also allows you to persevere in supplication and seeking forgiveness through a special paragraph for supplications and supplications.

Get accurate prayer times and track your prayers. This application will help you not to miss a prayer by reminding you of the prayer time at the right time.

This app features a wide range of tools including:

– Automatic calculation of prayer times based on your geographical location using the GPS feature

– Calculation of prayer times for hundreds of countries based on your city or place of residence

– Reminders of prayer times by setting alarm notifications, where you can turn on/off the alarm for each prayer separately

– Islamic broadcasts so that you can listen directly to the radio stations of Arab reciters

– Unified Hijri and Gregorian calendar

– Accurate compass that shows the direction of Qibla

– Accurate compass that shows the direction of Qibla

– Automatically changing background, showing the sun and moon, night and day according to the time

– Electronic rosary, so that the user can use his device to praise

– A special paragraph for supplications and supplications, with the ability to share with friends on Facebook and Twitter

– The application displays the remaining time for the next prayer

– The application automatically displays new prayer times when you are on the go

– Adjust prayer times manually from the settings by adding/subtracting some minutes to the prayer times

– Sound store: where you can buy some Azan sounds and use them as an alarm in the application

– Swimming pool store: where you can buy a rosary from an impressive group of swimming pools

– Get rid of ads via in-app purchase

– Arabic and English language support

Application link: Imsakia | rosary | prayer time

5- Applying the bag of the fasting person in Ramadan

A comprehensive program, an kit for the fasting person, a bag that includes everything that the fasting person may need – especially in the month of Ramadan – from: fatwas, medical advice, and faith guidance. A special section for women has also been added containing programs and fatwas.

Your health in Ramadan – medical tips:

  • Twenty medical commandment in the month of Ramadan
  • Proper Ramadan nutrition methods
  • Wrong food practices during Ramadan
  • Dates and milk: the best breakfast in Ramadan
  • Delaying Suhoor.. Scientific secrets
  • Fasting.. a natural tonic for male fertility
  • How to win Laylat al-Qadr?
  • The last ten days of Ramadan
  • 10 ways to persevere in good deeds after Ramadan
  • people after Ramadan
  • Ramadan Fatwas – Provides answers to the most important and common questions of the fasting person:
  • spoilers of fasting

Application link: fasting bag in Ramadan

6- Khatmah application

The best application for completing the Qur’an at the time you want

– Khatmah application helps you to complete the Holy Qur’an, as it provides you with your daily response according to the period in which you want to complete the Qur’an, and it also alerts you daily to remind you of the response at the time you specify.

Application advantages:

– The ability to specify the duration of the seal or the amount of roses that you want to read daily

– Reading the roses from within the application (from an audited Qur’an from the King Fahd Complex of high quality) without the Internet
Set the daily alarm time to remind you of roses

– Morning and evening remembrances and others

– Browse the Qur’an by surahs or parts

– Daily alarm for remembrances and Sunnahs, such as Surah Al-Kahf on Friday

– The possibility of displaying the previous and upcoming roses in addition to the roses of the day

– The ability to share the current roses through social networks

Application link: Khatmah

7- Quran Majeed application

The latest version of the original Quran Majeed app for Android offers a complete Quran in Uthmani and Mushaf scripts and many audio recitations and translations.

Main features:

● Famous people of the Qur’an in the world (Sheikh Abd al-Basit, Sheikh al-Sudais and al-Shuraim, Mashari Rashid, Saad al-Ghamdi, Abu Bakr Shatri, Sheikh Ahmad al-Ajmi, Sheikh al-Hudhaifi, Sheikh Maher al-Muaiqly, Sheikh al-Minshawi, Sheikh Ayoub, Khalil al-Husri, Mahmoud al-Banna, Salah Bukhatir and Sheikh zero).

● Selectable themes (green, blue, classic-green, night mode, light and brown).

● Prayer times around the world with Azan options. Supports different prayer time calculation methods. Ramadan / Iftar times.

● Qibla compass

● A complete search for the Qur’an

● Four English subtitles and 45 language subtitles (Albanian, Tamazight, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Divehi, Dutch, French, German, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Malay, Norwegian , Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sindhi, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Tartar, Turkish, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek.

● Option to display any translation with full Arabic text in high resolution. Supports pinch/zoom feature to change font size.

● Advanced audio options to help memorize (verse and surah repetition, number of repetitions, interval, and recitation speed).

● Option to display any translation with full Arabic text.

● Bookmark setting.

● Highlighting a verse of the Qur’an during recitation.

● Support playing audio recitation in the background while in standby mode.

Application link: Quran Majeed

8- The Muslim Way application – supplications and remembrances: Ramadan

This application is a free version to help you in the holy month of Ramadan and contains many Ramadan supplications and aids to manage your time correctly and includes written morning and evening remembrances and Muslim remembrances without the Internet in addition to the fasting bag in Ramadan and messages of optimism and happiness  

– The application contains messages of optimism and happiness renewed daily  
– The Muslim Way application also contains the bag of the fasting person in Ramadan 2023, which includes  
* Commandments and medical advice in Ramadan ✔
Ramadan rituals
* Today’s prayer in the month of Ramadan ✔
* Ramadan provisions in the holy month ✔
– The application also contains Muslim remembrances, which include  
* Morning remembrances  
* Evening remembrances
* Ramadan remembrances  
* Iftar and Suhoor remembrances  
* Remembrance of sleep  
* Remembrance of waking up
* General prayers

Application link: Muslim Way – Supplications and Remembrances: Ramadan 2023

9- Applying daily remembrances – Ramadan 2023

Daily Azkar enables you to read and listen to more than 300 supplications every day. It also enables you to know the prayer times, the Hijri date, the Qibla, and special alerts to give you the appropriate supplication at the right time.

Main functions:

• Supplications to read every day with counters to help you keep track of your readings throughout the day (click on the counter each time you read a supplication, the application will record the number of daily readings and will renew the counters at midnight).

• Remembrances for reading on special occasions.

• Reminder of supplications for breaking the fast when praying Maghrib in Ramadan.

• A program to complete the Qur’an in Ramadan.

• The ability to listen to the supplications. Voices can be downloaded and stored for offline reading (read the supplication for the first time online, the audio will be stored and you can read it offline later).

• Translation and literal translation of all dhikr.

• References for all supplications

• WIDGET for daily supplications.

• The ability to mark your favorite supplications to enable you to find them easily.

• A search function to easily find any prayer.

• Alerts to remind you of your daily supplications (alarms can be turned off from the settings).

• Special alerts to help you do your important work (reading Surat Al-Kahf every Friday or fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, for example).

• prayer time.

• Notifications at prayer times with the ability to choose different call to prayer (you can choose your city without the Internet or via GPS).
• the kiss.

• Holy Quran with audio.

• Hijri date with various occasions.

Application link: Daily Remembrance – Ramadan 2023

These were some of the most important applications that are recommended to be installed on your phone for the sake of the blessed month of Ramadan, and to keep you informed of the timings of prayer, iftar and suhoor, recitations and praises, and so on. I hope that you like the article, share it to benefit.