The Profit From The Voice Vomment, From Which They Earn $ 1,000 Per Month

 The Profit From The Voice Vomment, From Which They Earn $ 1,000 Per Month

The Profit From The Voice Vomment, From Which They Earn $ 1,000 Per Month

Do you want to profit from voiceover and achieve hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars a month through this skill? To the best ways to get clients and customers.

In fact, the voiceover skill is among the most lucrative skills, and you can earn more than $900 per month from it, as there are many ways through which you can simply profit from voiceover.

So if you want to profit from the Internet and you have the skill of voiceover, this article is for you and all you have to do is read this post well in order to get the maximum possible benefit from it.

How to earn money from voiceover

If you have a voiceover skill and want to make some profits from this skill, then you are in the right place. In this post, I will share with you all the best voiceover profit sites ever.

And these sites, which we will get to know, are suitable for Arabs, as well as for beginners in this field, and you can work from them without any technical problems.

And all you will need is to have a good voice and some equipment that will help you to record the sound, including a microphone and a specific program for adjusting the sound. Among the best audio editing platforms, we find, of course, the Adobe audition platform and the Audacity platform.

1. What is a voiceover

Voiceover is a specialized art in producing sounds, as it is used in professional audio productions, such as voiceovers for video games, video clips, animations, commercials…etc. The scope of voiceover work extends to a variety of fields, and artists are named differently. Workers in this field according to their different experiences, where they can be named, for example, as:

*. Television or radio commentators or broadcasters who work on live broadcasts on promotional programmes, sports matches and awards programmes.

*. Commentators of documentaries, educational, commercial and medical videos.

*. Commentators for animated films, radio dramas, video games, and foreign language dubbers.

And if you really want to make money from the Internet through the voiceover service, then you have really chosen a wonderful and very profitable field, simply because this field contains a wide and varied scope of work, including:

TV shows.
Radio drama.

2. What is the role of the voiceover?

In fact, your task as a person working in the field of voiceover is to read a specific article or script with high and wonderful sound quality and in different styles.

Also, professional voice commentators are characterized by a diverse career, as the projects they work on can be short or long-term, for example, a specific advertising video that does not exceed 30 seconds only, and in return dubbing an entire anime or cartoon, which will take you a long time. very.

After we got to know some information about the field of voiceover, we will now learn how to profit from voiceover, so be prepared.

3. Practical Steps to Getting Started with Voice Over

If you really want to start earning from voiceover and earn at least $1,000 per month from it, then you must understand well the steps that we will get to know shortly.

 In fact, when you look closely at the work of a voiceover, you will notice that the focus is on the skills needed to succeed in this field.

However, it is known that the basic skill that you must have is simply the skill of reading, as we said earlier that your task is simply to read an article or a specific script.

In addition, you must have several basic equipment to start working in the field of voiceover, for example, having a microphone and a specific program in order to modify the sound…etc.

1. Find a good room

The recording of your voice was greatly affected by the room in which you are recording. Assuming that the room is very small, there will be a louder echo, so as my advice, record in a confined space in order to avoid this problem.

And as an advice from me, buy sound isolators in order to ensure that the sound that you recorded is good and wonderful, and if you do not have the ability to buy it, then when I advise you to record in a place that contains many furnishings and home furnishings, for example the salon or the bedroom.

2. Test your chosen room

After you’ve chosen your room, it’s time to do a final check to see if the room is good for recording audio or not.

First go into the room and clap really hard. Do you hear an echo or notice the sound reflecting around the room? And then immediately try speaking out loud inside the room, does your voice sound pure and clear? If yes, try placing some furniture in the room in order to reduce the echo.

3. Prepare your tools

Now it’s time to start preparing your tools for audio recording! You should put your microphone stand in the right place, and connect the microphone to your computer. And if you have a USB microphone, then you must connect it to the computer as well.

Then, open one of your favorite audio recording software, create a new track, and start recording.

After you record your voice, you should listen to the recording you made and review it well. Is there any background noise? Or do you hear the sounds of fans, electrical appliances, or even the sound of air conditioners? If this is the case, then you should close the room door and windows in order to avoid these problems.

4. Find the correct microphone position

In fact, this step is very important if you want to get a good and pure sound, but unfortunately there are many people who do not pay any attention to this step.

If you want to get a good and professional voice, you will need to determine the appropriate place to place the microphone and the distance between it and your mouth, and for that, record your voice and listen to it and see how it sounds, if it is not good, then move closer or away from the microphone until it is The sound is good.

5. Prepare mentally for the performance

Now that you have chosen a wonderful and suitable room for recording the sound, and have placed the microphone in the right place, now it is a very important step that many people overlook, which is simply getting ready to record the sound, for this try not to make your voice boring or your voice to be very loud .

6. Prepare for the session

Now you will need to make sure that no error occurred during the recording, for example, that someone enters your room while you are recording, or some of the sounds of electronic devices in the house.

 That is why I advise you to tell everyone that you are recording, and to turn off any electrical devices that make sounds, the important thing is to take all precautions in order to ensure that no error occurs during the recording.

7. Listen and take notes

When you finish recording, give yourself a break of 10 minutes at most to relax, and then you will listen to your recording and write your notes about how clear your voice is and whether it contains noise…etc.

When you’re done you can start the editing phase! And now you are done with everything and you have recorded a wonderful and professional voice.

How to get a voiceover job

Now that you have learned everything related to profit from voiceover from the steps that you must do and understand in order to record audio in a professional way, now and in this paragraph I will share with you the most important methods in order to get many customers who may buy your service.

But as an advice from me, at the beginning, try to train and develop yourself in voiceover, by obtaining many courses and courses that explain the matter to you in detail, and after you get enough experience in voiceover, when you can work and get many The clients you will work with.

1- Non-specialized self-employment sites

If you want to ensure that you get many sales, I advise you, dear follower, to register on all these platforms and place your service on all of these sites.

Self-employment sites allow you to profit from your skills as you place your service on the platform, and if the customer likes it, then he will buy it from you.

1. Upwork

The upwork site is among the best and best freelance platforms, as the number of upwork platform users has reached more than 10 million monthly active users.

And on this site you will find that there are many customers who want to obtain a specific service, including the voice-over service, and all you have to do is apply for it.

What is unique about upwork is that it supports many withdrawal methods, including PayPal, in addition to a Payoneer account…etc.

2. Fiverr

Pfeiffer is considered among the largest freelancing sites, and there are many people who check hundreds or perhaps thousands of dollars from this site on a monthly basis, and its idea is simply that you upload the special service on the site, and in this case the voiceover service, and then you will Wait until you get sales.

3. Khamast website

Fiverr site is an Arab site for microservices, and it is more suitable for beginners or those who want to deal with Arab clients and not foreigners, but the problem that the site has is that the prices of the service are religious, but despite that it is a great site to display your service .

2- Freelance work sites specialized in the field of voiceover

We have previously offered you a group of freelance websites where you can display your service, but these sites are not specialized in voice-over services, as they contain many different services such as montage and design.

But these sites, which I will now share with you, are more specialized in the field of voiceover, and I personally advise you to subscribe and register in them, and you may get many clients through them.

1. Voices

Voices is the largest global site for freelance work in the field of voice over, and you will find many voiceover commentators from many countries and various languages, and this site is also suitable for beginners.

2. Voice123

This site, voice123, is truly one of the largest global sites in the field of voiceover, and it gives voiceovers the opportunity to communicate directly with customers, which helps in providing job opportunities for them.

3. Soundeals website

This website, Soundeals, is considered the first in the field of voiceover in the Arabic language, as it provides many opportunities for voiceover commentators and trainers in this field. The site also provides online training courses in the Arabic language to develop the skills of commentators and trainers.

Where to buy audio equipment

In order to purchase voiceover equipment, you must choose the sites carefully and honestly to receive your order as it is on the site.

For this, in the Earb Net blog, I will share with you sites to buy products without sending you a counterfeit and non-original product, because the product equipment must be original, professional, and intact from scratches and problems.

The first site is, this site offers all professional voiceover equipment, and it does not have any completely imitated forum, and this site is in Morocco and I do not know if it sells the product outside Morocco.

The second site is amazon, the Amazon site is among the largest sites for selling products on the Internet, but it does not specialize in audio commentary equipment, but as a certification in purchasing products it offers original products.