Names of universities in the city of Coventry

 Names of universities in the city of Coventry

Universities in Coventry

There are two large universities in the city of Coventry, Coventry University and the University of Warwick. Coventry University is the sixth largest university in England, and the fastest growing university in the Kingdom, and it is ranked fourth as the largest university outside London 

Coventry University

Coventry University is located in Coventry, central England, and it is a British research university. It was operated in 1992 AD, but its name was changed from Coventry Polyclinic to Coventry University. Coventry University was established in 1843 AD and was called the Coventry College of Design. In 2019, the number of undergraduate students reached about 29,000 students, and the number of postgraduate students reached about 6,000.

Coventry University has two main campuses, one is located in Coventry city center, and the other is located in central London, where it offers training courses in management and business. Coventry also includes other higher education institutions in Coventry, London and Scarborough, and all of these institutions consider themselves an “alternative to mainstream higher education.” It consists of four colleges, containing departments and schools, and there are about eleven specialized research centers in various fields, and it also offers about 300 postgraduate courses and undergraduate courses, and Coventry University won the gold medal in scientific excellence in 2017, as well It is a member of the Universities Alliance group.

Departments of Coventry University

Coventry University is divided into two schools, three main colleges and a research centre:

  • Faculty of Commerce, Environment and Sociology.
  • College of Engineering and Computer Science.
  • College of Health and Life Sciences.
  • School of Art and Design.
  • School of Long Term Education.
  • Graduate Studies and Development Centre.
  • Business School.
  • Coventry University Campus
The Coventry campus is currently around 33 acres (130,000 m2). The campus includes the Frederick Lanchester Building, the University Library (also known as the “Lanchester Library”), a collection of converted buildings, and borders the Herbert Gallery and Museum of Art, Coventry Cathedral, It also includes a mixture of new buildings, converted buildings and a range of buildings inherited from previous institutions. The hub of the campus is The Hub, which opened August 2011 and is an award-winning building that houses the home of the Coventry University Students’ Union which provides student support services , restaurant, nightclub.
A new engineering block and other facilities such as an airstrip were opened in September 2012, at a cost of £55 million. This opening is part of the first phase of a £160 million phased redevelopment of the campus over 15 years. A new library for Coventry University on the outskirts of the campus, at a cost of £ 20 million, was officially opened by Princess Anne in September 2001, and the library includes more than 2,000 periodical publications, 350,000 monographs, and more than 6,000 video, audio and film tapes.
The building of the library is distinguished by its distinctive facade, as its interior design has won many awards=, as it is characterized by a light distribution system that gives the library from the inside maximum use of light in its various aspects, and there are two old buildings on campus that have been converted into college buildings, one These buildings are located near the university library, and it was a former car engine factory in 1910, and now contains the Coventry College of Business, and the other building is a cinema building that was built in 1880 and became the headquarters of the College of Media and Performing Arts.
Country branch
The Coventry branch was established in 2012 by Coventry University. The branch offers part-time and full-time professional courses such as marketing, legal studies, and accounting. The branch, with its facilities and staff, is independent from the university, but its scholarships and programs are approved by the university.
London branch of Coventry University
The London branch offers a range of part-time and full-time courses, and was established in 2017 as a university campus in the former Dagenham Civic Center. At a cost of more than EGP 95,000 with the aim of making higher education more accessible, the branch has started operating from a new campus located on the Greenwich Peninsula since November 2020, and its aim is to meet the needs of the students of the former Greenwich School of Management, which was closed, as well as the new entrants.
Structure and organization
The official head of Coventry University is the chancellor, a largely ceremonial role, and the current president is Margaret Casselli Hayford. On a daily basis, and supported by four Vice-Chancellors and three Vice-Chancellors, Coventry University is an important member of the Universities Alliance, of which Latham was previously President.
University of Warwick
The University of Warwick is a British university located on the outskirts of Coventry and is considered one of the leading institutions in the country. Founded in 1965, Warwick currently has over 18,000 students enrolled from 120 countries and, although relatively young, is one of 24 research universities within the Russell Group.
Consisting of the Faculty of Arts, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences, the university was recently ranked in the top 10 universities in the world and is the leading university of its kind in the UK. Warwick graduates are ranked third most often by the UK’s top employers, and 92% of students with first degrees were in work or further study within six months of graduating last year.
Services for international students
The International Office provides an award-winning service to students before and during their studies Pre-departure receptions, immigration advice and orientation programs are designed to ensure students are well prepared for life at university Warwick has its own placement agency to help students find regular or temporary work on campus or with Local businesses that fit their studies. The Careers Service offers a comprehensive range of information, advice and resources to support your career decisions, while students will have the opportunity to meet a range of companies at job fairs and employer presentations. Access a large variety of reference books and online resources on career planning and valuable advice on application and interview preparation as well.
University of Warwick website
The University of Warwick is located in the heart of England, on the fringe of the multicultural city of Coventry and on the Warwickshire border. This location means that one side of the campus faces a bustling modern city while the other side overlooks the beautiful English countryside. Coventry is the eighth largest city in England and has excellent shopping, restaurants and nightlife. Its medieval past can be seen in the remaining buildings, while its fame is visible. Modern in the modern cathedral.
The University of Warwick campus provides a variety of daily facilities and services for students. The area around the square and the Students’ Union building is central shopping where you can find a supermarket, banks, post office, pharmacy, library and hairdressers. Warwick’s central location means that it is easily accessible by road. By road, rail and air, Birmingham International Airport is only 20 minutes from the campus and London is only 65 minutes away by train.