Ways to Increase Sales on eBay and Gain Customer Confidence – Increase Sales on Ebay

 Ways to Increase Sales on eBay and Gain Customer Confidence – Increase Sales on Ebay

Ways to Increase Sales on eBay and Gain Customer Confidence - Increase Sales on Ebay

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Do you want ways to increase sales on eBay? Want to double your profits on eBay? Here are ways to increase sales on Ebay

Welcome, visitors and followers of your guide to professionalism blog. In my last post about who made a profit from the Internet, I wrote about 7 ideas to create a blog on Blogger and earn thousands of dollars a month from it. Recently, a large group of carousels spread about making money from eBay.

However, the owners of these roundabouts cannot disclose all details in order to reap large profits from the site. Disclosure of them means sharing the profits with them.

Through my experience selling digital products on eBay, I made $800 in 5 days. Indeed, eBay is a treasure for anyone who wants to work in electronic commerce, so I will share with you in this post some ways to increase sales on eBay and gain the trust of customers.

Ways to increase sales on Ebay

  • Title and Description: Write addresses for the buyer, not for the search engine. The title is not long now. Stuffing keywords since 2013 no longer pays off. As for the description, try to write the fewest number of words so as not to mislead the buyer. In short, put only a real description of the product. This will contribute to increasing the confidence of buyers in you.
  • Clear pictures of the product: Let me tell you first that adding more than 6 pictures of the product helps improve your ranking on eBay. For this reason, you must include very clear pictures of the product, as its unclear pictures reduce the chances of buying the product and give the impression to customers that you are not professional.
  • Shipping processing time: It is necessary that the shipping processing time does not exceed 3 days. It is human nature that they like to get things in the least possible time. Of course, the longer the processing time is, the more customers will inevitably leave your product page.
  • Free Shipping Offer: Put Yourself In The Buyer’s Shoes Would You Choose Free Shipping? Or paid shipping? Of course, you will choose the free one, as shipping expenses are considered unnecessary by many, so always think about the way of the buyer, when you put free shipping and include a shipping price in the price of the product, in this way you will not lose in your trade, and you will have great chances to increase your sales compared to those who set a shipping price.
  • Return policy: All sellers on eBay hate returns, but it is a necessary evil. In order to motivate those who browse your product to buy from you, you must provide them with a return guarantee. In this way, you will have more chances to increase sales, increase your credibility, and get positive feedback, which is the king on eBay.
  • Communicate with customers: Many customers contact the seller before purchasing, as this is a good opportunity to seize it and talk to them kindly and respectfully. Answer their questions without misleading. They are the ones who will give you an evaluation after purchasing. Whenever you are drunk with them, you will get positive evaluations, and the same thing with those who bought a product. And text you.
  • Discounts: You should know that whenever you have continuous sales, eBay will reward you by placing your products on the first page of search, so take advantage of the discounts to increase your sales. Consider these discounts a strategic plan, as the more sales you have, the more popular your products will be on eBay
  • Add new products: Add new products to your account constantly, as this will contribute to improving the search position for other products, as well as new products that have a great opportunity to sell on eBay, as it allocates the top of the “newly listed” search on eBay.
  • Account status: Many customers visit the seller’s account before purchasing, to make sure of the seller’s credibility. How many people have bought from him? What are the ratings? Therefore, make sure to build good ratings. In addition to putting a description of what you offer on eBay, it gives an overview of the trader’s professionalism.

With this, we have finished how to increase sales on Ebay. If you are interested in topics about eBay, visit the blog again, and we will put a series of articles about it, in the safety of God.