15 Ideas To Create a Blog on Blogger And Earn Thousands of Dollars a Month From it – Ideas For Successful Blogs

 15 Ideas To Create a Blog on Blogger And Earn Thousands of Dollars a Month From it – Ideas For Successful Blogs

15 Ideas To Create a Blog on Blogger And Earn Thousands of Dollars a Month From it - Ideas For Successful Blogs

In this article, I will show you 15 ideas to create a blog on Blogger and earn thousands of dollars a month from it, all of them are successful, distinct and diverse blogging ideas

Choosing a specific idea to create a Blogger blog and profit from it is the most difficult thing that bloggers face at the beginning, so I present to you, through this post, some successful blogging ideas that are popular with the public, and also do not need financial resources or require experience in the field of informatics only writing articles , You can also learn about the services for creating a Blogger blog on the Fiverr platform

As we have previously provided an explanation of creating a blog on Blogger and earning thousands of dollars from it, as well as the 10 best unique ideas for creating a successful and distinctive YouTube channel.

Here are suitable ideas for creating a blog on Blogger and profit from it

Blogging on the Internet is considered one of the best ways to make money at the present time, it is not the only one that exists, but it is the best and easiest, and we have previously known about the best ways to profit from the Internet, so if you have chosen blogging as a field to profit from, but you only need successful ideas, Then you are definitely in the right place.

The first idea is a blog to display applications

Many phone owners are looking for applications that are not available in Google Play or that are prohibited, such as applications to download from YouTube, hacked games, and a lot of important and necessary applications for phones. Such sites do not violate Google Adsense policy, and there is also a blogger template to display ready-made Android applications and games to work on it.

The second idea is a site for reviewing movies and series.

Creating a blog to show movies is not a good idea, this type of site does not get Google ads, so create a blog to review movies and series in addition to rankings, for example, the top 10 for the month of January ….. All you have to do is include the movie ad on YouTube and write your opinion

It is one of the ideas of successful blogs in our time and has no competition, as there are many templates that are suitable for this purpose, such as the Smart Tube template

The third idea is a website to download books – ideas for creating a blog

Websites for downloading books are among the most successful ideas for creating a blog, and it is easy and does not require much effort, but the defect in these sites is copyright. To bypass that, put old books and novels that do not have rights are too many.

The fourth idea: a site to display sayings and quotes

Many are looking for sayings, quotations, judgment, and short stories to share on social networking sites, and they are very popular with the audience because they contain lessons, suspense, and are not boring.

And it is possible to earn money through Adsense ads, and it is completely non-violent, provided that the content is sufficient, that is, displaying a group of sayings in one post, and the stories that are accompanied by the image, at least.

Fifth idea: review electronic products

Creating a blog to review electronic products has greater profits than the rest of the other niches, because you will profit from Adsense ads, and you will also earn from the commission. All you have to do is review articles about the product, whether you tried it or someone else tried it.

It is one of the ideas to create a successful blog. Now there are many before shopping looking for reviews and comparison

The sixth idea: a site for immigration – ideas for creating a blog

Such blogs are very successful, thanks to their wide audience of young people. All you have to do is write about ways to immigrate to Western countries, as well as the lottery that rich countries establish for immigration and give the details of the crisis for that.

The seventh idea: anime news blog

It is one of the ideas of successful blogs at the present time and in the future, that anime has become very popular among the youth of the region, it has not remained monopolized in Asia only, all you have to do is display news about anime series and films and its characters, and you will find many articles about this in All Asian sites you have to translate into Arabic.

The eighth idea: Create a site specialized in cars.

Cars are considered one of the best areas that you can blog about at this time, as it is one of the most demanded areas at this time, as millions of people search daily for cars, their prices, features, and images, and therefore if you can design a website or blog specialized in In this field, you will inevitably gain thousands of visitors daily, but what really distinguishes this field is the price per click. The price per click on Google Adsense ads in this field reaches only $10 in some Arab countries, but if you can get foreign visitors, you will make a fortune. From a site that specializes in this field.

The ninth idea: a site in the form of an application store – ideas for successful blogs

If you have previously downloaded an application from Google, then you must have downloaded it from one of the online application stores. These stores are also sites whose owners earn millions of dollars a month from Adsense ads. They are only regular sites that have been able to achieve success and make a lot of money.

If you are a blogger, why don’t you think about this, why don’t you design a site in the form of an application store, then publish it on a large scale, publish most of the famous applications in it, and then market it in many ways, this will be a treasure for you really if you can succeed in this project .

The tenth idea: Create a website about digital currencies.

If you want to create a site that generates millions of dollars per month, then this would be the area that I strongly recommend to you, as the price per click on Google Adsense ads for this type of content can reach about $ 50 or more, a thousand visitors to a site about digital currencies Better than 50,000 visitors to a website specializing in mobile applications.

But despite this, creating a site specialized in digital currencies is not as easy as you think, but rather it will require you to have patience and integrated work. The success of a site specialized in applications is not the success of a digital currency site. A site that specializes in cryptocurrency, which is more than the profits that you will earn from a site that specializes in games and applications.

The eleventh idea: Create a website for buying and selling via the Internet

It is not necessary for you to create a site and profit from it through Adsense ads, but you can create a site that specializes in selling specific products via the Internet, which will act as a commercial center for you via the Internet, where you will achieve profits whenever you can achieve greater sales of the products that you offer for sale through website.

But if your website attracts many visitors daily, you can profit from it in both ways, first by selling your products, and you can also add Adsense ads alongside your products for sale, and here you have been able to kill two birds with one stone.

The twelfth idea: a site specialized in education – ideas for creating a blog

If you want to create a successful website on the Internet, you can start providing lessons through your website, or you can start publishing lesson summaries, publishing school assignments, exercises and solutions, and you will definitely get a respectable number of visitors in a short time, and thus you will achieve Respectable profits quickly.

Especially since this is one of the fields that does not enjoy much competition, and therefore your success in this field will be easier than in any other field.

The thirteenth idea: beauty and fashion blog

Good stuff comes and goes in the blink of an eye, so consumers always need fresh content and inspiration. Plus, this means that you’ll never have to rack your brains looking for new topics for your beauty or fashion blog, no matter what blog niche you decide to focus on.

It can offer makeup lessons and review beauty products in addition to tips for skin care and so on ….

The fourteenth idea: a blog about relationships

There are many types of relationships that one has to navigate over the course of their life and it never gets easier. A connected and empathetic relationship blog is very likely to resonate with readers.

The fifteenth idea: a blog about pets

People love their pets…and with other furry companions. As such, animal-focused blogs can be valuable resources for pet owners, but they can also be entertaining for others.

Such as tips for dog breeding and training, as well as pet health and wellness

These were the best ideas for creating a Blogger blog and earning thousands of dollars a month from it. If you know other ideas, share them with us. You will also find everything you need to create a professional Blogger blog on our website in the Blogger section. This was today’s post. I hope that I have benefited you to the next article.


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