The Best Sites For Selling Photographs And Making Hundreds of Dollars From Them

 The Best Sites For Selling Photographs And Making Hundreds of Dollars From Them

The Best Sites For Selling Photographs And Making Hundreds of Dollars From Them

Do you want to sell photos? Looking for the best photo selling sites? Honest and reliable sites?

There are many ways to profit from the Internet. In the previous article, I wrote about the 5 best ways to make money from Instagram, but in our article this is a secret profit from selling photos. This field is not restricted to professionals in photography, but even beginners have opportunities in this field.

Many companies, designers and bloggers are looking for images that suit their work, so this market is witnessing an increasing demand for photographers.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the best photography sites for hundreds of dollars.

Who buys pictures, and what kind of pictures does he have to order?

The most popular categories for buying photos are startup companies and business owners, in addition to bloggers

What kind of pictures do they buy the most?

  • Pictures that relate to people such as children and the elderly, in addition to cultural identity
  • Pictures while working are in increasing demand, such as working on a laptop and phone, meetings…
  • Food: of all kinds, but focus on traditional food, which is more popular
  • Tools: All kinds of tools that are used in work
  • Travel: Pictures of tourist attractions are always in high demand.
  • Nature: This type of photo is also on demand
  • Cities: Pictures of old streets and alleys….

Here is our list of the best photo selling sites

1. twenty20

It is the largest place to buy and sell photos. It was established in 2014 and is based in the United States of America. It allows amateurs and professionals to display their photos for sale.

What’s great about the site is that it allows you to sell the same image more than once

The site also holds competitions for photographers every time, and the selected photos are rewarded financially

The site pays through PayPal

2. 500px image selling websites

Another platform for selling photos, it is a community platform for photographers. You can follow other photographers, post your photos for sale, and participate in contests to win prizes. The community is full of amazing and creative shots with 30% commission paid for non-exclusive photos and 60% for exclusive photos.

3. Stocksy

Stocky is another site for selling photos. The interface of the site is black, allowing more insight into the photos. Stocky requires exclusive, high-quality images, but also pays a generous 50-75% commission.

You can also sell videos on the site

4. Can Stock Photo

More than 70,000 photographers sell photos on this platform. There are several payment structures ranging from percentages to flat amounts, and they will also give you $5 for every photographer you refer that sells 50 photos. When you sell photos on the site, when you sell many photos, photos will be displayed on another, more professional platform

How can I start selling my photos on this site?

  • Create an account
  • Put 3 photos
  • Upload your photos
  • Earn money from every photo sold

The minimum payment is $50 via PayPal

5. Alami

It is also one of the best photo selling sites.
The site enables photographers to earn up to 50%, and it also contains another system for distributing subscribers’ profits to photographers. The minimum payment is $50.

6. Dreamstime: Websites that sell photos

Dreamstime is a stock photography site with generous contributor compensation. However, they do require more commitment: you must have at least 70% of your portfolio on their site for at least six months. But, non-exclusive contributors get 25 to 50%, while exclusive photos generate 27.5 to 55% commission. There are also many ways to make money for referrals, both on the contributor and buyer side.

7. EyeEm

This platform is more focused on advertising photos, which makes it one of the best places to sell photos online. The site offers up to 50% of each sale.

The site also holds a competition for photographers every time, and the winner gets a financial reward.

8. iStock

iStock is the small subsidiary of Getty Images. The commission ranges from 25% to 45% depending on whether the photos are exclusive or non-exclusive.

All you have to do is register on the site, then upload at least 3 photos and review them. After stopping, you can sell the photos.

9. PhotoDune Photo sites

This site is part of the giant company for selling WordPress templates, Envato Market, and code ….

Profits reach up to 50% for each sale. There is also a subscription system. The site is easy and everyone accepts

10. Fotolia

One of the best sites for selling photos, it has gained great popularity among photographers, paying approximately 20 to 65% in each sale.

Soon this site will merge with the giant stock photo adobe company to sell photos

After you get to know the top 10 photo selling sites, join those you see as the best. And always focus when displaying images, adding labels related to your images

If you are a beginner, try to devote more time to professional photography, as there are people who make thousands of dollars from selling photos.