The Importance of Adaptive Learning in Education

 The Importance of Adaptive Learning in Education

The Importance of Adaptive Learning in Education

By perusing the many literature and studies that dealt with adaptive learning writings the following benefits of adaptive learning environments can be drawn.

The benefits of adaptive learning

1. Providing learners with a new learning environment that enhances the learning process by providing adaptive content that is in line with learners’ interests and fits their needs.

2. The adoption of the adaptive learning system on self-learning, where the learners are responsible for their own learning, and the system provides a variety of entrances according to their own step rate and educational levels.

3. Adaptive learning systems depend mainly on the analysis and interpretation of learners’ data, whether related to analyzing their responses during learning, which helps track their progress in achieving educational goals, or related to identifying the individual characteristics of learners and providing appropriate educational content for them.

4. Deliver diagnostic-based learning that takes into account learners’ goals and backgrounds, learning styles and presentation preferences, and performance requirements.

5. Adaptive learning enables easy access to information at any time and from anywhere.

6. Designing educational contents that are compatible with learners and take into account their learning styles and individual differences, which helps achieve the desired educational goals and outcomes.

7. Providing educational content in more than one form and medium to suit students’ learning styles.

8. Practicing educational activities in accordance with the preference patterns of the learners, which increases the efficiency of the learning process.

9. Directing learners towards information that is suitable for them and in its appropriate forms that learners are ready to receive.

10. Provide appropriate support and guidance to learners in the manner, form and manner that suits them.

11. Adaptive learning allows interaction between the learner and the content, the teacher or colleagues, and it also gives the opportunity to increase social interaction by communicating the learner with individuals outside his local scope.

12. Providing appropriate feedback to learners in accordance with their individual differences.

13. The end of the ‘one size fits all’ approach,

14. Each learner has his own individual abilities and cognitive methods that differ from other learners.

15. Serving large numbers of students through technology, where they receive individual and collaborative education, and they receive appropriate guidance and support, which helps to reach the degree of proficiency.

16. Helping institutions provide high quality and low cost services to large numbers of students, thus reducing dropouts.

17. Adaptive learning systems and environments depend mainly on recent developments related to computers and their programs, and can be used via the Web, making them more efficient, effective and less costly.

 Other benefits of adaptive learning:

  • It helps to stimulate the interest of learners and satisfy their need for learning.
  • It helps to increase the experience of the learners, making them more ready to learn.
  • Adaptive learning systems involve all of the student’s senses in learning through the various media it provides, which leads to the consolidation and deepening of this learning.
  • Diversifying the ways of presenting the educational content, which consolidates the information among the learners and makes it more effective.
  • Adaptive learning systems help increase learners’ positive participation in gaining experience.
  • Adaptive learning systems rely primarily on diversifying teaching methods to meet individual differences among learners.
  • Lead to behavior modification and the formation of new trends towards e-learning.
  • Adaptive learning systems can develop students’ skills and achieve different educational goals and aspects.
  • Adaptive learning systems help the teacher in solving many educational problems.
  • Adaptive learning systems can take into account different learning styles