Studies in Mobile Learning

 Studies in Mobile Learning

Studies in Mobile Learning

Given the importance of mobile learning and its applications in the educational process in general, and due to the wide fields and research in it, we present in the following article some recent foreign studies that dealt with mobile learning and its applications as follows.

Study (Drolia, M., Papadakis, S., Sifaki, E., & Kalogiannakis, M. 2023) [1]

The multiplication of cell phones in regular day to day existence since the finish of the twentieth century has prompted portable applications for instructive purposes and the production of the exploration field of versatile learning. Regardless of the lengthy exploration interest on the adequacy of this field, there is restricted examination on versatile learning for different gatherings, like exiles, understudies with learning challenges and handicaps. Because of the phenomenal number (north of 100,000,000) of outcasts during the second ten years of the 21st century around the world, numerous NGOs (Non-Administrative Associations) and UN (Joined Countries) drives have proposed utilizing portable learning for displaced person instructive necessities. This exploration article centers around portable learning for evacuee instruction. In particular, the present deliberate writing survey results from 2015 to 2020 will give a substantial image of the as of late existing portable learning applications for exiles and their qualities. As indicated by the exploration discoveries, 15 attributes were gathered out of 14 applications. As per earlier writing, areas of arrangement or errors in the field were found. Two new – to past writing qualities were uncovered: joined mental and instructive elements and exiles’ social highlights in the applications. The synopsis and order of the application’s qualities mean to add to versatile learning examination and effect game designers, teachers, and be talked about in the last segments. View Full-Text GOs as indicated by evacuee needs. The restrictions of this review and issues for additional investigation will likewise

Study (Churiyah, M., Sholikhan, S., and Filianti, F. (2023)) [2]

Portable learning empowers associations to satisfy the instructive needs of computerized local students in the advanced time. Training at the professional secondary school level likewise utilizes it, as this degree of training has novel qualities as far as the kind of discovering that happens, outstandingly the accentuation of training based learning. There has not been a concentrate on the use of versatile learning at the professional secondary school level that has utilized the bibliometric technique to give a pattern to future exploration. The target of this paper is to lead an exhaustive bibliometric examination of the writing on portable learning in professional secondary schools. Articles were gotten from the Scopus data set, upwards of 121 articles were concentrated on in this review, out of 132 articles found between 2015 – 2020. Subsequent to dealing with the information base, the analyst utilized VOSviewer programming to arrange and envision co-creation, co-precision , and reference. Generally speaking, the data introduced in this survey can be utilized as a beginning stage for future exploration on the subject of m-learning in instructive course of professional secondary school.

Study (Almaiah, M. A., Hajjej, F., Shishakly, R., Lutfi, A., Amin, A., and Awad, A. B. (2023)) [3]

In spite of various examinations offering some proof about the meaning of value estimations in improving the outcome of m-learning applications, there are as yet restricted investigations about the job of value estimations in advancing the convenience of versatile learning frameworks. Thusly, our review investigates the job of value estimations in advancing the convenience of m-learning frameworks during Coronavirus. The outcomes uncovered that the assistance quality, data quality and framework quality are the main variables influencing portable learning convenience among students during Coronavirus. Additionally, these discoveries are important for arranging the meaning of these quality components, which give direction on appointing quality angles to further develop this portable learning use during Coronavirus in advanced education establishments. View Full-Text