Linkedin Educational platform is the most important platform for distance learning and self-development

 Linkedin Educational platform is the most important platform for distance learning and self-development

The most important courses on the Linkedin educational platform

Linkedin is a platform known as one of the largest platforms for providing professional networks. To help you join various jobs, and build a strong network of relationships with leaders in your field; To be in constant contact with them, but have you ever heard of LinkedIn Learning?

Through this article, we will get to know the LinkedIn educational platform, and we will also learn about its most important features and the courses offered by it, so let us continue together.

Linkedin educational platform

It is one of the websites specialized in spreading knowledge and providing multiple courses in various academic disciplines and practical and professional fields, but it is paid and not free, which also helps in self-development and skills acquisition.

In addition, it is one of the most important platforms that support distance learning, which offers educational courses in various fields. To help you build the basic skills you will need in your life and work, such as finding a suitable job for you and managing the team professionally from a distance.

Therefore, it offers you a variety of courses according to your needs. If you want to develop your skills; To improve your dealings with the people around you at home or work, you will find everything you want in it.

Advantages of LinkedIn educational courses

You can benefit from the courses offered by the platform due to the various advantages it gives you, including:

The platform offers you multiple levels, which you can choose from according to the level you want to start from, whether it is beginner, intermediate or advanced.
You can choose the time you want to complete the course; Where the platform displays multiple options of courses, there are less than 10 minutes, and more than 3 hours.

The platform provides you with courses in multiple languages. To suit all people, such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, German and many more.

The platform not only provides you with educational courses, but also audio clips, educational tracks, and important events.

saving time and effort; Because the LinkedIn educational platform gives you the ability to watch courses on your phone anytime, anywhere.

These courses allow you to manage your tasks remotely, while ensuring work efficiency and productivity

What are the educational courses offered by the LinkedIn platform?

The LinkedIn educational platform offers you more than 9,000 courses in various educational fields, so you can attend courses in the field that suits you to increase your knowledge and awareness of it. To be distinguished in this field and become a pioneer in it.

1- Professional content writing courses

If you are interested in the field of writing, you will find a variety of educational courses on the platform, such as:

  • Soft skills development.
  • Web content writing.
  • Creative writing.
  • Search engine optimization.
  • Marketing on social media platforms.
  • digital marketing.

2- Courses for developing personal skills

There are many courses that are concerned with self-development and developing personal skills on the platform, including:

1- Critical Thinking Course

This course focuses on the critical thinking aspect of a person to make the right decisions, which in turn will prevent problems that will occur in the future as a result of the actions you take, through this course:

  • You can learn a range of techniques that develop your thinking skills from a coach and expert in leadership.
  • Through this course, you will learn skills such as decision making and critical thinking.
  • You can get a certificate at the end of the course to share this achievement with others.
2- Strategic Thinking Course

This course introduces you to strategic thinking, which is when a person thinks on a broader scale, which is considered one of the valuable skills needed by many employers in their employees, so that he gets a lot of progress in his job, through which you can:

  • Get the strategic mindset.
  • time saving.
  • Learning from past mistakes.
  • Get the details right.
  • Applying strategic thinking with the work team.
  • The possibility of knowing the success you have achieved.

Effective listening course

Good listening is an important skill at work. If you intend to interview for a new job, you will need this skill to run the company efficiently.

The course teaches you how to access your existing listening skills while understanding the challenges you face when learning them such as distractions as well as developing the skill that in turn will influence behavior when dealing with people, so you will learn through the course:

What is active listening?

Knowing what to do when exposed to distractions.

3- Courses in programming and its languages

One of the most important courses offered by the LinkedIn educational platform is programming courses, as it is one of the areas of self-employment and one of the most important ways to earn money. Below we will mention some of the courses available on the platform: –

1- Programming foundations: Fundamentals course

Through this course, you can acquire the necessary knowledge to learn programming, through which you can discover different programming languages ​​and when to think about using a particular language over others.

You will also deal with different types of data and solve errors that you will discover with them. After completing the course, you will be able to:
Writing symbols.
  •  Basic sentences and expressions.
  • Work with numbers and strings.
  • Improve your efficiency with the jobs you will be assigned.
  • Make the right decision when dealing with codes.
  • Learn other programming languages.
2- Python Essential Training course

The Python language is one of the common and required languages ​​in learning programming because it is one of the most used languages ​​​​by many large organizations such as Google, Yahoo, and others.

Therefore, through this course, you will learn all the basics of learning the Python language, how to use it, and how we can know how the computer thinks, so you will be able to:
  • Discover variables, types, classes, objects, and more.
  • Learn how to handle errors and exceptions.
  • Work with different types of files in Python.
How to benefit from Linkedin educational platform courses in a free way

As you know, the LinkedIn educational platform is a paid platform that requires you to subscribe to it to get the educational courses you want.

Also, the price of each course differs from the other, and this becomes an obstacle between you and the course that you want to obtain.

Therefore, the LinkedIn educational platform gives you the opportunity to apply for a (library card), and here are easy and simple practical steps to benefit from it for free:

Apply on 

After completing the registration on the (library card), you will find a code on it, keep it to enter.

Enter the code and enter your password; To be able to enter them every time.

You will find that all the courses offered by the Link In educational platform are available to you.

The LinkedIn educational platform is one of the platforms that we must take advantage of for the continuous learning that each of us needs. To obtain the knowledge he desires in the field he is looking for, and to be able to work in it after a series of learning that he undertook; In search of the best.