Paying Sites: 11 Sites For Regular Earnings

 Paying Sites: 11 Sites For Regular Earnings

Paying Sites: 11 Sites For Regular Earnings

After a guide to the best paid survey sites, I offer you the list of the best paying sites on the net where you will discover Loonea, Moolineo, Swagbucks or Ysense. Hundreds of different sites exist but it is not always easy to navigate. So I tell you where to register to earn money without falling into various scams. Do you want to put butter in the spinach or do you just want a paycheck? You are in the right place. In a few minutes, you will be able to start earning your first euros online.

What is a remunerative site?

Talking about remunerative sites is good, but you still need to know what it is. These multi-gain sites in questions offer you to do often very simple missions for a small remuneration. These are sites to earn money, no more, no less. Generally, the missions offered are very simple and within everyone’s reach. By working simultaneously on different sites, you can hope for nice monthly earnings but do not expect to make a fortune. I’m honest with you and I don’t promise you 10,000 euros per month but enough to live more comfortably. After all, it’s not so bad…

How much can we earn?

Again, it is impossible to say exactly how much you will earn. It all depends on the number of sites on which you are registered, if you work on a regular basis… As far as I am concerned, I earn my living very well thanks to these sites. You wonder then why I made a blog? Quite simply because it is the affiliate links that make me earn money. When a person registers on one of the sites I mention below, I receive a small commission. It is therefore not thanks to paid missions but thanks to sponsorship that I earn money on the internet. But nothing prevents you from doing the missions and creating an additional blog if you have the skills. Finally, I would say that earnings of several hundred euros per month are possible provided you devote yourself fully to it. 😉

A few tips:

For all the sites I talk about in this article, registration is free. So you won’t have a penny to pay! If you find other sites elsewhere and they ask you to pay, beware because it could be a scam. Never give out your credit card details. The sites do not need your credit card numbers because to pay you they make either a bank transfer, a PayPal transfer… You have been warned.



Loonea is a site belonging to the company JS Media Prod which offers paid missions such as reading emails, posting on facebook, answering surveys, participating in lotteries, testing products, participating in contests and other things. The missions offered by Loonea are really very simple and accessible to everyone. In addition, the site is nice and very ergonomic. In a few clicks you access the missions. You can expect earnings of 40 euros per month and even much more if you do sponsorship because for each validated referral you will receive 1.20 euros. Today Loonea is one of the favorite sites of Internet users! To register:  


Moolineo is exactly the same as Loonea, moreover these sites belong to the same company. Existing since 2015, Moolineo works the same way and is very similar graphically. If you use Loonea, you will not be out of place! For earnings, 40 euros monthly will be easy to get and once again it is the sponsorship that pays the most with the same conditions. To register: Moolineo registration.


Swagbucks is a 100% reliable multi-pay site. By watching videos, answering surveys, doing research on the internet, testing applications, you will earn points that you can convert into Amazon vouchers for example. In addition you can invite your friends and you will receive 10% of their earnings for life. Yes, I said for life. Swagbucks also offers you the possibility of collecting money by wire transfer. To register: Swagbucks Registration


Clixsense is a Pay to Click site in English that pays you when you perform tasks such as clicking on ads, watching videos, answering surveys. Clixsense offers a really great referral system where each referral will earn you money for life. You will be entitled to 10% of the earnings of your referrals. Clixsense has a very good reputation with over 95% of satisfied users. The only downside is that everything is in English. To register: Clixsense registration.


iGraal is an effective cashback site! It is the number 1 in the sector. When you make purchases on the net in certain stores, you will recover part of the money spent. On average for a purchase of 100 euros, you will be reimbursed from 10 to 15 euros. As you understand, cashback is a deferred reduction. If the cashback is interesting, it is the sponsorship that is really great. Each time you have a new referral who has ordered an item, you will earn 5 euros + 10% of the earnings from his cashback for life! Yes, you earn for life. With a dozen active referrals, your earnings can soar. To register and collect 5 euros welcome: iGraal registration.


GBonus is a GPT, i.e. a multi-remuneration site. Various missions are therefore offered to you for more earnings with an average of €0.20 per mission. With GBonus, you will participate in contests, subscribe to newsletters, answer surveys… GBonus, is not the most profitable site on the list, I agree but it is very reliable in terms of payment . I also recommend it for the fact that it is possible to sponsor on several levels. Only residents of France, Belgium and Switzerland will be able to register and participate. To register: GBonus registration.

7. BA-CLICK (Update: Closed)

Very fashionable and very popular, Ba-Click is a GPT (Get paid to) site with which you will be able to earn money by completing the same missions as the previous sites. Ba-Click is a very functional site with which you will quickly get used to it. Each mission will bring you coins (virtual exchange currency) that you will exchange for gift vouchers (Amazon, Decathlon, Conforama, Darty, Zalando, etc.) or in euros. What’s great is that you can request a Skrill, Paysafecard or Paypal payment as soon as you cross the very low payment threshold of 5 euros. You will thus have frequent and regular payments. Know that 100% of Internet users recommend Ba-Click. (Update 06/15/2022: The site has closed)


Neobux is a site belonging to a Portuguese company. This site, which has thousands of customers around the world, has proven itself for years. Neobux offers Internet users to carry out small missions such as watching advertisements, performing various tasks such as Crowd Factory (see below), answering paid surveys… What I prefer about Neobux is its sponsorship system which allows you to earn much more money. Not only can you have direct referrals, but you have the possibility of renting them directly on the platform. I assure you that today, Neobux remains the reference in the field of PTC (Paid to Click) far ahead of the competition. To register: Neobux registration.


Just like GBonus, VEuro is a multi-remuneration site and you will find essentially the same missions. With this site, which has existed for more than 10 years, you will collect around thirty euros per month or even more if you do sponsorship. By sponsoring new members, you will earn 10% commission on the earnings of your referrals. VEuro is present internationally and has proven itself for years. To request your money, you will have the choice between a bank transfer or Paypal. The payment threshold is €5. To register: VEuro registration.


After testing ReflexMalin, I decided to include it in this list. In its concept, ReflexMalin is not revolutionary and works like other sites of the same kind. ReflexMalin is a GPT (Get Paid To) very popular with Internet users. The interface is very pleasant and regular gains even if you should not expect miracles either. Count again on 30€ monthly and obviously more if you refer your friends, which I recommend you do first. As soon as the payment threshold of €5 is crossed, ReflexMalin will send you a choice of codes, gifts, bank checks, gift vouchers, bank transfers, Paypal transfers. To register: ReflexMalin registration.


I bet you’ve heard of Foule Factory! Crowd Factory offers another type of micro-tasks to perform. This crowdsourcing platform pays pretty well because it is possible to earn up to 10 euros per hour, which is more than the minimum wage. The missions can be the following: classify different products by size, color, price… For example, you have t-shirts that you must store in categories. You have to say if they are for men or women, what are their colors, what are their prices… It’s very easy, you have boxes to fill in or choices to tick, nothing more. Other tasks that may be requested: search for telephone numbers on the internet, classify images… Here again 100% of users are satisfied but earnings are capped at 3000 euros per year, which is a shame. Finally, a victim of its own success, Foule Factory no longer temporarily authorizes registrations when there are fewer tasks to perform. To register: Crowd Factory registration.


You have read my TOP of the best remunerative sites and you are ready to finally earn some cash thanks to the net! You will see that if you work regularly and on all the sites presented, you can expect several hundred euros per month and even why not a small minimum wage. If you have the motivation and the time, you will not be disappointed, however I tell you once again that you will not be a millionaire.

And your opinions?

Have you been registered on these sites for a while? So you have a little experience. Do not hesitate to tell the LeClubArgent community how much you earn every month.

Up to you!

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