Moolineo Review: Reliable or Scam? I tell you everything

 Moolineo Review: Reliable or Scam? I tell you everything

Moolineo Review: Reliable or Scam? I tell you everything

Moolineo is an online platform that offers a wide variety of small activities to easily earn money on the internet. No task is imposed, you choose the one you prefer and Moolineo pays you the earnings corresponding to the missions you have validated. Before getting to the heart of the matter, I also want to tell you that Moolineo is one of the best compensation sites that can be found in 2022 on the Internet. A must, a must! 100% reliable and 0% scam! You can already register here: Moolineo registration. 😉


Moolineo was born in 2011 and was founded by a French company from Grenoble called JS Media Prod. Since going online, Moolineo has donated nearly 2 million euros to its active users. Now it’s up to you to take advantage of it by registering now on Moolineo. 😉 Moolineo is the big brother of Loonea, a 100% identical site!

How it works ?

First, you will proceed to your registration. Nothing special and complicated, you fill in the required personal information (email, nickname, date of birth and your address). On the other hand, do not falsify your data, for example to preserve your anonymity, because the first amount that you will earn with Moolineo, is sent in the form of a check to your postal address.

Reliable or big scam?

If you are skeptical about the seriousness of Moolineo, you are worrying for nothing. This online compensation site is 200% reliable as is Loonea, Moolineo’s twin. Absolutely all the sums of money that you will win will be given to you in due time (by check for the first amount) and on your PayPal or bank account if you prefer for the following ones.

Tips for earning your first euros online with Moolineo

Now is the time to explain how to actually make money on the Internet with Moolineo. The site currently offers 14 good plans to earn euros, I mean more precisely tens or even hundreds of euros!

1. Paid surveys with Moolineo

Paid surveys are the missions that I prefer, but it is obviously up to you to have your own favorites. Moreover, on Moolineo, you always choose which mission to participate in. Surveys ask you to give your opinion on a service, a commodity, a product and when you have correctly answered each question, your kitty is rewarded immediately (between 1 and 2 € most often).

2. Post on Facebook

Do you have a Facebook page? So Moolineo offers you to make a publication on a product in partnership with the remuneration platform. Very simple and ultra-fast to effortlessly monetize an FB wall!

3. Paid registrations

For this remunerative mission, Moolineo will ask you to register on partner sites and in return you will receive between €0.2 and €2.

4.Reading paid emails

Paid emails are sent either to your personal email address or to the mailbox accessible from your account. The principle of this task to earn money on the Internet is fast: you open the email (you read it or not, it’s up to you to do what you want) and your kitty is instantly rewarded with 0.01€ or 0.02 €. Admittedly, it is not the treasure of the Caribbean, but in my opinion, the strong point is that you will win raffle tickets and perhaps win some very valuable gifts.

5. The click that pays

Paid clicks are fast: you click on a link or an image to go to the partner site. Each time, you earn up to €0.02. You will realize that the kitty increases quite quickly!

6. Installing the free Moolineo software

Moolineo offers you €0.50 for the installation of its software. However, it is only valid for Windows operating systems. The advantage of this software is that it brings together all the missions of the compensation site, so it’s a great way to save time and not miss out on the best offers.

7. Speed ​​click

The rules of the Speed ​​Clic game on Moolineo are also very simple: you must click on the tab called Go Speed ​​Clic and your kitty is immediately credited with the small sum of €0.01. So we agree, it’s not huge, but it’s mega fast.


Cashbacks on Moolineo of course only work with the platform’s partner sites. The principle is simple, you buy an item on one of the online stores offered by Moolineo and a percentage of the amount of your purchase is paid directly into your account. Here, the cashback system works exactly the same way as on iGraal for example.

9. Speedy Wall

The speedy wall is a list of paid missions with a limited duration. They are usually few in number and only the fastest users take advantage of them. The advantage of this job is its particularly generous remuneration. Take advantage of it whenever possible!

10. Home Product Testing

So if you are eligible for the home product test, you are one of the Moolineo VIP users. The products to be tested are shipped directly to you and are always available! You have to evaluate them, for a few days or a few weeks and then Moolineo asks you to send your consumer opinion. Many brands are in partnership with Moolineo, which means that you will be able to test a wide variety of products such as food, soft drinks or, for the luckiest, high-tech products!

11. Contests

Moolineo contests are undoubtedly the best system for winning very valuable gifts: one year of free gas at a gas station, gift vouchers to spend in supermarkets, promotions, exclusive offers…

12. The Moolineo Lottery

Moolineo organizes its own Lotto. You choose your lucky numbers and once the results come in, you find out if you have won. The rank 1 winner can still win several thousand euros. Participation in this lottery is 100% free and is only possible if you watch a small online advertisement.

13. The Day prize

Every day and at each connection, Moolineo will ask you to click on three virtual gifts. You instantly find out if you have won money or why not a real gift: smartphone, game console, gift voucher…

14. Registration on websites

Listings on online stores or websites are the highest paying offers. It is possible to win with a single registration up to five euros! It happens that the registration to sites is not completely free. Moreover, when it is paid, I advise you to do it only if the site has authority. For example an inscription on Amazon or on a well-known press journal.

Another thing, especially remember to cancel a possible subscription before its renewal. Otherwise, you will automatically pay a monthly subscription!

Sponsorship on Moolineo

Sponsorship with the Moolineo compensation site is great. Its operating principle is also very simple: you are rewarded with a sum of six euros for five referrals that you recruit. Also note that for the validation of a referral to be effective, he must connect at least twice on two different days. And above all, do not create fake accounts to find referrals because Moolineo knows its practices well and you will be banned directly!

Moolineo also organizes a sponsorship contest. The best sponsors share a nice prize pool of €530. For example, if you have successfully validated 9 referrals, Moolineo sends you the sum of five euros. For the best sponsor, it’s still a €150 reward!

How to take advantage of your earnings on Moolineo?

The withdrawal systems on Moolineo are:

• Paypal electronic wallet (the simplest, but there is a commission of €1 for each withdrawal)
• Transfer to your bank account
• Sending of check by post

Also note that the minimum withdrawal (payment threshold) on Moolineo is set at €15. Personally, I find it easier to be paid by PayPal or by bank transfer (after that is only my opinion…). Earnings are transmitted between the 5th and 10th of the month. No bad surprise, Moolineo is very reliable!

The Moolineo interface

The interface of a compensation site is very important to take full advantage of all the paid activities that are presented, at least possible. In fact, I have already seen sites whose interface was so messy that the user could no longer find the essential information.

Here on Moolineo, you will have no readability problems and no difficulty using the various features of the site.

My advice and tips for making money with Moolineo.

If this is the first time you have used a compensation platform on the Internet, my advice will allow you to make the most of Moolineo offers.

1. Participate in the Day Prize every day. A little click and you find out if you have won anything!

2. Always participate in priority to the tasks that Moolineo sends you by email

3. Sponsor as much as possible! On Facebook for example

4. Enable alerts on your browser. There is a Moolineo extension for Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. On the other hand, they are only valid for desktop computers (so no smartphone or tablet, I find that a real shame but for the moment, we have to be content with it).

5. The Speed ​​Click.

It appears randomly so as soon as it is available, go for it, it’s fast and your kitty increases instantly.

The advantages of the Moolineo compensation platform

• An extraordinary choice of remunerated missions
• Quick missions to do
• Minimum withdrawal threshold of €15
• Very generous sponsorship system
• A compensation site made in France

The disadvantages of the Moolineo compensation platform

• Expiry date on certain remunerated missions
• Product testing eligibility too difficult

How much can you expect to earn on Moolineo?

I want to say that Moolineo is definitely part of the top three of the best French compensation sites. On the one hand for the very wide variety of missions it offers but also for its generous remuneration system.

Moolineo advertising announces to its future users that it is possible to earn up to €300 per month. The amount may seem high but if you make the most of this site, it is possible.

However, perhaps you prefer to use Moolineo less intensively and earn a few tens of euros each month? So, there, yes, it’s very easy and a little half an hour a day is more than enough!

What I like about Moolineo:

  • The diversity of sources of income and missions
  • The simplicity of the site
  • Particularly attractive sponsorship, especially for the best sponsors
  • Payment frequency always respected
  • The diversity of payment solutions even if I have always asked for a check
  • The seriousness and notoriety of this old site which has proven itself

What I didn’t like about Moolineo:

  • The fact that only French residents can register
  • No welcome bonus for the referral
  • No sending gift cards as Swagbucks offers 😉
  • The site is a little outdated and needs an overhaul.

My opinion:

My opinion on Moolineo is very favorable. In fact, if I had to give a rating taking into account the interface of the site, the paid missions and the earnings, I would give a 9 out of 10! Note that on Trustpilot, the user rating is 4.7 out of 5.

The real highlight of this site is the plethora of activities it offers to its users. Indeed, they have the choice of responding to paid surveys, clicking on sites, reading paid emails, participating in product tests and they can also easily develop their own sponsorship system.

Without forgetting also, the lottery, the Prize Day and the competitions which are very numerous and which reward the luckiest!

If you are looking for a way to make money easily on the internet, I can only recommend the Moolineo compensation site!

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