The TOP 10 Schemes To Recover Scrap Metal For Free

 The TOP 10 Schemes To Recover Scrap Metal For Free

The TOP 10 Schemes To Recover Scrap Metal For Free

Scrap metal has value and for some, it is a real treasure to make ends meet. Copper, steel, iron, cast iron, aluminum are the main metals that can sometimes be found for free, but provided you look in the right places. They can then be resold, reused, or exchanged. It is a source of enrichment, but very often it takes a large amount of material to make a good profit from it. In order to save you time in your treasure hunt, we have listed here the 10 best places to collect scrap metal for free or for next to nothing. Let’s go! 😉

The solutions to find scrap metal without paying anything:

1. Leboncoin and classifieds sites

Leboncoin is a gold mine (finally of scrap metal) to glean all kinds of metals. In fact, you need to find the ads that offer free scrap metal removal. In other words, the work consists, for example, of going to private homes to dispose of old refrigerators, out of order washing machines, freezers and sometimes even car wrecks.

Okay, scrap and metals are given, but don’t think it’s all easy. You will have to come with a dump truck or a large trailer, load the damaged and used machines. After which the cutting work will begin as well as the search for a buyer or a company specializing in scrap metal.

To recover a maximum of iron and metals of all kinds, a tip is to use as many classifieds sites as possible. You cannot imagine the number of individuals posting an ad to get rid of metal objects! 😉

2. Help yourself to bulky items for free

This is a plan that is well known to scrap dealers. If you see a metal object, left at the corner of the street, you can take it provided you arrive first because you will certainly not be the only one to smell the good deal.

By doing the bulky, you can be sure that you will find something: an old tool box, iron furniture, old rusty bicycles, car batteries, everything that is metal is to be recovered.

With bulky items, you will collect hundreds of kilos of metal objects that you can then resell, recycle or exchange.

To find out when the collection of bulky items takes place, go to all the town halls around you and simply ask for the dates. On the day of the bulky items drop-off, get ahead of your competitors by going very early! 😉

3. Collect scrap metal from the dump

Please note that not all recycling centers allow the recovery of scrap metal. You always have to ask and show your credentials. Another interesting solution is also to recover the metal in the dumpsters. These large containers installed on the public highway represent more than 50% of the activity of the professional scrap metal dealer!

4. Facebook groups specializing in disposal

Again, the approach is similar to classifieds sites. Débarras de grandma, Débarras service, Le bon débarras de Pamproux, Vide grenier are all Facebook groups allowing you to find a bit of everything, to remove for free or to buy for a small fee. Ruined refrigerators, wrought iron objects, dishwashers, unsoldered motorcycles, mechanical parts, anything made of aluminum, zinc, metal or copper can turn into money.

In addition to social networks, you can also complete your search for free scrap metal with applications such as Bon Débarras, GEEV or the site.

5. Door-to-door and donations

A good scrap dealer won’t refuse anything…if it’s metal! It is very common for people who intend to get rid of bulky objects to offer them free of charge to anyone who wants to take them and remove them.

With a little daring, you can go door to door, and simply ask if there is something to clear in a cellar or an old attic. Tell yourself, that it is a service that you render, and very often you will not be refused if there is matter!

6. Emmaus

The Emmaüs warehouses are literally overwhelmed with tons of unused objects and in the lot there are of course some that are made of iron, and sometimes even more precious metals.

So do not hesitate to search for scrap metal in the Emmaüs in your area, you will always find iron objects of all sizes there.

7. Industrial sites and construction sites

Industrial shed, abandoned factory, construction site, these are still favorite places where you will be able to find scrap metal for free or for a pittance. Large industries very frequently deposit all kinds of objects and materials in metal, alloy, aluminum or cast iron in their skips: tanks, iron boxes, pipes, copper wire, old construction vehicles, beams, bolts ….

Another place to scrap metal is to visit scrap yards. In this case, you will need to have an authorization, that is to say an agreement with the company (which occupied the premises) before picking up anything.

8. Empty houses

Empty houses are organized every weekend and believe it, they are real Eldorados when you are an amateur or professional scrap metal dealer. Often, the objects are sold, but at an almost symbolic price. Iron furniture, old stove, stainless steel washbasin, freezer, aluminum object, empty houses are the ready-made solution to fill your hood… or more precisely your dump truck. 😉

9. Shooting club

If there is a public shooting club near you, brass bullets can be collected and sold to recycling plants. However, you will need to contact the club manager and ask when you can pick up the used casings. And if I’m talking about bullets, it’s because brass is bought at a more attractive price than steel, for example. 😉

10. Hospitals, medical clinics and veterinary centers

Beds, wheelchairs, walkers, medical facilities can be excellent sources of scrap metal. Again, the best way to establish a relationship with the company is to make an appointment with the manager and explain your free scrap and metal pick-up and removal services. You can also do the same with car garages, and steel centers.

With all the spots we have just indicated, your scrap metal hunt will become easier… and who says better collection, above all says better profit on arrival! 😉

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