The American University in Cairo Masters Fellowship Scholarships with a monthly stipend

 The American University in Cairo Masters Fellowship Scholarships with a monthly stipend

The most important details and information about the American University in Cairo scholarships

An opportunity for all academic disciplines to obtain a fellowship for free after graduation, a master’s degree from the American University

The American University in Cairo Graduate Scholarships, to obtain an associate degree after graduation, which is one of the most important majors that many students around the world are looking for, as it is funding and support for research topics and study projects abroad.

Fellowships are awarded outside the university campus in the student’s country, as it is an opportunity to learn about other cultures and civilizations and study at an international university.

There are many institutions that offer fellowships after graduation, so we will learn through this article about the American University in Cairo scholarships for postgraduate fellowships for master’s degrees in all academic disciplines, so let’s follow together.

A brief overview of The American University in Cairo

The American University is a private, non-profit Egyptian university, with multiple disciplines and cultures. In addition, it is one of the largest Egyptian universities that provide distinguished and high-quality education in English.

The university was established in 1919 AD and was located in Tahrir Square in the middle of the capital, but its current headquarters is in New Cairo, and there are affiliated offices in New York.

The American University offers high quality education and prestigious certificates, thanks to the presence of a selection of the best educational staff and faculty members who have degrees in all disciplines from various international universities.

In addition, the university is interested in providing high levels of diverse educational programs and practical and professional experiences in most disciplines with internationally accredited certificates.

It also supports the study of projects and participation in international competitions and realistic experiences to prepare students to be professional, take responsibility and be fully prepared to meet the different needs of the labor market, increase employment opportunities, take advantage of changing opportunities and achieve success.

The American University adopts teaching in the English language, and adopts the idea of ​​liberal education, which is thinking critically and realistically to find innovative solutions to problems and challenges.

The most important information about the American University in Cairo scholarships

Available educational degrees: The scholarship includes an associate degree after graduation

Majors and fields of study: The scholarship is inclusive of all majors and fields of study

Required languages: English at a very good level

Scholarship application deadline: The deadline for receiving scholarship applications is 15/1/2023 for the fall semester and 10/17/2023 for the spring fellowship semester.

Who is this scholarship for: The scholarship is available to students who have a bachelor’s degree and who have a financial need to complete their studies

Country of study or scholarship: Egypt

Host University: The American University in Cairo

The organization organizing the scholarship: The American University

Duration of the Program: The fellowship is awarded in a period not exceeding five semesters with one summer session. It is possible to extend the duration of the study to a maximum of seven semesters for the postgraduate program in Psychology.

Scholarship Type: The scholarship is fully funded, as it covers all tuition fees, with a monthly stipend provided to students who receive it

Number of students who can get the scholarship: not specified

Details of the American University in Cairo Scholarships

The Egyptian American University offers comprehensive scholarships for the fellowship program for graduates who hold a bachelor’s degree in various academic disciplines and from various public and private universities, provided that the degree is accredited.

Where foreign students who have a higher university degree and who wish to complete their studies can apply for a master’s degree in one of the graduate programs at the American University.

The scholarship application is available to all foreign students and university graduates who have a financial need, provided that they meet the university admission requirements. You can learn about the university and its admission requirements through the following article.

  • Advantages of AUC Scholarships
  • The scholarship covers tuition fees for a maximum of 9 credits per semester
  • The scholarship also covers fees for student activities and services
  • The scholarship covers health insurance and medical services for two years of study
  • The AUC Scholarships provide a monthly stipend, cover travel expenses, grant a housing allowance, provide housing, or live in their own residences.
  • Required conditions, standards and responsibilities
  • There are some eligibility criteria that must be met by the student applying for the scholarship, which are represented in the following points:
  • Obtaining a bachelor’s degree is required to be accredited
  • Good proficiency in English is required and it is preferred to submit a TOEFL or IELTS certificate
  • Submit a certificate proving financial need
  • Full-time, whereby 12 hours each week are allocated by the fellows for academic work related to the field of study
  • The cumulative GPA for the period of study should not be less than 3.2
  • Must be maintained by the student full time
  • Mandatory teaching assistant training is required to be completed if the fellow participates in teaching assistant duties
Students must submit an application for admission to the university at least 15 days before the date of the deadline for the submission of fellowship applications
University admission requirements must be completed

Educational certificates are provided in English

How to apply

  • The first step is to first apply to a graduate program
  • And then the fellowship application is submitted
  • A simple overview of the academic associate degrees
The associate degree is one of the important educational degrees for students, especially those who have research and projects of their own. It is an academic degree granted by a college or educational center in various disciplines and from all universities, as it is considered more quality in relation to the scientific degree.

The duration of the associate degree is usually two years, and its aim is to provide the student with basic topics in his field, in addition to preparing him to occupy the job that suits his field and obtain a promotion therein.

Some people use this degree to obtain a higher education degree such as a master’s and doctorate or to complete a bachelor’s degree, while others use it as a starting point for a career and entry into the labor market.

Types of Associate Degree

 There are two types of associate degrees:

Transition or Academic Fellowship: This fellowship is awarded to students who wish to obtain a bachelor’s degree from a university abroad

  Job or vocational fellowship: It is the highest degree of the academic qualification certificate, as it is obtained after completing the university education stage and obtaining a bachelor’s degree, as it helps in career advancement.
To whom the fellowship is offered

There are several categories targeted by the fellowship, which are:

  • Graduate students Master’s and Ph.D
  • People who have a desire to obtain international experiences
  • People who have their own projects
  • Persons with scientific studies and research
  • social enterprises
  • Branches covered by the fellowships
  • The fellowship covers three main branches:

Science includes all different scientific fields

Literature includes all different literary fields

Applied Sciences It combines the scientific side with the functional side and there is a great demand for it

Through this article, we have provided you with the most important information and details about the American University in Cairo’s postgraduate fellowships for a master’s degree in all disciplines.