University of Cambridge Business Administration Scholarship and 75% financial support for master’s students

 University of Cambridge Business Administration Scholarship and 75% financial support for master’s students

The most important details and information about the University of Cambridge Business Administration Scholarship

A golden opportunity to obtain a master’s degree from the University of Cambridge with a support of up to 75%

The University of Cambridge Business Administration Scholarship is a golden opportunity to obtain a master’s degree in business administration from a prestigious international university with minimal financial expenses.

Studying abroad is the dream of many students, so the search for scholarships that help them obtain international degrees at the lowest cost is increasing, as financial expenses are the biggest obstacle in front of them.

Therefore, we, on the WWNEED.COM website, are interested in following up on scholarships and presenting them to you for the opportunity to study abroad for the year 2023 AD, and we also provide you through this article with the most important information and details about the Cambridge University Business Administration Scholarship, so let us follow together.

A simple overview of Cambridge University

The University of Cambridge is a well-known and well-known university with more than 800 years of age. It is also a large and ancient educational institution located in Britain.

The university constitutes an outstanding education system for more than 23,000 undergraduate students and many postgraduate students, and it also offers a large number of diverse groups of courses and degrees for students.

The University of Cambridge is a public university and it is the oldest university in the world in the field of mathematics, physics and natural sciences, in addition to that it occupies first place in the subject of anthropology globally.

The university is also classified as one of the best universities in the world in terms of the research and study system as well as international expectations, and it is also ranked among the top 5 universities in the world.

It is also one of the most important members of the Russell Group, which represents British universities, and is a member of the Coimbra Group, which represents a group of European research universities.

The University of Cambridge is one of the top 20 universities and receives ⅔ of the UK’s research grants. It is also part of the Golden Triangle, where the leading research universities are located.

It is considered an unusual university because it does not have a university campus of its own, and it also includes many educational institutions, as the university consists of 31 colleges, each college is considered part of the university but is independent in its management.

Cambridge also includes more than 100 institutes, and its academic departments are represented in approximately 6 schools. In addition, it is considered one of the most important publishing houses, and it is the oldest printing press in the world. It represents an important historical monument indicating the beginning of printing. This printing press was licensed in 1534 AD.

The University of Cambridge is also responsible for managing a large number of cultural and scientific museums, including the Fitzwilliam Museum.

A simple overview of the Gardener Foundation Organized University of Cambridge Scholarship

The Boustany Foundation is one of the famous charitable foundations, which was established in 2006 AD, as it was established by Nabil Boustany with the help of his son Fadi. The Foundation is located in Monaco and Switzerland.

The Foundation granted its first scholarship before its establishment in 1997, as it provided the opportunity for a student to obtain a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the famous University of Cambridge.

After that, the Foundation granted many opportunities for students to obtain a free scholarship to complete their studies in various disciplines and fields of study, and it always plans to provide many opportunities in the coming years for outstanding students.

Boustany Foundation aims to:

Strengthening relationships between people and improving the level of tolerance, understanding and communication between them

It encourages and supports the acceptance of cultures, religions, and awareness regardless of their differences, as it works to spread correct information to individuals

The Foundation offers children the possibility to live calm, happy, purposeful, healthy and productive lives

It also aims to help all children in need, in addition to empowering and teaching them social and practical learning abilities and skills

The most important information about the Business Administration Scholarship University of Cambridge

Available educational degrees: The scholarship is inclusive of postgraduate studies, a master’s degree only

Majors and fields of study: Business Administration major only

Required languages: English

Deadline for applying for the grant: The last date for receiving applications for the grant is 15/5/2023

Master’s Registration Deadline: The last date for registration for the Master’s in Business Administration program at the University of Cambridge is 

Who is this scholarship for: The scholarship is available to international students from different parts of the world

Study or scholarship country: United Kingdom (Britain)
Host university: University of Cambridge

The organization organizing the grant: The Nabil Boustany Foundation

Duration of the program: The duration of studying the MBA program at the College of Commerce, University of Cambridge is one year

Scholarship Type: The scholarship covers 75% of tuition fees

Number of students who can get the scholarship: Only one student out of all the candidates will receive the scholarship

Admission requirements and documents required for the Business Administration Scholarship at Cambridge University in 2023

Among the most important information that students seek to know when enrolling in an international or local university or when applying for scholarships, where they must know the conditions and papers required to seek their availability and obtain the opportunity:

Terms and eligibility criteria

The conditions that must be met in order to obtain the grant are the following points:

  • First, it is not permissible to submit an application for the scholarship before applying to study the Master of Business Administration program at the University of Cambridge and being accepted and approved.
  • Must be fluent in English
  •  You must have a good academic background and demonstrate your unique scientific skills
  • Any student from any country can apply for the scholarship, but priority is given to Lebanese students
  • Papers and documents required for submission
  • You can apply for a Boustani Foundation scholarship to study a master’s degree at the University of Cambridge if the following documents are available
  • Personal photos and passport
  • A certificate to prove English language proficiency, whether a TOEFL certificate or an IELTS certificate
  • Submit your CV
  • Submit educational certificates and your previous work, if available
  • Submit a statement describing the purpose of your motivation for the Harvard University Scholarship
  • Submit your acceptance letter to an MBA degree from the University of Cambridge
  • recommendation Letter
  •  A copy of the GMAT score sheet
How do I apply for a grant?

If you wish to apply for the scholarship, you must follow the following steps:
First you have to submit an application to study an MBA at the University of Cambridge

If your application is accepted, you can then apply for the scholarship by sending your resume and a copy of the required documents that we mentioned earlier to the institution’s e-mail.

If you are placed on the waiting list, you will be sent an invitation for a personal interview with the Foundation at the final stage and before announcing the scholarship winning student as only one candidate will be selected

Details of the Bostany MPA Cambridge University Business Administration Scholarship

The Boustany Foundation provides a unique and wonderful opportunity for international students from all over the world who hold a bachelor’s degree in business administration to obtain a master’s degree from the prestigious and prestigious University of Cambridge in the United Kingdom.

Where the Foundation offers this scholarship once every two years and the duration of the course is one year only at the College of Commerce at the University of Cambridge, this scholarship was presented by the year 2021 AD.

Obtaining a master’s degree in business administration from the University of Cambridge is one of the distinguished and pioneering business programs in various parts of the world, as it is taught in the oldest and most prestigious international universities.

Recipients of this scholarship get the opportunity to work as members of Pembroke College, one of the world’s best and most prestigious colleges and the third oldest in Cambridge.

Advantages of obtaining the grant

The Boustani Foundation Scholarship in Cambridge provides financial aid to master’s students, which amounts to about 75% of the total expenses for the study period, and it also covers accommodation and travel expenses related to training.

The grant also offers outstanding and successful researchers free training for two months with the Boustany Foundation. The projects offered to them vary and are related to the activities of the Foundation or the activities of its partners.

We have provided you with the most important details and information about the University of Cambridge Business Administration Scholarship for a master’s degree for the year 2023.