Explanation of Adding Google Chrome Translation to The Browser

 Explanation of Adding Google Chrome Translation to The Browser

Explanation of Adding Google Chrome Translation to The Browser

 The Google Chrome Translate extension enables you to translate web pages in an easy way, and completely on your desktop computer. The importance of using the Google Chrome translation extension is becoming increasingly important at the present time.

At a time when the Internet has a huge amount of dictionaries to translate texts and phrases, but what if you want to translate an entire page on the Internet, will you search for the meaning of each word in the dictionary or use other applications?

Of course, it will be very difficult, especially since most of the educational resources and sources of information from which we extract news are written in English, and you may find some in difficult and unfamiliar languages.

So if you are looking at foreign websites for work or study, of course you will need simultaneous translation programs or websites, and with the development of artificial intelligence there are many simultaneous translation additions that provide you with this feature with ease, and we will learn about translation additions, especially the addition of Google Translate and how to use it with ease.

The complementary Google Translate service or Google Translator was developed in April 2006, to be able to translate various forms of text, including web pages, and the addition of the simultaneous translation feature to the Google browser began its journey in the world of simultaneous translation on the Internet in 2010 AD.

The addition of Google Chrome translation is considered one of the most important additions to the Google Chrome browser. It is a free tool added to the Google Chrome browser with a single click that enables you to translate entire web pages from foreign languages ​​from 57 languages ​​into your mother tongue, and the extension can be used for more than one browser such as Mozilla Firefox.

Translate web pages instantly for your computer

Did you know that a web page can be translated with just one click using Google Chrome browser extensions? This is by adding simultaneous translation to the Google Chrome browser; It is one of the easiest ways to spread; This is because there are a large number of simultaneous translation extensions on the Google Chrome browser that will enable you to translate web pages into your language or through the browser itself.

 These are the best Google Chrome extensions:

*. Add google translate to google chrome browser.
*. Deepl translation.
*. ImTranslator add translation to the Google browser.
*. Add Lingvanex simultaneous translation to Google Chrome.

How to download google translate chrome extension

You can easily download the extension via the Google online market through the previous link, or through the official website of Google Translate, and then click on Add to chrome and then the browser will start downloading and installing the extension automatically, then go to settings, then extensions or activate the extension by pressing Click on the white button to turn blue.

How to run and use the Google Translate Chrome extension

By adding Google Translate, you can translate one word or text, or translate the entire page from and to Arabic, through the following:

1. Click on the extension icon at the top of the page and add the extension to Google Chrome.

2. Type the text that you want to translate or the sentence easily and easily, and press the Translate button or click on Translate the page directly, or by selecting the text directly, and it will determine the meaning of the text and the ability to play an audio clip of the text for the language it was translated from and translated into.

Instant translation from google chrome

In addition to the various additions that we mentioned above, the Google Chrome version provides simultaneous translation from the development of Google Translate as well. Where the Google Chrome browser allows the simultaneous translation feature directly through the browser of the computer or through your Android phone; It makes it easier for users to translate.

The method of simultaneous translation on the Google Chrome browser for the computer

You can perform a simultaneous translation of web pages into your language on the Google browser, through the following steps:

1. Go to the page you want to translate in Chrome browser.

2. To the left of the address bar, you will find the translation icon, or right-click with your mouse.

3. Then click on the option to translate the page into Arabic or the language you want.

How to translate web pages using google chrome for android

If you want to translate websites through the application, just follow these steps:

1. Open the Google Chrome app.

2. Go to the page you want to translate.

3. At the bottom of the page, you will find the translation of the page into the language of your device. If you do not find it, just click on More or the three dots on the left of the page and choose to translate the page.

Auto translate websites in google chrome

To activate the simultaneous translation in the Google Chrome browser automatically, so that when you go to any foreign site or page, the page is translated automatically without your intervention, you only need to perform the following steps:

1. Open chrome browser.
2. At the top left of the page, you will find the word More or click on the three dots.
3. Click on Google Chrome Settings.
4.Click on Advanced Settings.
5. Then click on Languages ​​or Language.
6. Choose the languages ​​you want to use from the list.
7. Click on the View translation of pages written in this language button.

After we have mentioned all the details about adding the distinctive Google Translate and how to simply add it to the Chrome browser and translate all pages without suffering or translating automatically through the Google Chrome browser directly, with the click of a button you can translate thousands of words and texts with ease.

If you are interested in translation, you can also learn to translate step by step to and from English, use Google Keep to take notes and do some quick translation jobs as well.