The best places to stay in Casablanca-WWNEED.COM

 The best places to stay in Casablanca-WWNEED.COM

You don’t know where to sleep in Casablanca? Casablanca is the most populated city in all of the Maghreb. Thanks to its ideal climate and its particularly rich historical heritage, this city located just 2 hours flight from Paris attracts millions of visitors every year. In this short guide, you can discover everything you need to know to find the best place to sleep in Casablanca.

On the agenda of this article

  • How to choose where to stay in Casablanca?
  • The old medina
  • Sour Jdid
  • Casablanca city center
  • Anfa
  • Ain Diab
How to choose where to stay in Casablanca?

In Casablanca, as in many large cities, the attractions are mainly concentrated in the historic districts of the city center.

Whichever neighborhood you choose for your accommodation, I recommend that you reserve your rooms as early as possible. The longer you wait, the fewer the choice of establishments will be, and the more you risk having to pay a little more.

Choosing to spend your nights in a place from which you can quickly reach the heart of the city will allow you to save precious time during your stay. Each of the central districts of the city has its own face and its own identity, and the place that suits you will depend above all on your desires. If you want to do a lot of cultural visits during your trip, if you want to make the most of the beach, or if you want to party all night long, the best base will not necessarily be the same.

In the rest of this post, I will introduce you to the best neighborhoods in the city, to allow you to choose the one that will best meet your expectations.

The old medina

The old medina is the historic district of the city, and the one where you can best discover the life of the inhabitants of Casablanca. This district, which was largely destroyed by an earthquake in 1755, was completely rebuilt in the following years, and has retained all its authenticity until today.

It is in these small alleys that you can find many shops of all kinds and visit the fruit and fish souks of Casablanca. Many of the city’s major attractions and historical monuments can also be found in or around the old medina, such as the Ould-el-Hamra Mosque and the Church of the Sacred Heart.

There are few accommodations located directly in the old medina, and you can especially find particularly welcoming and often very inexpensive riads. If you want to stay in a central location, from which you can discover many of the city’s sites of interest on foot, the old medina will be an excellent choice.

Where to sleep in Casablanca in the old medina?

Residence Al Amane is an apartment located a few minutes walk from the cathedral and the Arab League park, just at the entrance to the old medina. This 110 m² apartment with traditional decoration has 2 bedrooms. It is accessible from around $75 per night.

Ryad 91 is a perfectly located riad in the old medina, a few minutes walk from the cathedral and the central market. It has a pleasant roof terrace. Its rooms are available from around $42 per night.

Sour Jdid

Sour Jdid is a large district in the north of the city, stretching from the Atlantic Ocean to the outskirts of the city center. It is undoubtedly one of the best places where you can stay in Casablanca, especially during your first stay.

In this district, you can find everything that makes Casablanca so charming. Sour Jdid is home to many bars and many restaurants, from the most chic to the most traditional, as well as major historical and architectural monuments of Casablanca. It is here that you can discover the Beth-El Synagogue and the Hassan II Mosque, and visit the Villa des arts de Casablanca, one of the most important cultural centers in the city.

Sour Jdid is perfectly located in Casablanca, west of the old medina. In terms of accommodation, you will mainly find aparthotels and rentals.

Where to sleep in Sour Jdid?

Mosquee & Sea View Casablanca is a 90 m² apartment designed to accommodate up to 6 people. Well located near the Corniche, it has a beautiful terrace offering a view of the sea and the mosque. It is accessible for around 130 $ per night.

The 4-star Melliber Appart Hotel is just a 3-minute walk from the Hassan II Mosque. It has a bar and a restaurant, and offers double rooms from $65 per night. A good compromise if you still don’t know where to sleep in Casablanca 🙂

Casablanca city center

In Casablanca, the city center is made up of 4 districts: Maarif, Gauthier, Racine and Palmiers. Racine and Palmiers are very pleasant neighborhoods to visit, but Maarif and Gauthier are more suited to finding a place to sleep

Maarif is often the favorite destination for young people and travelers who want to enjoy Casablanca’s nightlife. This district located just behind the Twin Center is home to a large number of trendy bars and nightclubs. It is also one of the places where there is the greatest concentration of shops in Casablanca, which will delight shopping enthusiasts.

Gauthier is the most central district of the city. Quite residential and less lively than other sectors of the center of Casablanca, it is very popular for its atmosphere and for its many restaurants which serve both traditional dishes and specialties from around the world. Close to the old medina and Sour Jdid, Gauthier will be an ideal district if you want to stay in a modern hotel while remaining close to the main sites of interest.

Where to sleep in Casablanca in the city center?

Avenue Suites is a hotel located in the Maarif district, about ten minutes walk from the Twin Center. It offers large suites for two people, very elegant, which have a living room and a patio, accessible for around $ 80 per night.

Barcelo Casablanca is a 4-star hotel well located in Gauthier, near the Twin Center and the cathedral, in a street where there are many bars and restaurants. You will find spacious and comfortable rooms from around $101 per night.


Anfa is an upscale residential area, located west of the city center, near the Corniche. The old Anfa airport was closed in 2007, and since then this part of the city has been completely transformed into a very upscale residential area.This district crossed by large avenues and large boulevards is one of the most pleasant in Casablanca. You can see many beautiful villas, luxury hotels and superb palaces there. Anfa has also become one of the greenest neighborhoods in Casablanca.

Accommodation is very rare in the streets of Anfa, and it is often expensive. You will mainly find luxurious hotels and beautiful rentals. The prices are therefore high, but this area will be an excellent choice to spend a few nights in a privileged setting, a few minutes by car from the heart of the city.

Where to sleep in Anfa?

The Casablanca Hotel is a 5-star hotel which has a very large garden, a swimming pool, a gym, a wellness center and a restaurant. Well located in the Anfa district, it offers very large 40 m² rooms with a view of the city, from $350 per night.

Ain Diab

Aïn Diab is a district located to the west and north of Anfa, where the Corniche is located. It is one of the most touristic districts of Casablanca. Along the Corniche are several popular beaches, as well as numerous bars, restaurants and hotels.

Aïn Diab is also one of the neighborhoods where you can spend lively evenings in Casablanca. Some of the city’s most popular clubs and discos are located here. Apart from the beaches and the sea, one of the neighborhood’s key attractions is the Morocco Mall, the largest shopping center in Africa, which includes a large number of shops and many entertainment venues such as cinemas, a skating rink or even an aquarium.

You won’t have much trouble finding a place to sleep in Aïn Diab. Hotels are often rather expensive, but by booking early enough, you can also access more affordable establishments.

Where to sleep in Casablanca? Around Ain Diab

Ocean Park Appart Hotel is a property located a few steps from the Corniche beach, close to bars and restaurants. It offers studios and entire apartments from 30 m² to 60 m². Studios for two are available from around $140 per night, with breakfast included.

Hotel Club Val d’Anfa is a 4-star hotel located just 50 meters from the beach. It has a beautiful swimming pool, a spa, a gym and several restaurants that serve Moroccan and international dishes. You can find elegant double rooms there for around $118 a night.

And this article ends here! I hope it will help you to know where to sleep in Casablanca according to your desires and your budget, I hope you will fully enjoy your trip to this city which is for me a must if you are going on a road trip in Morocco I was able to discover the city before going to visit Marrakech a few days later Besides, if you don’t know when to go to Marrakech yet, I advise you to avoid the summer, because I had more than 45 degrees during my stay ahhah  The only place in town where it was a little cooler was at the Majorelle garden and during my excursions in the Ourika valley.