Google AdSense explanation-How to work in Google AdSense?

 Google AdSense explanation-How to work in Google AdSense?

Google AdSense Google AdSense …. One of the biggest problems for people who own a blog or website is how to make money

Money or profit from it, the problem is that many of the strategies related to this have been put off to attract people to get

Results such as optimizing the site for search engines.

Fortunately, for this entrepreneur, the quickest solution or method is to rely on Google AdSense.

The task of this strategy is very simple, as it allows website owners, bloggers, and YouTube channel owners to rent spaces from their web pages to display advertisements for companies and institutions in return for the income or benefits they obtain from it.


1 What is Google AdSense?

2 How does Google AdSense work?

3 How Google chooses which sites to display ads on

What is Google AdSense Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a free advertising program created by Google.Which allows anyone to display sponsored ads on their website through a blog, YouTube channel, or any Android app.

In return, this person can receive commissions or income.

It is as if you wanted to rent a place from your website or blog so that Google can insert and display ads through your website.

AdSense will pay you every time a user sees or interacts with an ad.

When you enter a website, you will see that the site displays advertisements within the text you are reading or on the sidebar or the side of the site.

How does Google AdSense work?

Google AdSense is easy to operate.

When an advertiser registers with the program to display his ads, he has two possibilities:

Show sponsored links on the Google results page.

Or display ads on the Display Network, which are websites, blogs, channels, and apps that provide space for these ads.

When an ad owner decides to display their ad on the Display Network.

The ad will be included in the toolkit or product group.

Google will evaluate which blogs and websites the ad will appear on.

How Google chooses which sites to display ads on

Contrary to what many people think, ads on Google AdSense are not random and not fixed.

in contrast! This tool does not randomly display ads on websites participating in Google AdSense.

Instead, it tries to distribute ads to pages that have relationships or talk about the products and services to be promoted.

Since the audience entering your website or blog will have more interest in the content being advertised in these ads.

This can also ensure that ads get a higher conversion rate.

As you may have noticed from this important paragraph, it is not enough to sign up for Google AdSense just to make money or make money from your pages.

But this strategy must match producing high-quality content so that AdSense can deliver ads to your web page or blog in a style that suits your audience.

In order to achieve profits from the Google Adsense program, this depends on two methods:

CPC: In this option, you earn money every time a visitor or user clicks on an ad on a webpage.
Cost per thousand impressions Cost per thousand impressions or cost per thousand impressions.

In this case, your earnings depend on the number of visits visitors to the blog or website have on the page where the ad is located.
Therefore, you must put targeted and attractive content in order to get more visits and thus achieve more profits.