Top 5 Rated Tourist Attractions in Sweden

  Top 5 Rated Tourist Attractions in Sweden

Top 5 Rated Tourist Attractions in Sweden

You intend on a trip to Sweden, you want to know the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden, Stockholm and Fes Gothenburg, in the article you will be amazed at the beauty of tourism in the Swedish countryside in the middle of the charming Swedish nature, and we suggest you the most important tourist places in Sweden for the family even when you talk about your visit to Sweden you say my trip in Sweden had the best days of my life.

Information about the country of Sweden

You should get to know the royal country of Sweden before knowing the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden. Sweden is located in northern Europe and belongs to the Scandinavian countries. Sweden is one of the countries that has many borders. From the northeast, it borders freely with Finland. From the west, it has land borders with Norway. It is bordered to the east by Russia, Estonia and Lithuania, and the maritime borders extend to the south from Germany, Poland and Denmark

The capital of Sweden is Stockholm, the official currency is the Swedish krona (SEK), and the official language is Swedish.

The most famous tourist attractions in Sweden

Tourism in Stockholm Stockholm

It is the Swedish capital consisting of fourteen islands in a lake and others, and it has a cultural diversity as it is the basis of tourism in Sweden between culture, art and architecture, and tourists come to it from everywhere, whether to enjoy and spend a nice time, or culture and receive scientific theses in its universities. It has the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden, Lake Mala

Stockholm Royal Palace

This palace represents importance for the continent of Europe, as it is the largest and most luxurious historical palace in Europe, and it receives senior visitors and officials and holds international meetings in it. Its construction is a great edifice in art and architecture, as it contains 600 rooms and five museums of different eras.

Stockholm Old Town

It is the original city that introduces you to the life of the Swedish people. When you wander among its streets, you find the most important tourist attractions in Sweden that attract tourism. It is a city full of shops and restaurants, and cafes open their doors twenty-four hours to receive visitors. You can buy the most beautiful gifts and accessories through the alley of Martin Trezeguet, which did not It is only one meter wide, but it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Sweden.

Vasa Museum

The most famous tourist attraction in Sweden comes to be visited by young people and children. It is located west of the coast of Dior Gordon Island, and it is distinguished by the presence of the remains of the Vasa ship that sank in the seventeenth century. It was extracted, and it was considered one of the oldest maritime museums in Europe. The original structure of the ship can be seen with the remains of the ship’s belongings.

Tourism in Gothenburg

The city of Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, and it is characterized by the beauty of its tourist places, parks, and the most beautiful gardens in Sweden are found in the city of Gothenburg.

Leipzig amusement park

The best and most famous place of tourism in Sweden for the family, as it is an entertainment city equipped with the latest games suitable for all ages. Entering the recreational city of Leipzig gives happiness its weight, as there is a section for water games, surfing, skiing, a section for group games for young people, and a wide arena for car racing.

Universum Museum

After the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden for children, the museum contains marine fish skeletons and whales that are on the verge of extinction. It may be the perfect place for children’s tourism in Sweden, Gothenburg. Children may enjoy the space exhibition that makes them practice their favorite hobbies, experience their future profession, wear profession clothes, and start their work. It is very interesting that parents can participate with their children in this fun game.

Haga, Gothenburg

Discover the beauty of tourism in the Swedish countryside in the Haga region, the most beautiful and famous tourist attraction in Sweden for grooms to spend an enjoyable honeymoon in one of the wooden houses in the middle of beautiful nature, seeing green lands and fruit fields on a sunny day, and at night you can enter a restaurant for a romantic dinner In the shadow of candles.

Tourism in Uppsala

 Tourism in the city of Uppsala, Sweden was and is still flourishing until now, as it has the oldest universities in Sweden, which until today receive delegations of Arab students to complete their studies, in addition to the most beautiful gardens in Sweden for hiking and entertainment.

Uppsala Castle

Uppsala Castle was established by the ruler of Sweden, King Gustav Vasa, in the sixteenth century. It was built on the highest point in the city where the army could see the enemy coming from afar. This castle and its architecture are preserved until today, so you can enter it and enjoy watching the castle from the inside or sitting. In the outer garden that surrounds the castle.

Uppsala Cathedral

Uppsala Cathedral is no longer only one of Sweden’s most famous archaeological attractions; It is the most important historical building in the north of the continent of Europe, as it is the first cathedral that was built, and it continued for many centuries in construction until it witnessed the great kings, and there are their holdings of crowns and royal clothes, and it has a custom for the war tools of kings.

Tourism in Malmö

It is one of the most important cities in Sweden, and it occupies the third place in terms of the largest Swedish cities, and it may connect the Kingdom of Sweden to Denmark through the Oresund Bridge, and it has Lviv from the tourist attractions in Sweden.

Turning Torso

Sweden’s most famous architectural tourist attraction, as it represents the design of a unique special type, as the angle of this tower may change from the bottom to the top, and from the top of the tower you can see the most beautiful panorama freely in the view of the western port of the city, and see an exquisite divine painting from above in the Style Bads rock park.

Øresund Bridge

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden, and this bridge is considered one of the longest border bridges in Europe; Denmark can be reached by the long bridge.

Malmö Castle

It is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden and it has been built since the fifteenth century, but a large part of it has been destroyed and only a little remains of the main building and two towers, and in this castle you find the ancient history of Sweden as it was the fortress of defending the kingdom against enemies.

Tourism in Lund

The city of Lund is one of the most beautiful tourist cities in Sweden, as it is a diverse city, as it has all the elements of tourist attractions, including ancient tourist attractions in Sweden, and beautiful places for hiking.

Lund Botanic Garden

Lund Park Garden is one of the most beautiful features of Lund, Sweden, as it is represented in a city full of flowers and plants, as it has more than seven thousand species of different plants, and it is beautiful in this place that each type of plant has a distinctive fragrant smell that differs from the other, as it is the most beautiful and famous place of tourism In Sweden, everyone wants to relax under the shade of its trees, and in the garden you can walk by bicycle every morning so that you can enjoy breathing clean, fragrant air.

Kulturen Cultural Center

Its establishment dates back to the nineteenth century, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden, Lund, for those who love learning about ancient cultures, and seeing everything that is of value. It is like an open-air museum in which it displays some artifacts carved on rocks, and it contains some ancient buildings of the Kingdom of Sweden.

Tourism prices in Sweden

Now the time has come to answer the most important question that interests you after your decision to see the tourist places in Sweden. Is Sweden expensive? The cost of tourism in Sweden varies, so there is something suitable for your financial capabilities among the various hotels in Sweden.

 If we talk about the most famous tourist attractions in Sweden, the conversation may not end yet, as this country is ancient and prestige, as it is the Kingdom of Sweden, the jewel of Europe.