The Most Famous 9 Tourist Attractions in Helsinki

 The Most Famous 9 Tourist Attractions in Helsinki

The Most Famous 9 Tourist Attractions in Helsinki

I intended to travel to Finland and search for the most famous tourist attractions in Helsinki, the Finnish capital, which is located in the north and overlooks the Baltic Sea. We would like to tell you that the city of Helsinki is one of the most beautiful cities in Finland and the world, and tourism in Helsinki is widespread in summer and winter among the most beautiful natural forests that make the soul fall in love with life, and among the streets of Helsinki that are full of vitality.

The most famous tourist attractions in Helsinki

The city of Helsinki is a collection of diverse tourist attractions in parks and historical monuments.

Sibelius “usSibeli”

It represents a wonderful and very distinctive shape, and it is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Helsinki, Finland. It was established in 1967 by Ella Hilton, in relation to the musical artist Jean Sibelius. It represents a group of pipes made of stainless metal, from which musical melodies are produced with the presence of the statue.

Temppeliaukio Church (Rock Church)

The most important tourist attraction in Helsinki is on Fredrikinkatu Street in the Hitaniemi district. It was built in 1960, and its visitors often see its architectural form from the outside, with what appears in it of finely carved statues and the shape of a planetarium made of glass, and from the inside the church is attached to a wide hall for religious ceremonies and weddings, and it has seats wooden.

Museum of Contemporary Art “Kiasma”

It is one of the most famous tourist places in Helsinki. It was built by the American artist Stephen Hall and includes a collection of works by major artists from sculptures to small statues and paintings. The museum is accompanied by a theater that displays plays by major artists in Finland and ballet performances.

Ateneum Art Museum

One of the most important tourist places of Helsinki in which national art appears, it is located inside the neoclassical building that includes the Academy of Art Education, and it represents a great edifice in the tourist attractions of Helsinki architecture, as it is represented from the outside by two large statues carved with high precision.

Töölönlahti Bay

Arab visitors in Finland love to visit the most famous tourist attractions in Helsinki, Toonlanti Bay, especially in the winter, and to enjoy skiing and snowboarding in the Gulf. There are Arab rural restaurants that serve baked goods from cakes and desserts that are served with yogurt and milk in various flavors.


The Suomenlinna region is the most beautiful place to visit in Finland. You can fish on a pleasant trip on the way to reach Suomenlinna, which was built on six islands, and it is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Helsinki that contains the most famous tourist attractions in Finland, which are of Swedish origin, and Sweden can be reached via ships and boats with it.


The center of Helsinki is located on the island of irSeurasaa, which is the most beautiful tourist place in Helsinki, especially in the summer, to enjoy the pleasant air on the lake breeze, in addition to that you can take a cultural tour and it is found in Seurasari, and there are the most famous tourist attractions in Helsinki from an ancient church dating back to the seventeenth century and a museum He owns thousands of antique pieces and fossils. During your visit to the island, do not forget to go to the textiles exhibition and buy the most valuable textiles and return to your homeland with them.

Hietaniemi Beach

Hitaniemi Beach is the most important tourist place in Helsinki for the family, and this beach is one of the most popular beaches in Finland; On weekends, you will find all families bringing their children with food and drinks to spend a beautiful day at the sea.

Helsinki Botanical Garden

Helsinki Botanical Garden The Helsinki Botanical Garden is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Helsinki. There are more than eight hundred species of different plants and flowers. You can ride a bike and go to it every morning and relax under the shade of one of the trees and practice yoga that clears the mind to practice life with vitality.