Top 10 Places To visit in Belarus

 Top 10 Places To visit in Belarus

Top 10 Places To visit in Belarus

Tourism in Belarus and what you do not know about the most beautiful tourist places in Belarus, only through this next report, you will find it on your distinguished site, the Traveler’s Castle, which displays information from countries around the world. The state of Belarus is one of the most beautiful parts of the planet and has a group of attractive natural places and archaeological tourist attractions of Belarus, but before we enter the journey of searching for the beauty of tourism in Belarus, let’s get to know together about this country.

Top 10 tourist places in Belarus

Information about Belarus (Belarus)

The state of Belarus is located in eastern Europe, from the northeast it borders with Russia, from the northwest it borders with Latvia, Lithuania, from the west it borders with Poland, from the south it has borders with Ukraine. The capital of the state of Belarus is the city of Minsk, and the system of government is republican. The Belarusian language is the official language of the state, and the official currency is the Belarusian ruble, symbolized by BYR. There are many religions in it, but the common religion is Orthodox Christianity, followed by Catholicism.

Tourism in Belarus

Now let’s get on the Traveler’s Castle plane and get to know the places of tourism in Belarus for families, and get to know the most beautiful cities of Belarus and its tourist attractions.

Tourism in Minsk, the capital, “Minsk”

The city of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is the most important city in the country, carrying on its land everything that interests the tourist in his visit from Minsk, natural landmarks, gardens and places of entertainment. It has become the most important tourist city in Belarus.

World War II monument

From the beginning of the first moment of your getting off the plane, you find the most important places of tourism in Belarus, the memorial to the martyrs of World War II, which was built in 1969, and which contains a group of statues of famous Belarusians and those who contributed to the history of the country, so you can enjoy and take memorial photos with the most important landmarks of Belarus, and you find Extension of Istiklal Street The most important buildings and architecture in Belarus.

Tourism in Belarus has a great history dating back to ancient times from before the Middle Ages of Europe until the end of World War II.

The Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum

It was established in 1944 at the time of the continuous wars that were raging in the world. It includes the history of Belarus before the European Middle Ages and is considered the most important tourist attraction in Belarus for those looking for Russian history.

Tourism in Novogrudok

The city of Novo Grork is the mother city of tourism places in Belarus, as it has many historical monuments for the state of Belarus, in addition to the museums that control the inclusion of a thousand ancient artifacts and Castle Hill, which was considered a strong defense center for the city in the old and shows the art of architecture Distinguished goth.

Tourism in Brest

The city of Brest is the separator between the state of Poland and Belarus, located in the southwest of Belarus, and is distinguished by the presence of places that have a history and the most important monuments of Belarus, with places of entertainment from beautiful gardens, as it is the most beautiful choice among the places of tourism in Belarus for the Arab family.

Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park

The most beautiful places for hiking in Belarus, as it is an open forest that includes rows of trees, places for pedestrians, and paved land for playing bicycles. You can enjoy a pleasant atmosphere in the middle of its orchards and breathe clean air loaded with pure oxygen, away from any pollution.

Tourism in Babruysk

The city of Babruysk is located in Mahe Gao Province in Belarus. It is a symbol of cultural tourism in Belarus, as it includes many international libraries and places of great importance in tourism in Belarus, especially for lovers of Russian literature and those looking into the history of ancient Europe.

 The most important tourist attractions in Belarus own the Green Library, which contains thousands of rare books for seniors and writers.

Tourism in Lida

The city of Lida is a city located near the capital, Minsk, and it is one of the most important tourist cities in Belarus. It is not limited to the beauty of natural places in it. It only gathers the best places of tourism in Belarus for children, with the presence of the Span China puppet theater, which presents funny puppet shows that are enjoyed by the old and the young, and everyone comes out of watching Offer life wise.

Lida Castle

It was founded in 1330 from limestone and was destroyed, but it was restored again to be a tourist center for the most important ancient monuments inside, and inside it there are artifacts from the days of the era of persecution in Europe, and it contains rooms with old tools of punishment and torture and some belongings of soldiers and kings.

Lenina Street

This fortified street and historical sights are full of cafes, restaurants and luxury hotels, and there are near the most famous Belarusian markets and the largest commercial centers in Belarus.

The most famous lakes of Belarus

Tourism in Belarus is famous for the presence of more than 11,000 lakes, so you can enjoy swimming in the summer and spring, and see the centuries-old pine trees that grew from nature.

lake narach

The most beautiful tourist destinations in Belarus for grooms are on the shore of that lake, which is isolated from the noise. In the Adel region, there is the best suitable place for camping in the city of Minsk, and around it are large areas of agricultural lands adorned with fields.

Lake “Lakome Koye”

This lake represents a place of tourism in Belarus, which is considered a natural reserve for birds of prey and animals. This lake may possess countless natural bounties. If you are a fan of drawing, you can carry a feather, a painting, colors, and draw the most beautiful places of tourism in Belarus, the lake.

Belarus collapsed

Although the state of Belarus is a landlocked country that does not overlook the seas or oceans, it enjoys an infinite number of natural rivers and lakes with fresh water, and these rivers are a main reason for the revival of tourism in Belarus; It includes more than twenty thousand rivers, most of the rivers originate from the Black Sea. It is possible to spend a beautiful time in the tourist places in Belarus, seeing the green hills and the wild animals on them, and watching the most beautiful views of the Belarusian countryside. You can ride horses on the river bank while taking the most beautiful pictures. Along the river, you will find sailing boats that make river trips very enjoyable.

River Villa

It is located near the border of Lithuania with Belarus in the Chomsky region, so the largest part of it is located in Lithuania by closer than 70%. And sunbathe.

Advantages of tourism in Belarus

The country of Belarus was not just a nickname for a name, but the reason for calling it Belarus is due to the abundance of snow with clean streets; It is the main reason for giving it the name, as you find clean, fresh air and vast green spaces. The abundance of tourist attractions in Belarus is in wandering between the countryside, watching wooden huts, and returning in the bosom of nature among a river, vegetables, pets, and birds.

One of the most important features of tourism places in Belarus is the low cost of travel and accommodation compared to other European countries. Hotel prices in Belarus are cheap, and there are countries exempt from the Schengen visa to enter. The travel trip to Belarus is easy and quick in its procedures.


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