The 10 Best Tourist and Recreational Places in Poland

 The 10 Best Tourist and Recreational Places in Poland

The 10 Best Tourist and Recreational Places in Poland

Tourism in Poland is a good choice because the state of Poland enjoys all the elements of a beautiful place. It may be a reason for receiving more than 14 million tourists per year who come to enjoy a happy stay in the tourist places in Poland, and in order to ensure a happy trip, we show you the most important tourist destinations in Poland , in order to make it easier for you to search for the most beautiful tourist attractions in Poland.

Information before traveling about Poland

The capital of the State of Poland is the city of Warsaw and the location of the State of Poland in the midst of the continent of Europe and is surrounded by a group of major countries and they are seven countries from the west Germany, bordered in the south by Czechia Slovakia and Belarus, bordered to the north by the Baltic Sea bordered by Ukraine to the east, in the northeast Lithuania and Russia, and The official language is Polish along with German and English.

Tourism in Krakow

Krakow is the most famous tourist city in Poland, which is located on the Vistula River and has the most important places of tourism in Poland, which is a witness to the long centuries witnessed by Poland, as it includes a large group of the most famous tourist attractions in Poland.

Wawel Castle

One of the most important tourist attractions in Poland, which dates back to the sixteenth century. Through your visit to the castle, you will find the delicate architecture of the drawings that appear on the wall and the engraved walls. Rare artifacts attached to the castle museum can be seen outside. There is a wide garden that includes a number of wooden benches for visitors to rest. You can spend some time in it.

Wieliczka Salt Mine

This place is one of the most important tourist attractions in Poland, and this mine represents a strange place in the world of tourism, so visitors prefer to see carved works made of salt, while enjoying swimming in salt lakes.

Main Square, Krakow

It is the beating heart of the city of Krakow, so there are all city centers in it, and this square owns a large number of tourist places in Poland that have been built since the days of the European Renaissance, and it is surrounded by a number of the largest shopping centers in Poland and shops, and there are street vendors and carts spread Ice cream, you can walk around to reach the most famous streets of Poland Krakow through this square.

Tourism in Warsaw

On top of the tourist cities in Poland, the city of Warsaw is the capital of Poland, as it possesses the most beautiful tourism sites in Poland, including entertainment places, historical places, and parks.

lazienki park

One of the most beautiful gardens in Poland, as it is diverse. It is built on a huge area of ​​76 hectares full of trees, flowers and recreational games. It is one of the most beautiful tourist places in Poland for families, so many families go to enjoy it. A group of Poland’s most famous restaurants that offer the most beautiful meals in the shadow of a stunning landscape join them.

Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw

It is one of the most important tourist destinations in Poland, as it is a great edifice in the world of architecture in Poland, as it is a place that includes a number of tourist places in Poland that have great importance in acquiring culture from theaters and halls to watch performances, and it has clubs and special places for children to play.

Warsaw Barbican

The most visited place of tourism in Poland for students of Polish history, so it was built to protect the city against the attacks of enemies in the past and represents a distinctive architectural form that was created in the Middle Ages of Europe in the form of a semicircle.

The Royal Palace in Warsaw

This palace is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Warsaw and is located at the beginning of entering the city of Warsaw, the Polish capital. It was built in the sixteenth century to be the seat of kings, princes and his entourage. Upon entering, you can visit the royal chambers and see the kings’ holdings of crowns and clothes, so you can take memorial photos.

Saxon Garden

The most beautiful tourist parks in Warsaw, and this place was not a beautiful garden to spend a nice day in a spring atmosphere in the middle of orchards, as it is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Poland that has historical monuments, as it has ancient trees dating back to the seventeenth century, so you can take the most beautiful pictures with the statue of the brave Stefan Starzansky An open-air café with wooden seating and simple rustic décor.

Warsaw Old Town

The most beautiful place of tourism in Warsaw, there are historical buildings around it from churches and museums such as the Barbican Cathedral, which is the most important tourist attraction in Poland, and on the side streets you find a series of the cheapest hotels in Poland, with places for visitors to rest, amusement parks and the best restaurants that serve popular Polish meals.

Warsaw Zoo

One of the most beloved tourist places in Poland for children, as it is built on about a hundred acres on which all kinds of pets and predators live, and it has a lake especially for crocodiles and reptiles, and there are the best amusement parks in Poland for children and adults to play, and it has restaurants and cafes, and they can be visited and have a snack And if you do not want to enter the restaurant meal, you are allowed to enter some food and drinks, so you can relax on the wooden benches and eat your own meal.

Warsaw’s Multimedia Fountain Park

That place is one of the most famous tourism attractions in Poland, as these fountains are crowded with tourists during the day, enjoying the greenery, inhaling the scent of the grass of the earth with the scattered violet flowers, and at night you find calm next to me, the movement of colored water, which includes wonderful forms, so this place cannot take a memory with just souvenir photos He needs to make a video to record the sound and light concerts.

Tourism in Gdansk

Dansk, the most beautiful coastal city in Poland, is located on the Baltic Sea, and it is the most important commercial city in Poland due to the presence of a large port in it that was and still is the most important commercial building in Poland, as it is one of the most important points of tourism in Poland, especially Europeans, to enjoy its beautiful nature.

St Dominic’s Gallery

It is a reason to revive tourism in Poland in the season of holding that exhibition, which is held for 21 days from the end of July. It may be an important place for tourists and the people of the country where all products, from clothes, shoes, appliances and gifts to be obtained from that huge market, the season of this exhibition is a source A large national income for the Republic of Poland, as it may receive a city to accommodate millions of tourists.

Shakespeare Festival

These celebrations are held in the great festive season in Poland, and it is a festival for lovers of fine art and artists. It may be one of the tourist attractions in Poland, especially for international artistic dignitaries. There may be participation between opera artworks and the exchange of artistic culture between countries.

Mariage Street

Marika Street is the longest and most beautiful street in Poland, so the description has great historical importance, as it includes many buildings that have an original Polish character, and that street is distinguished by being paved and clean.

Tourism prices in Poland

In Poland, you can enter the European continent and enjoy everywhere without fear of accommodation costs for the duration of the trip. Tourism in Poland is one of the cheapest tourist countries in Europe


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