The best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro

 The best places to stay in Rio de Janeiro

Are you leaving soon but you still don’t know where to sleep in Rio de Janeiro? Don’t panic, I’ll explain everything about accommodation in Rio in this article I had the chance to live there for a year, so I might as well tell you that I love this city Rio de Janeiro is a popular destination for its beaches, cultural sites and famous carnival. The mere mention of this city is enough to make the eyes of many travelers shine. If you too are leaving soon to discover the second largest Brazilian city, for your stay to be successful, choosing the right place to put your suitcases will be essential.

In this post, you can discover the best places to sleep in Rio de Janeiro.

How to find the best place to stay in Rio de Janeiro?

That’s it, it’s decided, you’re going to Brazil to visit Rio de Janeiro. Many discoveries await you, moreover if you want to know what to do in Rio de Janeiro, my complete article should help you. But for this trip to go as smoothly as possible, it is important to organize some things, starting with accommodation. As with all trips, I advise you to start looking for the place where you will sleep as soon as you know the exact dates of your stay.

Then to choose the best neighborhood to sleep in Rio, it will be necessary to have a fairly precise idea of ​​what you want to do and see during your trip. The right place to stay will not be the same if you want to enjoy the beach every day, if you want to party or if you above all want to spend time in an authentic place.

Depending on your budget, the most suitable neighborhood also varies, even if apart from the palaces, prices are particularly low in Rio. In any case, choosing a central district or one that is well served by the transport network will always be an advantage.

Where to sleep in Rio de Janeiro? In Ipanema!

Ipanema is one of the most upscale neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. At any time of the day or night, it is one of the safest places in the city. Ipanema Beach is without a doubt one of the prettiest beaches in the region.

This district is clearly not the most authentic in the city. It is home to many trendy bars and clubs. It is also one of the favorite places for shopping enthusiasts, you will find many big brand stores and luxury boutiques. As the metro passes through Ipanema, you will have no difficulty reaching all the main sites in Rio, although the journeys can be quite long.

When it comes to accommodations, prices are higher here than in virtually any other area of ​​the city.

Where to sleep in Rio de Janeiro in the Ipanema district?

Hotel Vermont Ipanema is a 3-star establishment located less than 300 meters from the beach, less than 5 minutes’ walk from the General Osorio metro station. In this hotel, which has a bar and a fitness centre, you will find rooms for two people from around $55 per night.

Mar Ipanema Hotel is perfectly located just one hundred meters from Ipanema Beach, right next to restaurants and the shopping center. It offers very comfortable rooms for around $95 a night.

For me if you have the budget and only stay a few days, this is the best place to sleep in Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the “zona sul”  I lived in this area and in Copacabana as well during my year and it is the neighborhood and the hotels that I recommended to my friends when they came to visit me 


Centro is the historic district of the city, which is also today a business district. Located in the north of the Rio, it is the cultural district par excellence. It houses a very large number of historical and religious monuments, and some of the most important museums in the city, such as the National Museum of History and the Museum of Modern Art which you should not miss in my opinion 

This quiet area will also be a very good choice if you want to spend quiet nights and relax during your stay. Campo de Santana Park in particular is a particularly soothing place. Many shops can also be found in Centro. This sector is well located and very well served by public transport in Rio.

Centro will be a perfect choice if you don’t mind sleeping quite far from the beaches, in a neighborhood that is not very active at night.

Where to sleep in Centro?

Atlantico Tower is a large hotel well located in Centro, less than 300 m from several historical sites such as the Abbey of Saint Benedict and the Church of Our Lady of Candelária. You can find nice rooms with a double bed there, for around $21.

The OK Hotel is a 4-star establishment located about 1.5 km from Flamengo Beach. This very elegant hotel has a large swimming pool, and offers double rooms from $21 per night.


Botafogo is a lively and popular district, which could well be the ideal place to put your bags down for a few days in Rio. This district has the advantage of being particularly well located. It is close to some of Rio de Janeiro’s most famous sites, such as Christ the Redeemer and Sugar Loaf.

Botafogo is a very lively district in the evening, you can find there many nightclubs and very welcoming bars. Unlike other party districts like Ipanema, Botafogo is much more authentic and culturally diverse.

Its only flaw is probably that it is relatively far from the beaches, but it is also a place well served by buses and the metro.

Accommodation prices in Botafogo tend to be quite good. If you want to spend your stay in a very lively and accessible neighborhood, Botafogo will be an excellent choice.

Where to sleep in Rio de Janeiro in Botafogo?

The Plaza Spania Boutique Hotel is a small hotel, well located 250 meters from Botafogo beach. This hotel offers a daily breakfast which is included in the room rate. For one night, count 75$.

Yoo2 Rio de Janeiro by Intercity is a very nice hotel located right in front of the beach. From some rooms and on the terrace of its restaurant, you can enjoy an incredible view of Sugar Loaf Mountain and Corcovado. Its rooms are accessible from $85 (allow $118 for a room with a view).

Where to sleep in Rio de Janeiro?Head to Copacabana!

Copacabana is one of the most touristy neighborhoods in Rio. It is known for its postcard settings, its dream beaches and its sometimes very luxurious hotels.

It is a very lively district, well located and perfectly served by transport, which could be a very good choice to discover the city during a first stay. It is close to many attractions, most of which you can reach on foot.

You can see a lot of restaurants and bars there, and you will have no trouble finding a place near the beach to spend lively evenings.
Where to stay in Rio de Janeiro on Copacabana?

L’Homme de Rio Boutique Hotel is an establishment located about 700 m from the beach. It is equipped with a restaurant, a swimming pool and a large garden, and offers rooms from around $90.

Miramar Hotel by Windsor is a stunning 5-star hotel overlooking Copacabana Beach. It is notably equipped with a fitness center and a swimming pool with a view of the sea. You can find large rooms with a view from 150 $ per night.

Santa teresa

Santa Teresa is a district that was formed around the former convent of the same name. This bohemian district which attracts many artists is located on a small hill in the heights of the city, which is why it is sometimes nicknamed “ the Montmartre of Rio ”.

Santa Teresa is still a relatively untouristy place, where it is possible to enjoy a very calm and serene atmosphere. Thanks to its privileged geographical position, it offers superb views of the city and the bay of Rio.

However, Santa Teresa is also a neighborhood that is rather poorly served by public transport, and where it is not recommended to go away from the busiest places at night.

Where to sleep in Rio de Janeiro in Santa Teresa?

Vila Galé Rio de Janeiro is a very elegant hotel, very well located in the district of Santa Teresa. It offers beautiful double rooms from around $75 per night.

Sugar Loft Apartments is an aparthotel located about 1.5 km from Flamengo Beach. You can rent apartments of 60 m² fully equipped, which can accommodate 4 people, for around $70 per night.


Flamengo is between Santa Teresa and Botafogo. It is a much less touristy sector of Rio, but which remains rather well located. There are not really any sites of interest to discover in this district, but staying there will allow you to enjoy the authentic atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro.

Flamengo is a very quiet and particularly safe area, which thanks to public transport is about thirty minutes or less from all the main sites of the city. It is also a place where the cost of living tends to be cheaper. The prices of restaurants and hotel rooms are often very interesting in Flamengo.

If partying at night is not your priority, and you want to spend a few nights in a quiet and very accessible area, Flamengo may be the perfect area for you.

Where to sleep in Flamengo?

Elegance Praia Hotel is a very modern establishment located less than 500 meters from the beach and the Flamengo Park. Its rooms for two are accessible from around $37.

Windsor Flórida is a 4-star hotel located right next to Flamengo Beach. It has a rooftop pool, gym and restaurant, and offers large rooms for around $60 a night.

I have already told you about several festive districts, but Lapa is probably the liveliest of them all. This area, which is located under Santa Teresa, close to Centro, is the favorite place for partygoers. In recent years, it has become increasingly popular with tourists who come to Rio to have fun until the end of the night.

In this area you can find many popular restaurants and bars, clubs and music venues.

Where to sleep in Lapa?

Casa Nova Hotel is a very well located establishment in the district of Lapa. It is equipped with a swimming pool, a gym and a restaurant, and offers comfortable double rooms for around $54 a night.

Selina Lapa Rio de Janeiro is a hotel located very close to Santa Teresa. It has a pleasant terrace which offers a very beautiful view of the city. Its double rooms are available from $70 per night.
Is traveling to Rio dangerous?
Let’s make a quick aside about security. If you have spoken to your family or loved ones about your project, I am sure that they did not fail to warn you that Rio was a dangerous destination. Many people even think that it is the least safe city in the world. It is not so.
I’m not going to pretend that Rio is a paradise on earth, because some neighborhoods are indeed very infrequent, but in fact, Rio does not appear in the ranking of the 15 most dangerous cities in the world.
In Rio, like practically everywhere else, you can travel serenely by using common sense. Be careful to avoid certain places, especially after dark. Not carrying valuables too obviously is also advised.
In the rest of this post, I will only present neighborhoods that are safe, and where you can go out in peace even at night, as long as you avoid going away from places where there are people.